How to Get Straw in Enshrouded

Learn where to find Straw in enshrouded, a crucial advanced resource for crafting many items.

Where to Find Straw in Enshrouded

You can find Straw and Wheat in Bounty Barn in Nomad Highlands. It’s an abandoned farm in the desert directly east of the pillars of Creation and next to the Elixil well in Nomad Highlands. However, passing pillars of creation and entering the desert requires a minimum flame altar at level 4. Check the map below for reference on where exactly Bounty Barn is located.

Straw Map Location - Enshrouded

To get to the Straw, you must collect wheat, the yellow straws growing on abandoned fields surrounding Bounty Barn. You don’t need any tools; you can pick it up with your hands. Press the “E” default button to gather. Around this abandoned barn and farm are other crops worth collecting, so ensure you have enough space in your inventory when heading there. You will also find Bell Peppers and Sage Plants there.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that alongside straw, you will also collect wheat grains from wheat.

What is Straw, and what is it used for?

Straw is an advanced resource used to craft beehives. However, if you need more straw, you can either come back to the Bounty Barn or create your own fields of wheat.

How to Grow Wheat to Get Straw in Enshrouded

While collecting straw at Bounty Barn, you will also pick up wheat grains. Return to your home base and place wheat grains in the seedbed alongside 1x Water and 1x Fossilized Bone Dust to craft Wheat Seedlings. Fossilized Bone is another resource you will find in Nomad Highlands.

Wheat Grains - Enshrouded

After you get your Wheat Seedlings you can plant them anywhere around your base. Special soil types, such as farm soil and fertilized farm soil, can speed up the plants’ growth process, both made by Farmer NPC.

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