How to Level Up Fast in Enshrouded

Discover how to level up fast in Enshrouded by grinding fell enemies in the shroud throughout the world for the best XP gains.

Fastest Leveling Enshrouded

How to Level Up Fast in Enshrouded

The best method for power leveling and leveling up fast in Enshrouded is through grinding enemies.  You can repeatedly kill enemies, especially those in the Fell (shroud), and gain a massive amount of experience.  However, it would help if you stayed at a certain level range as experience is awarded based on your level and the enemies. 

Power Leveling Experience and Grinding Enshrouded

Like other RPGs, Enshrouded awards experience points per enemy killed, lore books, exploration discoveries, and quest completions.  You can even obtain experience scrolls, which reward only a small amount of experience.  Currently, we do not know if there is a level cap on early access.  However, the highest level of achievement is reaching level 25.  This how-to-level-up fast guide will help you in Enshrouded and let us explain the best method!

Grinding Fell Enemies in Shroud

Passive Skills in Enshrouded

Fell enemies are the easiest enemies to grind in Enshrouded due to passive boosts and bonuses from skills.  The two most powerful skills are the Radiant Aura from the Wizard skill line and the Water Aura from the Healer skill line.  Radiant Aura (and Sun Aura) do damage per second to fell enemies based on your intelligence attribute.  While Water Aura (and Waters of Life) heal you per second based on your intelligence attribute. 

Thus, you can have a nearly unkillable build within the fell.  When your shroud timer runs low, just step out, and return to continue to kill.    On top of these skills, the Bounty Bonanza skill from Assassin rewards you with 5 additional XP killing an enemy with a headshot.  This applies to your group and is perfect for tandem leveling and grinding in Enshrouded. 

Experience and Level

Enshrouded rewards experience for kills based on your level, and that of the level of the enemy.  For optimal experience gains, you need to be at or one level lower than the enemies you are killing.  You can kill enemies two levels higher than yours, but often slows down the grinding unless playing with additional players. 

Therefore, you want to grind within the Fell, reach one level higher than the enemies, and move onto a location.  Most enemies’ levels come in odd numbers.  Moreover, you will need to level your Flame Altar to access new areas with higher-level enemies so make sure to loot all materials.

Leveling & Grinding Location Map

Map of Grinding Spots Enshrouded
Grind Spots 1-10
Grind Spots 10-15

When grinding and power leveling in Enshrouded, you want to kill fell enemies within your level range. Once you out-level the area, move on to the next area. Ideally, you will want to stay at either the same level as the enemies or plus or minus one level. Thus, if you are level 3, look to grind in the level 3 area until you’ve reached level 4. Then, move on to the next area otherwise your XP will diminish.

Moreover, you will need to level your flame altar to reach new areas with higher levels. The most difficult of these is Flame Altar levels 3 to 4 which can be done by killing the Fell Wyvern in the Pike area, upper northeast on the map. This will unlock your next grinding areas allowing you to reach 25.

The best overall build for grinding, power leveling, and fast overall leveling is the Wizard. You gain access to Radiant Aura and Water Aura allowing you to play at range while doing damage. You can use a Staff in the Eternal Charge frost from x quest to great area-based damage. Then, you use your Wand to single-target kill enemies. This gives you a balanced build meant for mass destruction and high survivability.

The second best grinding and fast leveling build is the Barbarian. Using Double Jump and Jump Attack, you can leap up in the air and slam down in a massive area destroying multiple enemies at a time. Moreover, the Barbarian has built-in Overpowered and area damage while maintaining high offensive aggression and movement. If you prefer melee builds, this would be our recommendation.

Enshrouded Power Leveling Tips

Use the following tips and tricks when leveling the fastest in Enshrouded:

  • Kill Fell enemies within the Shroud.
  • Stay within 1 level or higher of the enemies you are killing.
  • The most dense enemy location is near Elixir Wells.
  • Bring Flame Altar and park outside of the Shroud area for quick fast travel.
  • Enemies reset on a day-night cycle, so rest for a while if they do not reappear.
  • Additional players will not slow down the grind and can help speed up kills.
  • Bring consumable potions, elixir for more damage, bandages for healing, and mana potions for spells.
  • Progress the story and material harvest to move onto the higher Shourded area.

With these tips, you should easily reach level 15 following our how-to level-up fast guide for Enshrouded.

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