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How to Change Blaster Pistol – Customization Options in Jedi Survivor

Players can change Star Wars: Jedi Survivor weapons and BD-1 appearance, including Cal’s Blaster Pistol components and materials.

How to Change BD-1 Appearance - Customization Options in Jedi Survivor
How to Change Weapons and BD-1 Appearance – Customization Options in Jedi Survivor

This short guide presents the customisation options of Blaster Pistol and how to change his appearance. Also, we included some tips on how to get more Cal’s and BD-1 cosmetics and modular pieces for your weapons.

How to Change Blaster Pistol Appearance in Jedi Survivor

To change Cal’s blaster appearance in Jedi Survivor, you’ll need to progress in the Story until you unlock the workbench and, eventually, a blaster. Access the workbench to be transferred to a special menu where you can adjust your weapons and droid cosmetics.

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Blaster Pistol customisation options include the following Components:

  • Barrel
  • Body
  • Grip

Also, in the materials tab (at the top of the screen), you can change the pistol’s materials, polish and condition. Similarly to lightsabres, you can choose from Pristine, Well-Kept, Worn, Aged and Ancient. The textures change depending on your choices and offer a lovely glow over many different materials, matte finish, scratches, and worn paint.

All those changes and customisation options are purely cosmetic and don’t have any influence on the gameplay, combat or game difficulty. However, the rich choice will allow you to personalise your companion as you desire.

Where to get and unlock more Customization Options in Jedi Survivor

To get and unlock more customisation options and appearance collectables in Jedi Survivor, you need to open chests commonly found in the game world. Some chests may require you to scout areas or solve the puzzles as they are sometimes well hidden. So always explore to find more.

Secondly, you can buy some of the Customization Options from various vendors in exchange for special currency, distinct for each shop. Vendors usually accept the currency that can be found exploring the planets they are on. Explore, solve puzzles and defeat enemies to get the required currency.

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