How to Get Salt in Enshrouded

Learn where to find salt in enshrouded, a crucial advanced resource for crafting and consumables.

Salt - Enshrouded

Where to Find Salt in Enshrouded

You can find two salt mines, one in Egerton Salt Mines northwest of the Ancient Spire Springlands and a second in Saline Quarry southeast of Braelyn Bridge. Springlands are the starting locations, so you should easily find both mines. All Salt Mines in Enshrouded:

  • Egerton Salt Mines northwest of the Ancient Spire Springlands
  • Saline Quarry southeast of Braelyn Bridge

You will find abundant amounts of salt on the outside and inside of the mine. The enemies are level 5 in this area and swarm you, so be careful if you are lower level. However, we have some tips on how to make obtaining salt easier in Enshrouded.

Salt Mines Map Locations - Enshrouded

However, both locations are an Enshrouded area, so you must watch the timer when mining salt. Also, some of the mentioned locations also require a higher flame altar level, so always strengthen your flame as soon as possible. Another way to extend your enshrouded timer is to invest skill points into the Inner Fires skill from the survivor skill tree. It increases your Shroud Time by two minutes.

Gathering Salt - Enshrouded

Salt is a grey-colored resource resembling cubes on the wall. To get to the salt, you must use a pickaxe; the better the pickaxe quality, the faster you’ll collect salt and the more you will get. But even a basic stone pick will be sufficient.

How to Farm Salt Easly

To simplify the process, you can place a flame altar just above the mines and enshrouded area. This will grant you a quick respawn point in case you die. Once placed, destroy the elixir well nearby, removing a large chunk of the shroud. Additionally, now you have a fast travel point to transport salt to your home base quickly.

What is salt, and what is it used for?

Salt is a base resource used to craft various items, including dried fur, leather, Nitrate, and crafting materials. Once you unlock Hunter, you can make dried fur from 1 animal fur and 3 salts on a Drying rack. Next, you can use dried fur at the Hunter NPC to make a scout set, a good medium armor for rangers and bow using characters.

You will need the scout set if you play ranger builds or your playstyle uses dexterity and range damage.

Dried Fur - Enshrouded

Additionally, you can also use dried fur to make a small backpack that will increase your inventory slots by 8.

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