How to Get Purple Berries in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find Purple Berries in Enshrouded, a consumable you can use to craft health potions and food.

How to Get Purple Berries in Enshrouded

How to Get Purple Berries in Enshrouded

You can harvest Purple Berries right away in Enshrouded, because the bushes they comes from can be found within the first regional area of Springlands. Additionally, you’ll continue to find them throughout the other regions of the world as well. Purple berry bushes are fairly easy to spot as you explore through out the world. They can grow in any grassland or forest area, and you’ll likely be able to find some right away in the area after you establish your first base.

Additionally, you will not need any tools to harvest purple berries. Your character will simply grab them off of the bush.

How to Farm Purple Berries Honey in Enshrouded

How to Farm Purple Berries Honey in Enshrouded

One of the last survivors you awaken will likely be the Farmer in her vault. Afterwards, you can start the process of cultivating more for yourself. You will need to have an available Seedbed, or craft an additional one which will require:

  • 10 Wooden Logs – Simply cut down some trees
  • 2 Metal Scraps – Looted from Scavenger Enemies and Camps
  • 10 Farm Soil – 7 Dirt and 3 Bonemeal

Next, in order to grow Berry Bush Seedlings in Enshrouded you will need:

  • 1 Farm Soil
  • 1 Purple Berries
  • 1 Water

What are Purple Berries, and what are they used for?

Enshrouded Purple Berries tooltip

In the early stages of Enshrouded you can consume Purple Berries by itself for a basic, 30 second long health regeneration boost. Furthermore, you can place the Purple Berries in the Hunter’s Drying Rack and it will create Dried Purple Berries. This consumable does not create as much of a health regeneration boost as the Purple Berries, however the duration of the boost lasts a couple of minutes longer.

Additionally, later on in the game you can use purple berries to create other types of consumables includes a Fruit Bowl which boosts both Health and Stamina regeneration. The full recipe for the Fruit Bowl includes Honey, Strawberry, Purple Berries and Yucca Fruit. However, the Yucca Fruit isn’t available until the Kindlewastes region, which you won’t have access to until you’ve strengthend your Flame Alter to level 5.

Finally, you can also use Purple Berries to craft both Health Potions and Greater Health Potions. Creating these will require the Alchemist and his Mortar. The Mortar you will obtain through one of the Alchemist’s personal quests.

Enshrouded - Greater Health Potion Recipe

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