ESO Treasure Maps Continued

Medg returns to provide another Role Play guide on treasure maps in Elder Scrolls Online.  Check here earlier work here as this is our ESO Treasure Maps Continued guide (part two).


This one would be please asking you to put your claws away little one. S’Medg knows she upset you by not including herself in the portraits from the last letter. Since you were a kit you could tell what this one was thinking, but I did not think it would come through in a letter by a lack of portrait. Please do not leave and come after me, all is well I have remedied the problem before sending you this letter. Please let this one tell you the whole tail and hold your judgment until you hear the entire story. Then if you must, this one will come to you for proper admonishment.

Several moons ago, S’Medg found herself in southern Reapers March making a delivery and it occurred to this one she could show my new maps to Moon Daughter. This one was not finding the locations, and as you know, Moon Daughter has quite the map collection. Being so close to her it made sense to head up to Dune and see if Moon Daughter could help. S’Medg and crew traveled up through Reapers March to Dune, passing Rawl’kha where everyone decided to stay while I traveled on alone to Dune. Four-Toes was most pleased to see this one and asked after you little one, I told him you were well and happy. Moon Daughter was most intrigued with the four maps I had and said she thought they were a set, with possible missing ones. She needed time so I was happy to sit by the fire at Ushmal’s Rest and sample Four-Toes’s wares. One evening this one hears a tale of a large Khajiit (they call him a Boss for some reason) who likes to fight up in a village to the North East of Dune. This one had been spoiling for a fight for a while and may have had too much to drink but this one rambles on.
Fight and Bite
S’Medg set off alone to see if this Khajiit could really fight. From there the details are a bit blurry; this one thinks she fought but has no idea the outcome. S’Medg woke up the next morning behind a hut in the village next to a strange shrine. There was a pack of skeevers rooting around in the distance so I hunched out-of-the-way so as to not have to deal with them and that is when I saw the stranger standing there. He was just looking at this one, he was so pale in the sunlight and he looked a little ill. S’Medg was embarrassed to be found knocked out on the ground so I got myself up and was apologizing to the stranger when he suddenly attacked this one. The pain, oh little one the pain, this one screamed and screamed and then it stopped and the stranger just walked away. I lay there covered in blood and feeling rather ill, I decided to get up and see what damage had been done when I noticed the shrine had changed, there was a glowing scroll sitting on it. This one could not help herself, she read the scroll.. it could have been another map you know. I shall spare you the details of the next few hours; for I am sure you have figured out that your sister had been turned into a vampire. At first S’Medg was very upset but then she found all these things powers she had and I hang my head to say, I enjoyed the power. I thought I could just keep it a secret and no one would notice. My first mate questioned me to no end but I would not tell him anything. I lived this way for a few moons until your missive came and you saw right through my letter and not showing myself in the portrait, I am sorry. Your letter made me see how blinded by power I was.
This one was so ashamed that she went straight to Rawl’kha to the Mages Guild, inside there is a priest that has found a way to cure the vampire affliction for a price. This one is showing portraits so you could see that she went through with the process to get rid of the horrible disease. It cost a bit of gold but as you can see I am back to my normal self. This one is sorry little one and asks that you not tell our mother, after how father was killed I do not think it would be good for her to know this one was so stupid.
Prelate SabinusMoney can buy happiness

This letter is getting long so S’Medg will wrap up with some good news. Moon Daughter contacted me that the maps S’Medg had been part of a set; Moon Daughter had one more and had located the last one. She was able to tell this one that they are located in Craglorn. S’Medg is most intrigued with this and could not wait to go and find located the places, total there are six maps. (So much possible loot, this one is almost giddy) Moons be praised, while this one was staying Rawl’kha she read a board that had requests for equipment to be delivered to a city, Bel Karth, in Craglorn, what a perfect way to pay for the trip. At this time we are finalizing the caravan and looking to head out. Marlessa has decided to come with us as she wants to look into a fighting arena that is rumored to be in Northern Craglorn. S’Medg and her first mate are interested in this too so we are making an adventure of it, seems most of the crew is going. I will send you details soon.

May your moons stay bright little one, I look forward to your next missive.

Your humble sister S’Medg
SMedg Before and After

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