ESO Update 35 Details Lost Depths With Two New Dungeons

The Elder Scrolls Online just announced details for their next DLC, the third of the year.  This will feature two new dungeons Earthen Root Enclave and Graven Deep, some base game updates and massive amount of new collectables.  Details below.

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We are thrilled to announce The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths, coming to PC/Mac, Steam, and Stadia on August 22, 2022, and Xbox and PlayStation consoles on September 6, 2022. As part of 2022’s Legacy of the Bretons year-long adventure, this dungeon DLC pack brings two new four-player dungeons to challenge you and your allies that build upon and expand the saga that began with the Ascending Tide DLC and continued with the recent High Isle Chapter.

Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon

A spiritual sanctuary for all druids of the Systres Archipelago, Earthen Root Enclave has been attacked by the fierce Firesong circle, and Druid Laurel of the Stonelore needs allies to repulse the invaders and protect the sacred shrine’s many relics. But why have the fractious Firesong attacked now? And what will be the consequences of this trespass for the people of High Isle?

Graven Deep Dungeon

High Isle’s sailors whisper anxious warnings about Graven Deep, a strange region of the Abecean Sea where any ship that enters vanishes without a trace. Team up with a former pirate, Dhulef, as he braves this mysterious and dangerous region and hunts for information on the legendary Druid King’s voyage to the Systres. What ancient secrets will you discover buried far beneath the waves?

Discover the Legacy of the Bretons

Both dungeons feature their own unique stories and rewards, including item sets, Achievements, and collectibles not found anywhere else in Tamriel. While both Earthen Root Enclave and Graven Deep feature standalone quests and tales, they also expand upon the ongoing Legacy of the Breton saga and lead directly into the events of the year’s final prologue and DLC release (more on that in the future!)


Launching in tandem with Lost Depths is Update 35, a new base-game patch that all ESO players can enjoy, no purchase required. This update includes balance changes, fixes, and new features, including changes to the combat system, the introduction of bonus “mini-events” for Battlegrounds (for example, a weekend that grants bonus Alliance Points), and broad improvements to XP gains in PvP in general.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths and Update 35 will be available on the PC/Mac Public Test Server (PTS) next Monday, July 11. Once live, you can get an early look at everything this new DLC and update has to offer, including the new dungeons, storylines, and base-game patch.

To get ready to play on the PTS, be sure to enable the playtesting build from the Settings menu within the PC/Mac ESO launcher by toggling the “Show Public Test Environment” option. You can then download and access the test environment to your machine. Be sure to leave feedback and report any bugs you come across by typing “/feedback” or “/bug” in chat.