Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Unlock Magick Archer Vocation

Discover where to find the Magick Archer Vocation Maister in Dragon’s Dogma 2 to unlock the class.

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How to Unlock the Magick Archer Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To unlock the Magick Archer vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 you will need to go to Agamen Volcanic Island and find the Magick Archer Vocation Maister, Cliodhna. This Agamen Volcanic Island is the third continent you will visit in the game, and you’ll eventually get there by following the map quest storyline.

However, you can also make the long walk there earlier. Be warned that fights and monsters along the way can be difficult if you are under-leveled. We highly recommend you be at least level 25 before attempting the journey.

First, you’ll need to gain entry to the Kingdom of Battahl. Then, you can take the necessary steps to unlock the Magick Archer vocation.

How to Get into Battahl

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If you haven’t yet made your way to Battahl, then you’ll have to do some leg work before you can travel into the kingdom and make your way down to Drabnir’s Grotto for the Magick Archer vocation. First, you will need to have completed several of the main story quests for Captain Brant. Keep working on them until you have completed “Feast of Deception”.

Next, you’ll want to accept “Nation of the Lambent Flame.” With the start of this quest Captain Brant will give you a Beastren Border Entry Permit. However, this permit only works for those of the beastren race. If your Arisen is already of that race, then you can simply walk right into the Kingdom of Battahl. If you’re a human, however, you’ll have to take some extra steps. There are two options here, one of which requires spending gold on a mask to trick the guards, and the other which requires you take the back way in.

How to Enter Battahl as a Human With the Permit:

  1. Head west to the Checkpoint Rest Town and visit Ibrahim’s Scrap Shop.
  2. Purchase the Beastren Mask for 8,700 gold.
  3. Equip the mask and go speak with the guard. With the mask and the permit, you will now be allowed through.
  4. When you want to return to Vermund, you’ll need to equip the mask again before passing back through.

How to Enter Battahl as a Human Without the Permit:

  1. Stand on the bridge outside of the Checkpoint Rest Town to the north. Jump down into the river bed below.
  2. Follow the river west and follow the river into a mountain pass.
  3. Make your way through Thunderclap Cave.
  4. Outside of the cave you’ll now officially be in Battahl territory. There is a campsite near Shutram Falls you can use to rest and recover.
Dragon’s Dogma 2 How to Unlock Magick Archer Vocation

Steps to Unlock the Magick Archer Vocation:

  1. Locate Drabnir’s Grotto along the south coast of Battahl. Make sure you have some healing items, camping gear and a Wakestone in your inventory before heading inside.
  2. Exit the Grotto and follow the straight path forward. You’ll see a dwarf on the road named Gautstafr. Speak to him and accept the “Put a Spring in Thy Step” quest.
  3. Pick three different kinds of flowers. These can be herbs such as Syrupwort Leaf or Greenwarish. Return them to Gautstafr and he will tell you to visit him at his home.
  4. Take the next left down the path and travel north to Windwalker’s Home. Speak to his wife Cliodhna and then Gaustafr again.
  5. Agree to help Gaustafr reach the Hot Springs. Camp before you start out and make sure to stay with the slow moving Gaustafr, or you can carry him.
  6. Successfully reach the Volcanic Island Camp. Follow the dwarf to the Hot Springs.
  7. Cliodhna will appear and reward you with access to the Magick Archer vocation. Additionally, she’ll also give you a scroll that teaches you the Martyr’s Bolt ultimate technique.
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