Larian Studios Rescues Baldur’s Gate 3 from Early Bugs

Only a day in to the highly anticipated full release Larian Studios Rescues Baldur’s Gate 3 from Early Bugs

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Source: Larian Studios

The highly anticipated release of Baldur’s Gate 3 sent ripples of excitement through the gaming community. With a legacy to uphold and a vast world to explore, players eagerly dived into the epic role-playing adventure set in the Forgotten Realms. However, as with any ambitious project, the early days were not without their share of challenges.

Early Bugs in Baldur’s Gate 3

Bugs and technical issues are an inevitable part of any game launch, and Baldur’s Gate 3 was no exception. Some players encountered frustrating problems that hindered their progress, ranging from game crashes and quest glitches to interface quirks and animation hiccups. As adventurers set out on their journey, it became evident that some fine-tuning was needed to ensure a smoother experience.

Enter Larian Studios, the talented development team behind the game. Demonstrating their dedication to both their craft and their community, Larian Studios wasted no time in rolling out a series of prompt updates to address these early issues. Their commitment to delivering a polished and immersive gaming experience shone through as they released the first hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3.

Fixed Bugs and Glitches

Here are some of the highlights from their list of fixes:

    • Fixed an issue that could cause you to get stuck in a loading screen when loading a savegame after dying.
    • Fixed a potential crash triggered by the light system.
    • Disabled Larian Account cross-saves temporarily to solve an issue blocking loads and saves. Steam cross-saves are unaffected.
    • Players will now correctly join cinematic dialogues that require all players to be present if they were listening in previously.
    • Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck and not be able to join a dialogue if someone else is already in a dialogue.
    • Fixed an issue with dice rolling, where retrying could cause the roll to fail if you were applying bonuses and clicking really fast.
    • Duplicate spells no longer appear on followers’ hotbars and you can no longer customise their radial menus. (Important to note: followers are not companions or full party members.)
    • Fixed an issue preventing you from interacting with Withers in one of the camp locations.
  • UI
    • Fixed some issues with prepared spells during Level Up, when multiclassing.
    • Hid the version number during dialogues.
    • Fixed audio issues with grunts, shouts, and moans across gameplay and cinematics.
    • Fixed a bug causing textures to appear in bright, neon colours.
    • Fixed a splitscreen issue causing characters to remain invisible after a dialogue ends.
    • Fixed a camera issue with the deep rothé.
    • Fixed Wyll looking in the wrong direction when recruited.
    • Fixed some issues with where characters are facing, animations, and cameras in the final combat cinematic.

Additional Information on the Save Files Issue

These are just a fraction of the total number of bugs and glitches that Larian has fixed with this patch. For the full list and information you can check out their patch notes which also included a note about some of the save file issues that people have been having. It appears to be an issues with cross-saves. Since that feature won’t be useful until the game launches on the Playstation 5 on September 6th, for now Larian is disabling that feature while working on a fix.

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