How to Get Saffron in Enshrouded

Learn where to find Saffron in Enshrouded, an easy-to-miss essential resource for your end-game gear or upgrading your Flame.

Finding Saffron in Enshrouded Game

Where to Find Saffron in Enshrouded

The easiest place to find Saffron is in the open field in the Kindlewaste desert, due west of Spire Tower and southeast of Umber Hollow.

Saffron is a small plant that is easy to miss, but you can recognize it by its purple and red coloration against the barren desert. If you wander through some of the open desert in this area, you should quickly spot Saffron along your path. If you’re looking to get Saffron in Enshrouded, this is the best place to go.

This area does require a level 5 Flame Alter, however, so this is more of a late game material you should look for when it’s time to start upgrading.

Kindlewaste Desert Map

Though difficult to find, Saffron is one of the easier resources to harvest in Enshrouded.

You just have to pick up the herb, and you can also grow seedlings and plant them in fields using the Farmer Craftsperson. Though this does require more time and effort, it can make Saffron more accessible in the future, if you know you’re going to need more of it later. This process is also completely repeatable.

We found Saffron in the Kindlewaste desert fields and the Sunsimmer Souterrain, but both of these locations are quite close to each other.

Growing Saffron in Enshrouded

Saffron in the Kindlewaste Desert Fields

The first location is in the Kindlewaste desert fields. In the large barren areas through the desert, you’ll find patches of Saffron you can quickly pick

The benefit to this area in Enshrouded is you can pass through it while exploring the surrounding locations, grabbing Saffron as you go. With a couple of runs, you can quickly start growing Saffron in seedbeds.

Sunsimmer Souterrain Saffron Farming

Best Saffron Location in Enshrouded

Directly south of the Kindlewaste desert, the Sunsimmer Souterrain is another great option for farming Saffron.

The Sunsimmer Souterrain is an abandoned village with many planters around the houses. We were able to find quite a lot of Saffron just walking through the village and picking it up. With how close this location is to the desert fields above, we recommend hitting both in one run-through.

What Is Saffron, and What Is It Used for in Enshrouded?

Saffron has many uses in Enshrouded, so you’re going to want to grab quite a bit when you find it.

What is Saffron in Enshrouded

First, you’ll use Saffron in many consumables. You can combine Saffron with water to make Spiced Tea, a consumable that gives +5 endurance for 45 minutes. You can also use it as an ingredient with Flatbread and Grilled Wolf Meat, making a great food option for additional Constitution and Strength.

Endurance Consumable Spiced Tea in Enshrouded

Second, Yellow Fabric requires Saffron in Enshrouded. Yellow Fabric is used in the Warlock set, an end-game armor set for wand builds. Yellow Fabric is also used to make level 23 gear for the best ranged builds.

Third, Saffron is required to upgrade your Flame to level six. Since it costs a whopping 50 saffron to upgrade your Flame, grabbing a lot of this as soon as you find it will speed up the process of upgrading your Flame. Even if you don’t use it for consumables or gear, you’ll need a full stack to progress further in the game.

While those are the primary uses of Saffron, you may also need it for crafting or various cosmetics. Regardless, it’s a good resource to keep an eye out for. It does seem to be pretty rare in Enshrouded.

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