How to Get Hr’a’cknir Bracers in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Hr’a’cknir Bracers is a cloth gear item available from Ch’r’ai Tska’an during Act 2. Here is how to get them.

Hr'a'cknir Bracers - Baldur's Gate 3 - BG3

Hr’a’cknir Bracers

Hr’a’cknir Bracers in Baldur’s Gate 3 add two spells that can be cast once per short rest: Quickened Mage Hand and Telekinesis. Additionally, the gloves provide a +1 bonus to Strength Saving throws, enhancing the character’s resilience. Telecinesis can be used as decent crowd control spell and both can be fantastic during exploration to overcome landscape and other challenges.

Classes that will most benefit from it are Paladin, Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, and Barbarian, but any class can use it effectively. You can equip it to your character’s hand armour slot in the inventory, providing additional bonuses and buffs. There are no proficiency requirements for this item.

The Hr’a’cknir Bracers features in BG3:

  • Armour Type: Gloves
  • Proficiency Requirement: None
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Value: 540
  • Location: Can be looted from Ch’r’ai Tska’an near Baldur’s Gate fast travel waypoint in Act 2 (X: -251 Y: -39 )
  • Bonuses:
    • Strength Saving throws +1
    • Quickened Mage Hand (You can cast Mage Hand as a Bonus action once per short rest.): Create a spectral hand that can manipulate and interact with objects. (10 Turns)
    • Telekinesis (Cast as a level 5 spell once per Short Rest): Throw a creature or object up to 18 m / 60 ft with a thought. Once per turn, you can use Telekinesis again without expending a Spell Slot. Heavier items deal more damage when thrown in this manner. (10 Turns)
  • Classes with Martial Weapons Proficiency: All
  • Companions Who Can Use This Weapon: All

How to Get The Hr’a’cknir Bracers in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Hr’a’cknir Bracers can be looted from Ch’r’ai Tska’an near Baldur’s Gate fast travel waypoint in Act 2 (X: -251 Y: -39 ) during Act 2, in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Hr'a'cknir Bracers Map Location in Act 2 - Baldur's Gate 3 - BG3

Ch’r’ai Tska’an is a Githyanki warrior who waits for the player’s team to attack them near Baldur’s Gate fast travel waypoint. This road is a passage to Act 3 and Baldur’s Gate City. She will wait with 4 other Githyanki warriors on the bridge in west Reithwin Town and the west side of the Shadow Cursed-Lands Map.

How to defeat Ch'r'ai Tska'an and Githyanki in Act 2 - Baldur's Gate 3 - BG3

You must kill Ch’r’ai Tska’an or knock her out to get the Hr’a’cknir Bracers. Two range enemies will wait for you with their commander on the bridge above the street, the only way to Baldur’s Gate City. Two melee Githyanki will stand in your way below.

Defeat Githyanki to get Hr’a’cknir Bracers from Ch’r’ai Tska’an

Best strategy is to send your range characters, spellcasters and rangers on top of the nearby building accessed from the cementary to the right. Stay hidden as long as you can to hopefully surprise the Githyanki. You can then send a melee or most tanky characters to the middle of the street to start a fight and force the enemies to reveal themselves. If you have see invisibility active either form Volo permanent bonus or a spell you may see them before they see you.

How to Get Hr'a'cknir Bracers in Baldur’s Gate 3

However, if you haven’t revealed the position of your range characters on the roof you may still get advantage and surprise the enemies. Githyanki are a challenging enemy, with many Hit Points and they use crowd control to immobiliser you. The best strategy is to do the same. Try to use ice arrows or spells to send them prone. You can use Command or Hold Person on any of them to exclude them from the fight. There are many options for crowd control in Baldur’s Gate 3. This way, you will be able to defeat them one by one. Haste spell and the potion of speed is also great to get some extra attacks against them.

Once all enemies are defeated, you can loot Ch’r’ai Tska’an’s body and get the Hr’a’cknir Bracers.

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