Enshrouded Early Access Release On Sale Now

The newest survival RPG has launched on Steam and you can find Enshrouded Early Access Release On Sale Now!

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Enshrouded Early Access Release On Sale Now

The highly anticipated survival RPG Enshrouded has officially released it’s Early Access on Steam, and has an immediate launch sale of 10% off so you can try the game yourself for only $26.99. However, this special promotion offer ends on January 31. At that time the game will return to it’s regular price of $29.99.

This price point is great for a brand new release. However, as always remember that games in Early Access may have bugs and other technical issues to deal with. Additionally, players will likely not have access to the full map and some content will be held back for the full release. According to the developer, while player feedback may change their plans, they currently hope to launch a full release of the game in about a year’s time.

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Enshrouded Explained

Enshrouded Early Access Release On Sale Now

Enshrouded is a new survival, action-adventure RPG video game developed and published by Keen Games. Moreover, you can choose to play the game solo, or host a server and participate in a co-op game with up to 16 players.

As the protagonist of Enshrouded you emerge as the Flameborn. As a symbol of hope in a world plagued by darkness your deeds will shape your narrative. In the world of Enshrouded, players delve into a fantastical realm where an unknown faction has ruthlessly pillaged the world in pursuit of a magical elixir. Their actions have triggered a catastrophic consequence: the release of a deadly fog that engulfed the lands of the Embervale realm. Yet, amid this devastation, not everything is obscured by the ominous mist. Diverse biomes, NPCs, remnants of fallen cultures, and ancient myths await exploration.

Embark on the Enshrouded journey, unravel the mysteries of magic and the enigmatic fog, seek redemption, and become the savior of this enchanting world.

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