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I wanted to introduce an awesome guildy and author on the site Medg.  She’s going to do her Treasure Map Guide a little different, more of an Role Play (RP) feel.  So let’s get started with out ESO Treasure Map Guide.

When I first saw Elder Scrolls: Oblivion I was enthralled, soon watching my hubby play was not enough. I created my first Khajiit and became hooked on the Elder Scrolls world. I have read the books and many blogs and absorbed the Khajiit lore like many people would study another culture. When the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) was announced I was so excited to be able to step into the world, like being able to step into a book and live as one of the characters. I have enjoyed letting my imagination create a world for my Nightblade Khajiit, S’Medg; creating a back-story, family and life for her in my head was a lot of fun. I was encouraged by a friend to use this edge to document the Treasure Maps in ESO.  I decided it would be fun to write down her journeys in letter format to just expand her world and let others experience my views of Tamriel through her eyes.  I think it will end up covering more than just treasure maps but the goal is to map out where the treasure maps are located and how to find them.


To this one’s sister Ahdanji, oh please to forgive this one little one, it is hard to address you as an adult…

To this one’s sister S’Ahdanji,

S’Medg was pleased to hear you had accepted the post as bodyguard in the house of Jurerius, you bring such honor to our family. This one is sure you will excel, though S’Medg knows you dislike being “kept indoors” as you say but be patient this will pass as you grow in the position. As I know this will be an trial for you, S’Medg will try help by sending accounts of my travels to make you laugh and ease the boredom. Recently I had an adventure that was most profitable. I met an Elf who finds my ship and cargo to her liking. The Elf, Marless, has found that my ship gives her the freedom of travel that would otherwise be questioned. She comes from a family of deep gold pockets she has taken to commissioning us to take her around. Just recently Marless’s business took us to a port in Malabar Tor to find her younger sister, Ladytris. S’Medg now knows this little one and she is a mage of incredible power but a very bad sense of direction so she is often lost leaving others to rescue her. S’Medg and the first mate took off for the Baandari Trading Post, one of this one’s favorite places relax. You remember that inn we stayed at while there last spring, The Silver Moon Inn, what a time we had there, ah good times we had that month. But back to this tale, by last reports Ladytris was exploring up in caves near there. When we arrived we found she had been in an out a lot and was at this time doing some work for the Mages Guild. This where the adventure begins little one.Once we had located her we agreed to stay and take her back with us when she had finished her work. Giving this one plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sites. S’Medg was digging in her pack for gold when she found this sketch again. I had found it inside an urn I got found in the Grahtwood forest.

ESO Treasure Map picture

At first glance I thought it was a sketch someone was drawing but as it fell to my desk I saw an X in the corner with an arrow. Most curious, I set the parchment aside in my pack. Now finding it in the sunshine I could see the X clearly and the surrounding area looked just like where I was sitting. Getting up and wandering around for most of the afternoon S’Medg finally saw a mound on the bank opposite from her. Waiting for dusk and getting the first mate we headed over there in the dark with a shovel.


ESO Treasure Map MoundDigging in the disturbed earth this one found a treasure chest loaded with very expensive equipment. This one took the stash back and sold it around the trading post. The profits brought this one a much better bed to sleep on for the rest of her time there. In discreet conversations S’Medg learned such maps are often found throughout the realm of Tamriel . This one has decided to start to search these maps out and track down this treasure. This seems an adventurous way to make quick gold. We shall write you again when we have found another map. Maybe if we are close your location you can join this one in the hunt for buried treasure. Maybe not though,  S’Medg does not like to share her gold even with her little sister. For now take care of yourself and keep your claws sharp.

Capt’n S’Medg

Malabal Tor Treasure Map V

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