How to Get Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded

Learn where to find Fossilized Bone in enshrouded, a crucial advanced resource for crafting various items.

How to Get Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded

Where to Find Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded

You can find Fossilized Bone in Kindlewastles and Nomad Highlands deserts. Look for a giant creature’s remains, old bones sticking out of desert sands. You can also spot them easily on the map. On the map, a big chunk of fossilized bone resembles a claw. Fossilized Bone is an advanced material, and you will need flame level 4 to reach Kindlewastles and Nomad Highlands regions and survive the enshrouded fog to gather it. Also, a higher-grade pickaxe will expedite the farming process. So try to bring, for example, bronze tools with you.

Fossilized Bone Location in Enshrouded

We found a fossilized bone west of the Nomad Highlands Tower, the Obelisk site near the Pillars of Creation, and southeast of the Nomad Highlands area. However, there are plenty of locations alongside desert sands. Additionally, you can spot a few from the top of the towers and fast travel points. When you do, you can glide down to gather it.

What is Fossilized Bone?

Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded

You can recognize Fossilized Bone by its beige color, specific rough texture, and shape of buried in sand giant creature bones. For most crafting recipes, fossilized bone needs to be converted into Fossilized Bone Dust. It’s also used to increase the flame altar from levels 4 to 5. So you will need it to reach some Kindlewastles and Nomad Highlands areas.

Other example uses of Fossilized Bone:

  • Eternal Ice Bolt
  • Hunter set
  • Flame Altar Upgrade
  • Creating Some Seeds

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