ESO Veteran Banished Cells Guide

Since Deltia already did a guide on the Normal Banished Cells, I figured it made sense to start off with the Veteran version of the same place.

Small disclaimer – I have no idea if these are the best ways to tackle each boss, all I do know is that the tactics my friends and I came up with when leveling through Veteran Ranks seemed to succeed.  So, the tactics below worked for a bunch of simpletons like us, but that does not mean there aren’t better ways.

The guide will be split by each boss and the bold writing will be the mechanic and beneath will be the ‘tactics’.

Optional Mini-Boss A (Only required if doing the quest) – Keeper Areldur

  • Shoots out lines of fiery death which spreads out from him.  (Also has 2 adds).
  • Kill the adds first to make life easier.
  • For the non-tanks, just stand at range as the further away you are the wider the space between the arms of fire and therefore easy to avoid.
  • As tank, just react fast and move aside.Though honestly, it can be healed through easily enough.


  • Throws down some ground targeted fire AOE.
  • Just move.

Boss 1 – Maw of the Infernal

  • Puts a Debuff on aggro’d target which causes pools of fire to spawn underfoot every second (this fire does not disappear).
  • Ideally all DPS are ranged.Once tank taunts the boss, all others stand in middle of room (where the boss started).
  • Tank slowly moves round the outskirts of the room with the boss, leaving a trail of fire in anice large circular pattern.If any DPS are melee, they follow along the side of the boss to avoid standing in fire (I recommend the inner side, so you are between the boss and your ranged party in the middle – otherwise you will find yourself stranded on the wrong side of a river of flame).
  • If tank loses aggro and another player gets the Debuff, they should immediately run over to the tank and mimick his movements (meanwhile tank should grab aggro again and continue as if he still had the Debuff).Once the player no longer has the Debuff they can go back to their original position and tank should once again have it.


  • Frontal cone AOE fire breath
  • No clever tactic here, just make sure you MOVE OUT OF THE BLOODY RED CONE OF DOOM!
  • As tank with debuff, try to keep your movement to a minimum to ensure you do not land more fire in bad places.I tend to just take a forward diagonal step to avoid it then go back and continue my pretty circle of fire.

Optional Mini-Boss B (Only required if doing the quest) – Keeper Vornail

  • 360 degree AOE, Heavy attacks, 2 adds.
  • Nothing complex here, kill the two adds and just standard tank n spank, just move out the way of the AOE and be sure to block those Heavy Attacks!

Boss 2 – Keeper Imiril

  • Boss spreads a few shiny orbs which do damage if you are too close to them.
  • Just stay away from the orbs, as the fight goes on, more will appear around the room but if you are careful it tends not to be an issue.Note that they do jump around throughout the fight though.
  • Boss vanishes into an orb throughout the fight and adds spawn. First to spawn are 5 Scamps, the second time he vanishes it is 4 Winged Matriarchs, third time is 3 Clanfears, it then follows this order throughout.
  • Make sure you have decent AOE, you must AOE the adds down fast as the boss is on a timer so he will not wait until the adds are dead, so if you are slow things can get messy.
  • Most the adds are a non issue, the dangerous ones are the clanfears as their special charge or tail whip attacks are deadly – if you have decent AOE then that is fine, but if not then I suggest focus targeting each one down one at a time as for each one dead things get easier.
  • Boss comes out of orb and does an AOE, more shiny orbs spawn.
  • Try keep your distance when boss comes back after each add phase as very soon after coming out he does a large AOE.It is not hugely damaging, however the more people hit then the more of the shiny orbs that seem to spawn.
  • As tank, if you have inner beast then when he comes out of the orb, taunt and keep your distance.If using Pierce Armor taunt then as soon as you taunt, be ready to roll away to avoid the AOE.

Boss 3 – Sister Sihma

  • A pair of Soul Harvesters doing what Soul Harvester do, so I won’t break down the details as it is the same as all previous ones you fought throughout the game.
  • Make sure someone has an AOE to deal with the healing orbs that periodically spawn.
  • As tank make sure you taunt both Harvesters (helps to have Inner Beast as taunt) and keep them turned from the party to ensure they are not hit by the Soul Harvesters powerful attack (the one where 3 spirits rip out from them in a frontal cone).
  • Focus target one harvester and ignore the other.


  • While attacking one harvester, a shield will form around it.
  • At this point, swap over to the other Harvester and beat it down.The only thing to be vigilant about is ensuring you destroy the orbs that head towards the shielded Harvester – you do not want your hard work undone.
  • When the second Harvester shields up, the first one can be attacked again.Finish him off (if your DPS is high enough, the second Harvester will be dead before it shields up).


Boss 4 – High Kinlord Rilis

  • Bubbles a player and sends them high into the sky, then teleports to another spot in the room.  When the player in the sky lands they will have a DoT on them.
  • Can be advisable to have someone other than the healer to have at least some form of emergency heal just in case the healer is bubbled as they are taken out of combat for a few seconds.
  • Upon landing, the player will have red or blue runes surround them and take significant DoT – there is a corresponding colored circle on the ground you need to run to in order to dispel it (upon entering the final room you may have noticed a large red circle on the floor, on the opposite side of the room is a blue one).Alternatively – Templar Purify or PvP Purge will clear it.


  • After teleporting, a Daedroth add and 2 healing bubbles spawn where the boss himself initially spawned. The bubbles will move towards boss.
  • Have a designated player chase down the orbs to destroy them – these are a high priority target as they cause significant healing.Have the tank aggro the add and lead it towards the boss and then everyone quickly burn it down.


  • A random player will have blue flames placed on them and as they move more will spread.
  • Just don’t stand still and try stay clear of everyone – also try avoid planting the fire all over the boss or you may irritate the tank or melee DPS.

That concludes the guide to Veteran Banished Cells!  An awesome dungeon and in my opinion the best one to start off with as I consider it the easiest of the bunch!  Have fun with it!

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