How to Get a Shovel in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of hidden secrets and treasures just waiting to be discovered, and the essential tool for acquiring these valuable items is a simple one – the shovel.

Shovel Where to Buy and How it Works - Baldur's Gate 3
Shovel Where to Buy? – Arron, the merchant in Druid Grove (Emerald Grove)

In this guide, we’ll help you acquire a valuable tool – the shovel – in Baldur’s Gate 3. You’ll learn about the significance of the perception skill, how it relates to using the shovel to uncover hidden treasures, and the various methods to find this essential item.

The Shovel in Baldur’s Gate 3 & Why is It Important?

The shovel is a crucial item in Baldur’s Gate 3, serving as your key to uncovering hidden treasures throughout the game world. With this tool, you can utilize your perception skill to reveal concealed caches of valuable items, resources, and secrets that might otherwise remain undiscovered. The shovel costs only 2 gold from merchants.

In conclusion, the shovel plays a vital role in your journey. By combining it with your perception skill, you’ll uncover hidden treasures, powerful armor, or weapons that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Always ensure you have a shovel in the inventory as you explore, as the rewards of digging can lead to remarkable discoveries that contribute to your character’s growth and success.

Perception Skill

Digging for Treasure with a Shovel in Baldur's Gate 3
Digging for Treasure with a Shovel

The perception skill is your character’s ability to notice and identify hidden or subtle details in the environment. It allows you to detect things like traps, secret doors, and hidden objects. Having the perception skill increases your chances of uncovering hidden treasures when using the shovel. Ensure to invest in this skill on your character or one of your companions to maximize your chances of finding valuable loot.

How to Get a Shovel in Baldur’s Gate 3?

There are two primary ways to get a shovel, through exploration and from merchants. The following list presents all methods and the exact location where you can acquire the shovel in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Explore the game’s vast world by thoroughly searching containers and examining different areas. Sometimes, you’ll stumble upon shovels lying around in specific places.
  • In the Blighted village south of the Troll House you can find the shovel laying on the ground. On the map above, we marked the exact location of the easiest-to-find shovel in the game, which you have access to early in the game.
  • Also, you can purchase a shovel from various merchants scattered across the game. Keep an eye out for these opportunities as you progress through your adventure.
  • The first merchant you’ll encounter, that has a high chance of having shovels in their shop is Arron. You can find him in Druid Grove (Emerald Grove) just next to the entrance to the cave.

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