How to Get Scales in Enshrouded

Learn where to find Scales in Enshrouded, a critical resource for end game gear and one of the most sought after materials in the game.

Finding Scales in Enshrouded Game

Where to Find Scales in Enshrouded

You can find Scales in Enshrouded in the Kindlewaste deserts, due west of Spire Tower and north of the Sunsimmer Souterrain. The Scales drop from enemies in the desert, but Sand Diggers drop the most. By killing the heavily-armored Sand Diggers, you’ll get a few scales you can use for your end-game gear. Fortunately, you don’t need any other tools to harvest scales, just the ability to kill the enemies.

Reaching this place requires a level 5 Flame, so you’ll need to wait until later in the game to collect your scales in Enshrouded. While killing Sand Diggers, you’ll benefit from harvesting a few other endgame resources nearby:

While all of these resources drop nearby, Saffron drops in this exact same location. Raw Sand Digger Meat also drops from the same enemy. If you want to be most efficient, you should grab at least all three of these while you’re here.

Kindlewaste Desert Map Location

To speed up the process of gathering Scales, you only need gear that will hit hard. From our testing, however, the spell Acid Bite makes quick work of them. Though Sand Diggers are passive, you’ll want to evade their attacks, as they hit quite hard. By either strafing or running past the enemy, you’ll dodge their head butt attack.

Sand Diggers are quite tanky, and they blend into the environment very well. Often, you won’t even spot them until you run right up to it, but they luckily aren’t aggressive. When you kill a Sand Digger in Enshrouded, you’ll receive 3-5 Scales.

Sand Digger in Enshrouded Game

Kindlewaste Deserts: Finding Scales in Enshrouded

You can farm Scales from any creature in this entire desert area.

Kindlewaste Scorpions in Enshrouded

The Kindlewaste deserts are directly north of Sunsimmer Souterrain, due west of Spire Tower, and southeast of Umber Hallow.

While the Sand Diggers drop the most Scales, Scorpions also drop Scales. Make sure you kill these quickly, though, as they are hostile and will try to poison you. Both creatures are in the same desert area around one large central rock. You can find tons of Sand Diggers and Scorpions for farming Scales, with patches of Saffron along the way.

What are Scales, and What Is It Used for?

Enshrouded Deerstalker Hood

Scales are primarily used for your best in slot gear.

You’ll use a lot of Scales, very quickly crafting your end-game gear from your blacksmith, alchemist, and hunter. You’ll also need Scales for various end-game builds in Enshrouded: Ranger build, Barbarian build, and Wizard build.

Scales also upgrade various tools and equipment. Unlike plants that you can farm, you can’t create a consistent source of Scales. You’ll return to the Kindlewaste desert often to farm these as you’re progressing through the end game.

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