Starting today June 28th to September 20, 2002 you can early in game collections just for having Amazon Prime Gaming.  This post will show you the details here:

All ESO players with linked Amazon accounts can now, for a limited time only, get access to a selection of in-game items via Amazon Prime (or Prime Video). Don’t have an active Amazon Prime subscription? Learn more about it here.

Starting today, June 28, 2022, and until September 20, 2022, at 12PM EDT, you can claim the Cliff Ram Pack from the Prime Gaming website. Here’s what you need to do to unlock your rewards:

  1. Navigate to Amazon Prime Gaming and log in with your Amazon account
  2. Find the ESO listing and open the page
    1. If on Twitch.TV you can also find the game from within the Prime Gaming Loot nav menu (it has a crown icon)
  3. For the Cliff Ram Pack, select Claim now, and follow the instructions to claim your offering
    1. Note that you will need to link your Elder Scrolls Online and Amazon accounts (follow this process but select Amazon instead of Twitch)
  4. Your items will be waiting for you next time you log in to the game!

Once complete, you’ll receive the Cliff Ram Pack, including two Xanmeer Crown Crates, the Windhelm Cliff Ram mount, and the Druidic Knotwork Face Tattoos markings. Note that to ensure you receive your rewards, you should completely exit and then reenter the game.