How to Get Feathers in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find Feathers in Enshrouded, a hard to find resource for crafting and upgrading items.

Enshrouded Feather in game tooltip

How to Get Feathers in Enshrouded

To get Feathers in Enshrouded you will need to have access to the Nomad Highlands area. Once you have access to the region the best locations to farm feathers can be found directly east of the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire. In order to access this region, you will need to Strengthen your Flame Altar to Level 4.

Enshrouded Feathers location map

You should visit the Spire first if you haven’t already and make your way to the top. That will unlock an easy fast travel point that you can use to farm feathers. Then, from the spire you can use your glider to travel east. You will be looking for an area around and to the west of the Vukah Canyon location pin.

Within this area you will find bear-like creatures that stand up right and have single, massive claws for hands. You can kill and loot them for feathers. Additionally, within the Nomad Highlands region you may occasionally see small, brightly colored birds. These are wildlife and non-agressive and can also be killed and harvested for feathers.

Enshrouded Vukah Canyon bear creatures which drop feathers

Finally, you can also harvest feathers in the Kindlewastes region, which you can reach after strengthening your Flame Alter to Level 5. There you will encounter some orange colored flying creatures. You’ll need some range weapons and attacks to bring them down, but they can also be a good source of feathers in Enshrouded.

You can find them to the west of the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire, in a rocky area that is also to the east of the Umber Hollow. This area in general is GREAT for farming other supplies, as well, including: Sulfur, Lapislazuli, Sand Digger Meat, and Scales.

Enshrouded Feather farm map location in Kindlewastes
Enshrouded Harvesting Feathers in the Kindlewaste

What are Feathers, and what are they used for?

Enshrouded Copper Poison Arrow recipe tooltip
Enshrouded Poisoned Iron Arrow recipe tooltip

In Enshrouded you’ll use Feathers to craft your Arrows, as well the Acid Bite spells. For example, Copper Poison arrows and Poisoned Iron arrows are both upgrades from their base models. They don’t do more damage on their initial hit, but will cause a damage-over-time affect against Wildlife and Wild Beasts you may encounter.

Additionally, the Acid Bite and Eternal Acid Bite spells pack a powerful punch, especially against boss monsters. It’s possible that the spell is a bit overpowered and the developers might moderate it while still in Early Access. But for now, players should take advantage, and it’s a very strong reason to farm Poison Sack in Enshrouded.

Acid Bite - Staff Charge - Enshrouded
Eternal Acid Bite - Staff Charge - Eternal Spell - Enshrouded

To craft either Acid Bite or it’s Eternal upgrade you will need to have saved the Alchemist and found/crafted his Mortar, Alchemy Station and Laboratory. You’ll have to complete several of his personal quests to do so, and these won’t all be available until later in the game.

To craft the Acid Bite Spell you will need: 2 Poison Sack, 2 Ammonia Gland, 5 Goo and 20 Dirt

To craft the Eternal Acid Bite Spell you will need: 20 Glass, 10 Charcoal, 30 Sulfur, 20 Ammonia Gland and 20 Poison Sack

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