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Hogwarts Legacy – The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament Quest

Welcome to our guide for Hogwarts Legacy – The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament Quest!

Hogwarts Legacy is a single player, action RPG based on the magical world of Harry Potter. With an endless amount of places to explore and magical spells to learn, there is always something to do and discover. Read on below to follow this Hogwarts Legacy quest!

Last updated May 1, 2023

The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament Quest

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Meet with Gladwin Moon

  • Talk to Gladwin Moon
    • He is located in the castle, just follow the quest marker
  • Follow Gladwin
    • At the end of the conversation, he’ll teach you the Alohomora spell
Hogwarts Legacy Alohomora Spell Tutorial
  • Use Alohomora to open the door to the Faculty Tower
    • A tutorial will introduce the lock picking mechanic
    • Once you’re inside, cast the Disillusionment Charm in order to stay hidden
    • Also, casting the Revelio spell highlights not only interesting items, but also faculty and enemies

Into the Faculty Tower

  • Retrieve the Demiguise moon in the Prefects’ bathroom
    • Go all the way up the stairs – at the landing with two faculty standing in the middle, even though the quest marker is pointing left, keep going up to the right. You don’t need to try and sneak directly past them
    • Now go up the spiral stairs and the door to the bathroom will be on your right
    • You’ll need to unlock the door to get inside
    • The Demiguise moon is at the very back of the bathroom
  • Retrieve the Demiguise moon in the Hospital wing
    • When you exit the Prefects bathroom, go up the spiral staircase directly to the right outside the door
    • The Hospital wing is right inside the door. Make sure you have the Disillusionment Charm up!
    • Again, the Demiguise is at the very back of the room
  • Return the Demiguise moons to Gladwin
    • Sneak back out the same way you came in. If there is anyone in your way, you can hit the opposite wall with a basic attack and they will move over to investigate
    • Gladwin asks you to help him find more of these artifacts – keep in mind that they are only visible at night

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