How to Get Ectoplasm in Enshrouded

Learn where to find Ectoplasm in Enshrouded, a material found in the Hollow Halls dungeon used in various crafting recipes.

Where to Find Ectoplasm in Enshrouded

Ectoplasm is a resource you have to craft by collecting materials in the Hollow Halls. Once you have unlocked the Collector Craftsperson and crafted an Ectoplasm Press, you will be able to produce Ectoplasm.

Enshrouded Ectoplasm Press

Materials required Ectoplasm in Enshrouded:

  • 10x Ectoplasm Fragment
  • 5x Torn Cloth
  • 1x Charcoal
Enshrouded Ectoplasm Hollow Halls Map Location

Firstly, to craft Ectoplasm you will need to unlock the Collector Craftsperson. They will unlock the station needed to produce your Ectoplasm after you have completed the first and second Hollow Halls Dungeon. Also, completing the Hollow Halls runs provides you with the materials you need to craft Ectoplasm. For example, You can find Torn Cloth and Ectoplasm Fragments in large quantities from enemies in the Hollow Halls. After collecting your materials, simply place them into the Ectoplasm Press and start producing Ectoplasm.

What is Ectoplasm, and What Is It Used for?

Ensrhouded Ectoplasm Resource

Ectoplasm in Enshrouded is “strange material extracted from ectoplasm”. It’s a very useful resource you need to make your ventures into the Hollow Hall dungeon a little safer and easier. We highly recommend producing this resource for the consumable buffs you can craft with it.

One of the most important uses of Ectoplasm is crafting the Ectoplasm Soup. The Ectoplasm soup is an incredibly powerful damage-boosting food that’s useful against all enemies in the Hollow Halls. Secondly, you use Ectoplasm to make Ice Protection Potions which is the main damage type of the enemies in the Hollow Halls. Both of these consumables can make your dungeon runs significantly easier by providing damage, life leech, and damage resistance.

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