How to Get Harold in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Harold is a heavy crossbow, and you can get it upon completion of the Missing Shipment quest in Act 1 – this short Guide Explains everything you need to know about Harold in BG3.

Harold - Baldur's Gate 3 - BG3

The Harold

In Baldur’s Gate 3, The Herold is a heavy crossbow. Whenever the wielder deals damage with this weapon, the targeted enemy must succeed a Charisma saving throw. If they fail, they are banned for two turns, which is an excellent crowd-control effect. Additionally, the crossbow offers high damage output and provides additional actions, such as Piercing Shot and Brace (Ranged).

You can equip it to your character’s main hand weapon slot in the inventory, providing additional bonuses and buffs. The user needs Martial Weapon proficiency or suffers penalties while wearing the weapon. You can equip it on any class, companion, or character that has Martial Weapon proficiency.

Here are all The Harold features in BG3:

  • Weapon Type: Heavy Crossbow, Two-Handed
  • Damage: 1D10+1 Piercing
  • Range: 18m
  • Requirements: Ranged Martial Weapon proficiency
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Location: Zhentarim Hideout upon completion of the Missing Shipment quest from Zarys, Act 1
  • Weight: 8.1 kg
  • Value: 380
  • Haroldish Doom: When you deal damage to a target with a ranged weapon, it must succeed a Charisma Saving Throw or be Baned for 2 turns.
  • Weapon Enchantment +1
  • Classes with Martial Weapons Proficiency: Cleric(Tempest Domain, War Domain), Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Barbarian, Bard (College of Valour)
  • Companions Who Can Use This Weapon: Lae’zel, Minthara, Karlach, Minsc

How to Get The Harold in Baldur’s Gate 3

Herold is a reward for completing the Missing Shipment quest from Zarys in Zhentarim Hideout during Act 1. Here are all the steps you must complete.

Complete the Missing Shipment Quest

The Missing Shipment Quest can be initiated in three different ways. First, you might stumble upon a group of Gnolls attacking a band of mercenaries inside a cave (X:40, Y:626) east of the Risen Road fast travel portal. Second, while traveling north from the Blighted Village across the stone bridge, you may come across an injured Hyena and a letter on the ground titled “To the Good Godly Folk of Faerun.” Alternatively, you can directly enter the hideout in Waukeen’s Rest to pick up the quest. In any case, your initial objective is to head to the cave location (X:40, Y:626), eliminate the Gnolls, rescue the mercenaries, and head to Zhentarim Hideout for your reward – the Herald crossbow.

Defeat the Gnoll

Baldur's gate 3 - Find The Missing Shipment Quest - Gnoll Fight
Gnoll Fight

You’ll need to defeat a few challenging opponents during the fight, including the Gnoll Flind, Gnoll Hunter, Gnoll Flesh Gnawer, Gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu, and a pack of Hyenas. I recommend reaching at least level 3 or 4 before engaging in this encounter. It’s crucial to be cautious of ranged opponents, as they can inflict substantial damage from a distance, so prioritize eliminating them first. If you can access summons or spells like Flaming Sphere, make good use of them, as the enemy forces outnumber your group, and some of them can deal significant damage.

The most effective strategy for this encounter is to approach it stealthily by positioning yourself on the elevated rocky hill just above the cave entrance where the gnolls are located. Initiate a surprise attack from this vantage point. Maintain your position on the hill, and when the melee attackers attempt to close in on you, employ spells such as “Grease” to hinder their movements. Consider using a two-handed weapon’s push attack or the Thunderwave Spell to force them off the cliff. This approach will give you a tactical advantage in the fight.

Talk to Rugan and the Survivors

Once you defeat Gnolls, talk to Rugan and his companions. He will ask if anyone survived. You’ll not have good news for him. Choose:

  • No. It’s a grim sight.

He will then explain that he and his companions were on an expedition, and his trip was dangerous and troublesome. Respond with:

  • Elturgard is quite a distance from here. Where are you headed?

Next, Rugan will explain that they need to deliver the shipment to Baldur’s Gate. You can ask more questions about the shipment. However, if you maintain a polite and friendly with the group, Rugan will eventually disclose the location of their concealed hideout, known as Zhentarim, and provide you with the password. Rugan will express that should you come and visit, you will be received as a friend. With this information, your final task is to go to the hideout and collect your quest reward.

Find Zhentarim Hideout

Baldur’s Gate 3 - BG3 - Zhentarim Hideout Entrnce Dialogue Choices

The entrance to the Zhentarim Hideout (X: -127; Y: 619) is located at the rear of the building within Waukeen’s Rest mansion, accessible through a hatch. Upon entering the barn, you will be greeted by a mercenary named Salazon, who presents you with an ultimatum: demonstrate that you are a friend or face his lethal response. It’s now time to use the password you acquired from Rugan, so choose:

  • Recite Rugan’s Pass-phrase “Little serpent, long shadow.”
How to Get Harold in Baldur’s Gate 3 - BG3 - Missing Shipment

The men will relax and permit you to pass, so search for the concealed hatch inside the barn leading to the basement. In the basement, on the north wall, your party should automatically succeed in a perception check. Unlock the revealed wardrobe, and it will unveil the hidden stairs leading to the Zhentarim Hideout.

Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in a new area with a fast travel portal. Be cautious of traps as you walk down to the central part of the cave. Finally, within the Zhentarim Hideout, seek out Zarys. She will express gratitude for rescuing her men and reward you with the Herold heavy crossbow.

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