Pokemon TCG: Miraidon ex Deck Guide and Deck List

With Pokemon acceleration, Miraidon ex is one of the strongest cards, and this guide shows the Deck List and how to play it in Pokemon TCG!

Miraidon ex Deck Guide and Deck List - Pokemon TCG

Miraidon ex Deck Guide for Pokemon TCG

Miraidon ex deck is aimed at filling your bench up with powerful Pokemon that have abilities.  You then try to keep your bench full because Raikou V does more damage based on your bench and opponents.  Moreover, this deck accelerates energy via your discard pile and trainers.  With Miraidon ex deck, you overwhelm your opponent with multiple fully powered-up Pokemon.

We will go through a Miraidon ex deck list, a guide on how to play it, and the crucial cards. Let’s first show you the deck list so you understand the premise behind the Pokemon TCG: Miraidon ex Deck Guide.

Miraidon ex Deck List

Pokemon TCG - Miraidon ex Deck List
Source: pokemoncard.io
Pokémon: 17Trainers: 32TrainersEnergy: 8
1 Squawkabilly ex PAL 1691 Forest Seal Stone SIT 1563 Judge SVI 17613 Basic {L} Energy SVE 4
1 Mew ex MEW 1511 Earthen Vessel PAR 1632 Boss’s Orders PAL 172
2 Raichu V BRS 452 Super Rod PAL 1884 Professor’s Research SVI 189
2 Mareep EVS 542 Nest Ball SUM 1233 Path to the Peak CRE 148
2 Flaaffy EVS 552 Switch Cart ASR 1542 Superior Energy Retrieval PAL 189
3 Miraidon ex SVI 813 Ultra Ball BRS 150
2 Zapdos PGO 294 Electric Generator SVI 170
2 Raikou V BRS 483 Judge SVI 176
Pokemon TC: Miraidon ex Deck List

Key Cards in Miraidon ex

While Miraidon ex is the centerpiece of the deck, you will accelerate multiple Pokemon and rely on a fast start to overwhelm opponents.  Using Flaaffy, you can attach energy from your discard and Raichu V discards energy for damage and big knockouts.  In this article, Pokemon TCG: Miraidon ex Deck Guide and Deck List, we will explain the most important cards and how to use them.

Below are the most essential key cards in the Miraidon ex Deck:

Miraidon Ex

Miraidon ex - Pokemon TCG

Miraidon ex Features in Pokemon TCG:

  • Pokémon: Ex
  • Type: Electric
  • HP: 220
  • Tandem Unit: Once during your turn, you may search your deck for up to 2 Basic Lightning Pokémon and put them onto your Bench. Then, shuffle your deck.
  • Photon Blaster: 220 damage + During your next turn, this Pokémon can’t attack.
  • Pokémon ex rule: When your Pokémon ex is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
  • Weakness ×2 Fighting
  • Resistance: None
  • Retreat Cost: 2 basic energy
  • Set: Scarlet & Violet 81/198 Double Rare

The strength of Miraidon ex is it allows you to put 2 basic Lighting Pokemon on your bench with an ability.  Moreover, for only three energy, you can do 220 damage and knock out other V or ex Pokemon quickly.  Since Miraidon ex is a basic ex, your priority is to find, locate, and bench this Pokemon on turn one.  Use its Tandem Unit ability to put Mareep and Raikou V on your bench.

Your next step is to evolve Mareep to Flaafy.  This gives you a means to recycle energy from your discard and attach it to a bench Pokemon.  Typically, you want to power up Raikou V quickly with 2 energy. Once Raikou V has 2 energy, put it in the active spot to draw an additional card with Fleet-Footed.  Next, look for Zapados to aid in passive damage.

If you need higher damage early on, swap Miraidon ex into the active position for a 220-damage knockout. Primarily, keep this Pokemon on the bench and feed your bench with Pokemon. 


Flaaffy - Pokemon TCG

Flaaffy Features in Pokemon TCG:

  • Pokémon: Stage 1
  • Type: Electric
  • HP: 90
  • Dynamotor: Once during your turn, you may attach a Lightning Energy card from your discard pile to 1 of your Benched Pokémon.
  • Electro Ball: 50 damage
  • Weakness ×2 Fighting
  • Resistance: N/A
  • Retreat Cost: 2 Colorless Energy
  • Set: Evolving Skies 55/203 Uncommon

To further accelerate energy in your Miraidon ex deck, use Flaaffy. Flaaffy evolves from Mareep and its Dynamotor ability lets you attach one Lightning energy to a benched Pokémon each turn. This effect stacks, so if you have multiple Flaaffy on your bench, you can use this ability repeatedly.

This is important because this deck constantly swaps active and bench Pokémon, discarding energy in the process. You want to reattach that energy to the Pokémon you just swapped in or put it on Raichu V. This way, you can always put the most advantageous Pokémon in play for damage. Typically, that’s Raikou V in the early game, Miraidon ex in the midgame, and then Raichu V for big knockouts.

