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Hogwarts Legacy – The Helm of Urtkot Quest

Welcome to our guide for Hogwarts Legacy – The Helm of Urtkot Quest!

Hogwarts Legacy is a single player, action RPG based on the magical world of Harry Potter. With an endless amount of places to explore and magical spells to learn, there is always something to do and discover. Read on below to follow this Hogwarts Legacy quest!

Last updated May 1, 2023

The Helm of Urtkot Quest

Meetings in Hogsmeade

  • Speak to Sirona in the Three Broomsticks
    • Fast travel to Hogsmeade and follow the quest marker
    • She’ll give you information to help find her friend Lodgok
  • Look for Lodgok at the Hog’s Head Inn
    • Best to mention that Sirona trusts you
    • Agree to retrieve the relic in order to find out Ranrok’s plans
  • Meet Lodgok near the witch’s tomb
    • The location isn’t too far from Hogsmeade, just follow the quest marker trail on your mini map
  • Follow Lodgok to the tomb’s entrance
    • Along the way, Lodgok will share that the relic is called the Helm of Urtkot
    • The rest of the way is a bit of a walk. Feel free to sprint, Lodgok should also pick up his pace
    • Lodgok will stay outside the tomb while you go inside. You can talk to him if you have any further questions

Witch’s Tomb

  • Search the tomb for the helmet
    • Step inside the tomb and move down the passageway
    • You’ll reach a sealed door
    • Head to the left and you’ll find a fluttering moth. Stand near it and cast Lumos to get it to follow your wand and take it back to the door. Cancel the spell and it will fill a section with a missing moth and the door will open
Hogwarts Legacy - The Helm of Urtkot moth door
  • The next room has some gold in an alcove on the right and a chest in an alcove on the left
    • After grabbing these items, move forward down the passageway
Puzzle Room #1
  • Puzzle Room #1
    • This circular room looks like it has a sarcophagus in the middle, but it’s not the witch’s tomb. However, it goes have two sets of doors to open.
    • The center doors are another pair of sealed moth doors. You can find two of the needed moths right there in the circular room. Cast Lumos next to each and take them over to the doors.
    • The doors on the right are broken and rattling. You can blast these doors open and find the third moth inside. Open the nearby chest first, and then cast Lumos and take it over to break the seal and open the doors
  • Crypt keepers
    • Move towards the next room and as you enter, skeleton enemies will rise up to stop you.
    • These Inferius are particularly vulnerable to fire. Use Incendio as often as possible and you can also throw nearby barrels at them, as well.
    • Once defeated, you can search the area for items and gold, Of particular note is a chest up high in the back left-hand corner of the room (from the door you entered from). No fancy magics needed to get through it, you can jump and climb up.
Puzzle Room #2
  • Puzzle Room #2
    • Down the passage leads to another moth door. This room also has a central pedestal feature which also has moth indentations.
    • There are two available moths in the room – one on either side. Cast Lumos and bring one over to the central pedestal.
  • Hogwarts Legacy - The Helm of Urtkot moth pedestal
    • Once the moth is in place, stand on the stone platform and hit the pedestal with the Depulso spell. It will turn, and the stone platform you’re standing on will rise up. Climb up the ledge it rises to, and use Lumos to get this third moth and take it to the door.
    • Now go back to the pedestal and retrieve this moth (and then the other one in the alcove) and take them each to the set of doors.
Farther In
  • Farther in
    • Down this passage leads to another circular room, this time with another set of rattling doors as well as a load of crates hanging from the ceiling above.
    • A hit with the Depulso spell will burst the doors open and you can find a basic crate inside. Climb up on the crate and jump up again to find a chest on a high ledge.
    • Jump back down and move down the wall to the right. Pull the crate towards you with Accio and you can climb and jump up again for another chest.
    • Return to the circular room and hit the load of crates with the Depulso spell. It will come crashing down, breaking through the floor below. You’ll have to jump in.
  • Crypt Keepers #2
    • Come up out of the water and into another open area. As you move farther in more Inferius enemies appear. This fight should be similar to the one before.
Puzzle Room #3
  • Puzzle Room #3
Hogwarts Legacy - The Helm of Urtkot puzzle room 3
  • When the fight is over and you have a chance to look around, you’ll see another moth pedestal and two moths waiting to be moved.
  • Grab one moth and take it over to the pedestal. Once in place, move behind the pedestal, where you will see stone platforms in the floor. Like before, stand in place and hit the pedestal with Depulso. You’ll need to do this repeatedly to get the platform all the way to the top.
  • The platform will rise and to the left (from your position facing the pedestal) you can climb up to get another moth on the ledge. But don’t immediately grab the moth. There is a pathway here that leads you to two more chests.
  • After you loot, come back to where the moth is. From above, hit the pedestal with Depulso multiple times in order to raise the platform. The quickly grab the moth with Lumos and hurry across to reach the sealed doors and release your moth.
  • Between the door and the jump you just made, there is an alcove with another moth inside. Cast Lumos and take that moth to the door as well.
  • Now, jump back down to the ground. Go to the second alcove and grab the last moth. Take it over to an empty perch – this will be in the area to the left of the pedestal and at the end of the upper ledge. Release the moth.
  • Go back to the rising platform, stand on it and hit Depulso. Step onto the ledge where the door is. At the far end, you may still be able to see that hitting the pedestal not only raises the platform, but also rasies this moth perch. If you need to, hit the pedestal with Depulso again from up above. Then grab the moth with Lumos as it rises up to you.
  • Place the final moth in the door and it will unseal.

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