How to Get Fired Brick in Enshrouded

Learn where to find Fired Brick in Enshrouded, a versatile advanced resource used for crafting and building.

Enshrouded Fired Brick tooltip

How to Get Fired Brick in Enshrouded

To get Fired Brick in Enshrouded you will need to have access to the Revelwood area to collect Lump of Clay materials. Additionally, you will need to have the Kiln crafting stations with the Carpenter in order to create Fired Brick.

Within the Revelwood area, the there are multiple locations you can find to mine Lump of Clay. To access the Revelwood region, you will first need to Strengthen your Flame Altar to Level 3. Afterward, you can get to a farming spot by going directly little west from the Revelwood Ancient Spire.

Kilns are crafted at the Carpenter and will require the following resources to make:

Enshrouded Fired Brick crafting in Kiln

Once you have built and placed a working Kiln in your base and collected Lump of clay in Revelwood, you can use the Kiln to create Fired Brick. You will need 1 Lump of Clay and 1 Wood Log in order to produce 1 Fired Brick.

What is Fired Brick, and what is it used for?

Enshrouded crafting the Laboratory for the Alchemist

In Enshrouded you can use Fired Brick for a variety of crafting purposes including creating new crafting stations and constructing new building and furniture pieces. For example, the Laboratory is an advanced crafting station for the Alchemist. After finding the Scientific Instruments, you will also need Athanor, 40 Fired Brick, 10 Copper Bar, and 3 Glass to construct it.

Furthermore, there are other smaller crafting stations which also will require Fired Brick. This includes the Smelter for the Blacksmith and the Oven for the Farmer. The Smelter will need 50 Fired Brick, while the Oven will require 20.

Additionally, you can also use Fired Brick as a crafting materials for shelter construction and for furniture pieces. You can create 100 Fired Bricks Block out of just 10 Fired Brick at the Workbench and use it to create additional shelter spaces. Moreover, decorative pieces such as the Brick Fireplace will not only improve the appearance of your home, but will also provide a +4 comfort bonus to your base.

Enshrouded Brick Fireplace crafting recipe
Enshrouded Fired Bricks Block crafting recipe

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