Raichu V

Raichu V - Pokemon TCG

Raichu V Features in Pokemon TCG:

  • Pokémon: Basic
  • Type: Electric
  • HP: 200
  • V rule: When your Pokémon V is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards
  • Fast Charge: If you go first, you can use this attack during your first turn. Search your deck for a Lightning Energy card and attach it to this Pokémon. Then, shuffle your deck.
  • Burning Darkness: 60x damage + You may discard any amount of Lightning Energy from your Pokémon. This attack does 60 damage for each card you discarded in this way.
  • Weakness ×2 Fighting
  • Resistance: None
  • Retreat Cost: 1 basic energy
  • Set: Brilliant Stars 45/172 V

When you need a high-powered knockout, consider using Raichu V.  This Pokemon deals damage based on the amount of energy discarded. After you have one fully powered Raikou V and Miraidon ex, flood Raichu V with energy.  Each energy discard will do 60 damage, so it will take a lot of energy to knock out the mighty Charizard ex, Roaring Moon ex, or Chien-Pao ex.

Use an Electric Generator item and Flaaffy to keep Raichu V full of energy.  Earthen Vessel is also helpful to not only discard a card but also get two energy in your hand.  If you have Flaaffy on the bench, you can intentionally discard energy, use Dynamotor to attach one, and additional energy from your hand.  Then, if you use Electric generate you could potentially get 4 energy in one turn for big knockouts. 

Electric Generator

Electric Generator - Pokemon TCG

Electric Generator Features in Pokemon TCG:

  • Trainer: Item
  • Look at the top 5 cards of your deck and attach up to 2 Basic Lightning Energy cards you find there to your Benched Lightning Pokémon in any way you like. Shuffle the other cards back into your deck.
  • Set: Scarlet & Violet 170/198 Uncommon

The best way to accelerate energy to bench Pokemon is Electric Generator.  This item trainer looks at the top 5 cards and puts up to 2 basic lighting energy to bench Pokemon.  You have the freedom to attach them to any Pokemon and two energy on the same Pokemon.  This helps power up your bench quickly.

Moreover, the Electric Generator is a key reason to keep Raikou V on the bench initially.  If you get good luck, you can get two energy immediately, then swap it into the active potion to draw cards. Early on, with a large bench, Raikou V can produce every damage simply by loading up your bench and it’s a great combo to get early knockouts.

Path to the Peak

Path to the Peak - Pokemon TCG

Path to the Peak Features in Pokemon TCG:

  • Stadium: Item
  • Pokémon with a Rule Box in play (both yours and your opponent’s) have no Abilities. (Pokémon V, Pokémon-GX, etc. have Rule Boxes.)
  • Set: Chilling Reign 148/198 Uncommon

After your initial turn, consider using Path to the Peak to shut down meta decks.  This card renders eliminates the use of abilities from V, GX, Ex, etc.  This can completely shut down Chien-Pao or Charizard ex deck if played right. However, it can also hurt you if not fully set up.

Flaaffy is not an ex, or V, so you can still use its ability which is helpful. However, after one or two turns, you should identify your opponent’s deck. Are they using multiple abilities per turn?  If yes, and your bench is full of powered-up Pokemon, put this in play to shut down this ability.

How to Play Miraidon ex

Your main goal with the Miraidon ex deck is to find and fill up your bench with Pokemon.  Miraidon ex is the primary driver for this using its ability.  Next, you want to power up multiple Pokemon specifically Raichu V early, and Raikou V late.  Raichu V will help with drawing cards and early damage and knockouts until the opponent gets set up.

During the mid portion of the game, consider playing Path to the Peak if your opponent relies on abilities.  Next, you want to keep your hand and discard pile full of energy.  This allows Flaaffy to accelerate energy in combination with attaching from your hand.  This way, you are nearly guaranteed to place two energy per turn.  Moreover, the Electric Generator helps with this.

The biggest issue you can face with this deck is the lack of drawing cards.  This is why Mew ex is in the deck to keep you from having zero in your hand.  Squawkabilly is incredibly powerful on turn one because you can get 6 cards instantly by discarding your hand.  Typically, you place 2-3 Pokemon on your bench and can discard your hand after using items. This will give you nearly two hands in the first turn and likely give you a good start.

Lastly, you need to prioritize the most difficult enemies. With only two bosses’ orders, you must use it sparingly.  Do this for cards above 220 HP that haven’t evolved yet. This is like Charmander, or Stage 2 with massive health.  You should be getting knockouts by turn two then place Path to the Peak to slow the enemy down.  This a good head start, you should be able to dominate using Pokemon TCG: Miraidon ex Deck Guide and Deck List.

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