How to Get Tar in Enshrouded

Learn how to get Tar in Enshrouded, an essential resource for creating the Tanning Station, Fireball Spell Charges, and more!

Enshrouded Game, how to get Tar - Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, you are the Flameborn, the final flicker of hope for a fading civilization. As you awaken, you must confront the looming threat of an evil fog that seeks to corrupt all it touches. But your journey is not just about survival; it’s about thriving. In Enshrouded, you’ll harness the power of Tar, a versatile material that fuels your endeavors. Use Tar to construct vital structures like tanning stations, where you can process hides for armor and resources. Craft sturdy blocks to fortify your settlements against the encroaching darkness.

Where to Find Tar in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Game - How to Get Tar in Enshrouded

You can find Tar by combining 30 wood logs with 6 dirt inside the Charcoal Kiln Workshop, overcooking and roasting food, or burning-out campfires. The easiest way is to use the Blacksmith Craftsperson to create the Charcoal Kiln with 20 stones. Once created, place 30 wood logs and dirt within it. After 6 minutes, this will generate 20 tar.

Enshrouded How to get Tar - Cooking to Get Tar in Enshrouded

If you can’t create a Charcoal Kiln, overcook food at a campfire by placing it inside a heating source until it’s burnt to a crisp. Hold the food source on your action bar in the heat source. After about 3-5 seconds, you will hear a crisping sound. Continue to hold the cooked meat in the fire until 3-5 seconds later, you hear an explosion type of sound. Once released, you will gain one tar in your inventory and destroy the cooked food.

What is Tar Used For?

Enshrouded Game - Tanning Station in Enshrouded

The best use for tar is the Tanning Station because it produces leather, which is necessary for crafting some of the most powerful armor in the game. Additionally, Tar is used for crafting Fireball I and Fireball II spells, providing powerful offensive capabilities against enemies. Moreover, it is employed in constructing Polished Wooden Doors, Tarred Straw Blocks, and Tarred Shingle Roof Blocks. Here is a list of all the items Tar is used for in Enshrouded:

  • Fireball I
  • Polished Wooden Door
  • Tarred Straw Block
  • Tanning Station
  • Fireball II
  • Tarred Shingle Roof Block

If you are low on resources like wood and dirt, save some raw Wolf Meat and turn it into Tar with our cooking method.

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