How to Get to Grymforge in Baldur’s Gate 3

Hidden away in the Underdark, the Grymforge in a not-to-be-missed location in late Act 1, and we’ll tell you how to find it in our How to Get to Grymforge in Baldur’s Gate 3

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, making your way through the Underdark and searching for Grymforge where you will find Duergar and Deep Gnomes, amoung others. All searching for the famous Adamantine Forge, located further in. You’ll face obstacles along the way, with challenges to overcome and lots of loot to be collected. We’ll lay out everything you need to know in this How to Get to Grymforge in Baldur’s Gate 3 guide!

Traveling to the Underdark

The first step to finding the Grymforge is by making your way to the Underdark during the later part of Act 1. The Underdark is a dangerous place to be and you really don’t want to try going there while you’re brand new to the game. Take your time and explore the surrounding land before delving deeper. We recommend that you and your party be at least a Level 5.

One of the easiest ways to access the Underdark is through a well found in the Blighted Village. To take this route at least one of your characters will need to pass a DC10 Intelligence check in order for the well to become visible. There will be a cavern like area below where you will find lots of spider enemies. The biggest threat is the Phase Spider Matriach you can choose to fight or attempt to avoid.

BG3 How to Get to Grymforge

These caves are not the Underdark – to find them you will have to go looking for the Whispering Depth waypoint, which almost directly to the west of where you came down the well. Close to the way point you should see an open chasm. Cast Feather Fall or consume a Feather Fall potion BEFORE jumping in. Doing so will let you float safely down into the Underdark.

The Decrepit Village

Once you’ve safely descended into the Underdark you’ll want to head in a southwesterly direction. You’ll be looking for a location called the Decrepit Village, which is right on the shores of a lake. You will likely encounter some Duergar, and you should find a waypoint called Underdark – Beach. It will be here, down off a dock on the lake where you will find a boat you can use to travel to the Abandoned Refuge outside of the Grymforge.

Now this boat belongs to the Duergar, and depending on how and when you’ve approached the Decrepit Village you’ll likely have different ways of getting access to the boat. If you’ve visited the Myconid Colony and picked up the Defeat the Duergar Intruders quest then you’ll end up in a fight. The end result of that quest will get you the Shadow of Menzoberranzan helm, but it will also mean that nobody will be around guarding the boat.

Baldur's Gate 3 Boat to Travel to Grymforge from the Underdark

Find the Missing Boots

On the other hand, if you refuse the quest from the Sovereign, or simply come to the Decrepit Village first, then you will have to deal with the Duergar in order to get permission to use the boat. Speak to Gekh Coal and you’ll pick up a quest called Find the Missing Boots. If you can find these boots the Duergar will let you use the boat. You can find them by traveling to the Myconid Colony (north and a bit east of the Village) and speaking to the deep gnome slave named Thulla.

Baldur's Gate 3 Boots of Speed and Thulla quest

Find Thulla on top of the central orange mushrooms not far from Sovereign Spaw. She’s been afflicted with Duegar Poison. At this point you can choose to cure her (steal the antidote from Gekh Coal in the Decrepit Village) and she will give you the boots as a reward. Be aware that you must do this within three Long Rests or she dies. Another option is to take the boots directly off of her instead. You’ll have to interact with her to do so (not pickpocket), taking the first INVESTIGATION dialogue option for a 10 DC check. If successful, you can choose to take the boots.

Return to the docks and tell the boatman named Novice Garmor that “I have a pair of boots to return.” and he will let you take the boat.

Boat Challenge

Finally, there will be one more challenge to pass. It isn’t just smooth sailing across the lake. Another vessel will pull up alongside yours and Corsair Greymon will ask for your ‘credentials’. Through dialogue you’ll have the opportunity to use Intimidation, Deception or your Athletics skills. Success through either Intimidation or Deception will have him send you on your way without further trouble.

Anything will mean a fight. There is a group of Duergar on board the ship and it can be a bit of a tricky fight because it’s all too easy for you or one of your party members to get pushed off of the boat and out of the fight for good. However, you can return in kind and shorten the fight by knocking them off of their boat! Hit hard and fast and keep the fight as short as possible.

Baldur's Gate 3 Boat Challenge on way to Grymforge

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