Destiny 2 Basso Ostinato Shotgun

How to Get Destiny 2 Basso Ostinato Shotgun

Destiny 2 Basso Ostinato Shotgun
Basso Ostinato Shotgun

Neomuna is a beautiful but treacherous city, yet worth the risk! Some activities can reward you with unique weapons, armor and collectibles! This Guide explains where you can get and unlock the Basso Ostinato shotgun. This new void, rapid-fire frame weapon has arrived with Lightfall expansion and is currently on Guardians’ “most wanted guns” list.

How to get the Basso Ostinato Shotgun in Destiny 2?

You can obtain the Basso Ostinato shotgun by completing the Terminal Overload activity in Neomuna. At the end of this public activity, the chest will spawn, and you’ll need a Terminal Overload Key to unlock it and obtain a random weapon from the loot table, including the Basso Ostinato.

As a result, you need to complete the following steps to unlock the Basso Ostinato shotgun in Destiny 2:

  1. Purchase Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion
  2. Play the Lightfall campaign
  3. Complete the “Welcome to the Hall of Heroes” quest
  4. Start the “Stargazer” quest
  5. Progress your guardian to be around 1810 power level, and minimum, 1750 power level
  6. Collect Terminal Overload Key
  7. Open the Map directory and enter Terminal Overload public activity in Neomuna
  8. Complete the Terminal Overload public activity in Neomuna
    • Destroy pyramids to start
    • Defeat waves of enemies (Vex & Black Legion)
    • The final phase: destroy three fragments to brake the boss shield and continue to damage it.
  9. Open the chest using Terminal Overload Key to get your new weapon. Good Luck!

How to access Terminal Overload and complete it?

Destiny 2 - Terminal Overload activity in Neomuna
Terminal Overload location in Neomuna

The Terminal Overload is a 1-6 player activity in Neomuna, but the specific location cycles between 3 possible spots. After completing the Lightfall campaign, you can easily find where the day’s Terminal Overload is on the map. However, you can sometimes encounter an activity already in progress.

Recommended power for the activity is 1810, which is the pinnacle cap. If your power level is lower, probably, you can still complete it with a group, but raising your power level before accessing it is suggested. Otherwise, you may have difficulty surviving it because it is challenging.

To unlock the Terminal Overload public activity, you must first complete the campaign and “Welcome to the Hall of Heroes” quest. After you start the “Stargazer” quest, you should be able to participate in those public events and start collecting new Lightfall weapons, including the Basso Ostinato shotgun.

The Terminal Overload Loot Table

The chest at the end of the activity has a chance to drop one of three new weapons:

Firstly, you need the Terminal Overload Keys to open the chest

How to get the Terminal Overload Keys in Destiny 2?

The “Stargazer” quest from Quinn Laghari in the Hall of Heroes explains how to get the Terminal Overload Keys in detail. Follow the mission to start collecting them. Here are the ways you can get the Keys:

  • Bounties from Nimbus Vendor
  • Chests
  • Patrols
  • Public events

You can only hold up to five keys in your inventory, so make sure to use them.

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