How to Get Enshrouded Oil in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find Enshrouded Oil in Enshrouded, a crucial resource in crafting end-game storage chests and gliders.

How to Get Enshrouded Oil in Enshrouded

Where to Find Enshrouded Oil

Enshrouded Oil is a complex resource that is easier to produce than to find in large quantities worldwide. It requires a few basic resources and a craftsperson unlocked before being able to produce your own.

Enshrouded Enshrouded Oil Alchemy Station

Materials required for Enshrouded Oil:

  • 5x Shroud Spores
  • 5x Coal Powder
  • 5x Shroud Liquid
  • 1x Sulfur

Firstly, to craft your oil you will need to unlock the Alchemist Craftsperson. They will unlock the Laboratory station needed to produce your own oil. Also, all of the resources for Enshrouded Oil are available throughout different zones in the game. You collect Shroud Liquid and Shroud Spores while scavenging in the Shroud. You can collect Shroud Liquid by harvesting mushroom plants throughout Enshrouded zones while Shroud Spores you collect from slain Shroud-based enemies. Also, Sulfur is available throughout the desert regions, especially in Nomad Highlands. Lastly, you can create Coal Powder by placing Charcoal into a Grinding Stone. So we recommend you stockpile as soon as you find the resources to reduce the effort needed later.

What is Enshrouded Oil, and What Is It Used for?

Enshrouded Enshrouded Oil Resource

Enshrouded Oil’s “uses are unknown even to the creator itself, but it definitely didn’t help the skin of the Fell!” It may seem like a useless resource but it is incredibly useful for certain late-game items. It allows you to produce the largest variation of magic chests that provide extra storage versus the smaller counterpart. Also, by making the chest magic based with the oil, you are able to access its content directly from vendors and stations without needing the resources directly in your inventory.

One of the most important uses of Enshrouded Oil is crafting end-game chests like the Huge Magic Chests. These chests provide massive storage capacity and additional utility because they have magic imbued into them. Since they are a magic chest, they gain the ability to have their contents be useable by vendors and stations without needing to find the resources and have them in your inventory. Lastly, the Ghost Glider is the best glider currently in the game and by crafting this glider you can provide it to allies without them needing to collect it themselves first.

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