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ESO Update 36 Changes Overview, What you need to know!

ESO Update 36 changes overview, and what you need to know. We’ll take a detailed look at all the ESO changes introduced in Patch Notes v8.2.0-v8.2.4 for Firesong DLC. We created it to introduce you to the New Update 36 even if you didn’t follow the PTS cycle, and you are interested in the important or final changes, only. Moreover, you’ll learn how the new DLC will influence your future game experience.

ESO Update 36 changes overview is organised to help you understand the last Elder Scrolls Online PTS cycle and categorized into three sections: New Features, Class, Skill and Champion Points System changes. The Class changes are split into sections, one for each class.

You’ll find the links for all patch notes and fixes for ESO Patch Notes v8.2.0-v8.2.4 Cycle, Firesong DLC Update 36 in chronological order at the end of the article.

Combat changes

There are very few changes presented in ESO Update 36 and on PTS v8.2.0. Developers focused on bug fixes and game improvements.

New Features

In the PTS Patch Notes v8.2.0-v8.2.2, we can read about new features coming to ESO:

Target Marker System

Firstly, we can expect a new system that allows marking the enemies, allies and even yourself with a unique icon. It can be used in dungeons, arenas, trials, PvP and overland zones. Group or solo. We have various icons to choose from the wheel. By default, this feature is bound to the Tab key or the right D-pad on Gamepad.

Hiding Pets in Towns

Secondly, If you don’t want to see other players combat pets or assistants or collectible pets, you can hide them in settings. As a result, pets will automatically be hidden next to bulletin boards, merchants, daily crafting writ bestowal boards, daily crafting writ turn-in crates and in the cities. As a result, it should help the ease of interacting with those objects and NPCs.

There will be the option to hide only other player pets, but also your own pets. However, If your pets will be hidden in those specified locations and you start a fight or duel the pets will reappear.

The setting can be found within the Gameplay menu, then toggling “Limit Followers in Towns.” The feature is optional.

Armory Stations in PvP

Since November 1st 2022 and Update 36 we will have the Armory Stations in portal Keep locations for each alliance in Cyrodiil and in each sewer entry in Imperial Sewers.

Emperor Scaling in Cyrodiil

The Health bonus and Emperor passives for having an Emperor crowned for your Alliance will now scale depending on how many “home” or “natively owned” Keeps you have controlled by your alliance.

For example, if you own all 6 of your “home” Keeps you’ll get the full bonus as Emperor, but for each of those you don’t own, the bonuses are reduced.

Customized Actions

Lastly, we will have a new collectable option in the Collections menu called the “Customized Actions”. The Customised Actions are animations and effects that play when your character performs specific actions. For example when your character is chopping wood in the wild or recalling to a Wayshrine. These include changing the color or summoning a creature to gather plants for you.

In update 36 we can expect 3 new animations:

  • Recall of the Galen Winds (recalling to a Wayshrine)
  • Stonelore Split (chopping wood)
  • Gyrfalcon Gather (gathering plants)

The downside is that you can only activate one Customized Action per category at a time.

Class changes


The only change that was introduced in ESO Patch Notes v8.2.0 for templar is to Backlash ability from Dawn’s Wrath skill tree. The final damage from this ability will now deal a guaranteed amount of damage based on your highest offensive stats, and approximately 10% more damage than the initial hit at the base and increases up to an additional 200%. The reason for it is, to make the payout less reliably reached in PvP scenarios. The big change is that now you can have the ability active on only one target, so recasting it on a new target will remove it from the previous one.

In ESO Patch Notes v8.2.0 developers also decided to increase the duration of Minor Breach from Power of the Light morph to 7-10 seconds, up from 6-9.


The Advanced Species passive now will increase your Critical Damage bonus of this passive to 2/4% per ability slotted rather than Penetration by 495/990. Developers commented that they want to focus on the warden’s disposition to burst the enemies down and help characters that wear light armor not to reach the penetration cap, and increase their damage while tunning down medium armor wardens.

For the Arctic Wind (Arctic Blast morph) ability developers will remove the target cap from the damage.

The Glacial Presence passive will now increase the damage done by your Chilled status effect based on a value determined by your highest offensive stats.

The Piercing Cold passive will now increase your damage done by 1/2% which increases to 6/12% while wielding an Ice Staff. Developers commented that this passive isn’t helping the unique identity of Ice Mages. So to keep up with other play styles they want to shift the focus of the passive over to generic damage that contextually gets stronger for the audience the passive is made for.

Other skills changes


Destruction Staff
Now the Weakness to Elements skill and its morph Elemental Susceptibility will have a 30-second duration. However, the Elemental Drain morph will last 60 seconds at its final rank!
Additionally, the Elemental Susceptibility morph will now applie each elemental status effect (Burning, Chilled, AND Concussed) every 6 seconds, also at rank IV, it will have the range of 35 metres.

Alliance War

The Vigor (Resolving Vigor morph) ability will now have reduced healing by approximately 10%


One small change for the Khajiit race. The robustness passive will now increase your Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery by 90 at their final rank.

Champion Points System changes


The Occult Overload star received a couple of changes and significant nerfs in ESO Patch Notes v8.2.0. Firstly they’ll reduce the damage per stage of this star to 1037, down from 2560 and will add a cooldown of 1 second. However, the damage no longer has a maximum cap of 6 and will also apply a random status effect to the enemies.

Developers will add this change because of cascading booms, so-called “bombs”, with sets like Vicious Death, where a large number of enemies can be killed at the same time. To compensate for the significant nerf, they’re “adding some more self-synergy to the effect where it will reward more booms back-to-back if you can manage to kill the affected targets within the time frame of the status applied”. Developers hope for more controlled situations in PvP scenarios.


Changes and new features to Housing in patch 36 HERE


We hope that after reading ESO Update 36 changes overview you found useful and interesting information about upcoming changes. Update 36 will bring fixes, adjustments and a few changes to ESO combat. Previous update 35 split the ESO community and created restless discussions. However, after the community feedback, during this PTS cycle, developers want to focus on fixes and improvements. As a result, it will improve greatly the new player experience but oftentimes, veterans. All adjustments made during PTS cycle v8.1-v8.2 are a part of the bigger plan that developers designed and scheduled for the game in the upcoming months or even years. What is the end goal, and the plan? We don’t know and only hope, that soon they will share it with us, so we can have a better understanding of the direction that the game is taking.

Thanks for Reading!

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