How to Get Shroud Spores in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find Shroud Spores in Enshrouded, a basic resource for crafting and upgrading into Shroud Cores.

How to Get Shroud Spores in Enshrouded

You can collect Shroud Spores right away in Enshrouded, because they drop from the most basic enemies found in the Shroud areas. You can find the first location in the Shroud area directly to the east of Braelyn Bridge. This area can be easily reached from your base at the start of the game. Simply head northwest towards the visible bridge. You can’t cross the bridge initially, but just to the right/east of it you can follow a path which will take you down into the Shroud.

Map of Grinding Spots Enshrouded
Grind Spots 1-10

In order to collect Shroud Spores, you’ll need to fight and defeat the regular humanoid enemies within the Shroud. Small groups of these creatures patrol the roads and guard the entrances to Elixir Wells.

Additionally, you can also find these enemies out in the overland world at night. They generally fall into standard enemy types: a ‘tank’ with a sword and shield, a ‘ranger’ with a bow and a melee dps with a sword. These enemies will typically drop Shroud Spores in groups of two or three at a time.

What are Shroud Spores, and what are they used for?

Enshrouded Shroud Spores tooltip

As the tooltip for Shroud Spores suggest, you can do much with with this item in its base form. However, once you have rescued the Alchemist, you can go to him and craft the stronger Shroud Cores.

To craft a Shroud Core you will need:

Shroud Cores can then be used to upgrade your Flame Alter. This will enlarge the protected area out around your Flame Alter so that you have more room to build and grow your base.

Additionally, you will want to have Shroud Cores for crafting Magical Chests. These chests work much the same as regular chests and hold the same amount of items as regular chests. However, what makes them ‘magic’ is that they connect automatically to all crafting stations and craftpeople. Therefore, theses are highly desirable because you’ll do less running back and forth between storage chests to do all of your crafting.

Enshrouded Crafting Shroud Cores with Alchemist

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