Baldur’s Gate 3: The Most Broken Illithid Power

Discover the most broken Illithid Power in Baldur’s Gate 3, allowing you to completely control the battlefield with one ability.

The Most Broken Illithid Power - BG3

What is the Most Broken Illithid Power

Because it can control an entire battlefield, Black Hole is the most broken Illithid Power in Baldur’s Gate 3.  Black Hole is often overlooked because it’s an elite Illithid (Tadpole) power that looks weak. This ability unleashes its gravitational pull, drawing in all nearby enemies within a massive 9-meter radius. Remarkably, Black Hole avoids friendly fire, further solidifying its position as one of the most potent crowd control abilities in the game. Black Hole is perfect for any build, subclass, or companion lacking crowd control. This article, Baldur’s Gate 3: The Most Broken Illithid Power, explains the Black Hole ability and how to use it.

Black Hole in Baldur’s Gate 3

Black Hole Illithid Power - BG3

Black Hole is an Illithid Power that creates a point of gravity that pulls in all nearby enemies and possibly Slows them.  Slow is a condition that requires an intelligence saving throw. If slowed, the effect target movement speed is halved, AC and Dexterity saving throws are reduced by 2.  The target can also only take an action or a bonus action and not both.  This Slowed condition is essentially the opposite of Hasten, limiting the enemy’s potential for damage, healing, and utility.

Illithid Powers come in two forms: basic and elite. The outer ring is called elite abilities which cannot be unlocked until the end of Act 2. Illithid Powers are optional and can change your character’s appearance. The easiest way to access Black Hole is to spend one point on Force Tunnel, Displace, and then Black Hole. Black Hole stands as a reason to unlock and progress Illithid Power.

Why Black Hole is Broken in Baldur’s Gate 3

Black Hole Illithid Power - BG3

The true strength of Black Hole is its massive radius and crowd control capabilities. Not only does it inflict a Slow effect, but it also pulls in all enemies within a 9-meter radius. Remarkably, this pull spares your allies, allowing you to cast in any location. You can use Black Hole to pull enemies behind corners, off ledges, or into perilous traps. This ability proves to be a game-changer when facing 5 or more enemies, such as the Viconia encounter in Act 3.

Black Hole can be recast up to five times before requiring a short rest, allowing multiple uses per encounter. This ability is particularly effective against large groups of enemies because of its massive radius. Another benefit, Black Hole has an 18-meter range in which you can place the pull. Illithid Powers also extend to companions or any character in your party. However, there are a limited number of Tadpoles available so consider each upgrade carefully.

How to Use Black Hole

To maximize the effectiveness of Black Hole, consider pairing it with the Awakened Illithid Power. Awakened grants the ability to cast Illithid Powers as a bonus action. This allows you to cast Black Hole as a bonus action, and combine with an action that crowd controls an entire group. With enemies gathered, you can then unleash a powerful area-of-effect spell like Ice Storm, potentially knocking them prone. This combination effectively reduces movement, stuns enemies, and confines them to a specific area. To acquire Awakened, navigate to the Crèche Y’llek in Act 2 and complete all saving throws during interactions with the Zaith’isk.

Another potent combination with Black Hole involves utilizing consumables. After drawing all enemies into a centralized location, toss a grenade-like Web Grenade or Fungal Bamboozler to further incapacitate them. Web Grenade will ensnare a 3-meter radius, effectively impeding movement out of the area. Fungal Bamboozler, on the other hand, inflicts the Confused condition for one turn. The Confused status effect causes enemies to be hostile to everyone. Additionally, consider incorporating scrolls such as Chromatic Orb, Scroll of Web, Scroll of Fear, and Scroll of Stinking Cloud. This combination of pull, crowd control, and slow is the reason Black Hole is the most broken Illithid power in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What are Illithid Powers

BG3 Illithid Brain Picture

During the tutorial, your character becomes infected with a mind-altering Tadpole. Throughout Act 1, you embark on a quest to understand and remove this parasitic entity. As the story unfolds, you are guided by the Dream Visitor. This character explains you can expand the tadpole’s power. As you progress, you reach narrative decisions, which allows you to expand your powers. Even your companions can use the power of Iliithid Powers if convinced through persuasion.

As you progress through Baldur’s Gate 3, you will encounter Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens. These artifacts hold the key to unlocking further Illithid Powers. Consuming these specimens grants you points, which can be allocated to unlock new abilities. Once consumed, you unlock another tadpole point, which can be spent for new unlocks. Initially, you will be restricted to the inner ring of the brain. Similar to a skill tree, you must progress linearly, reaching specific connection points before advancing to higher-tier abilities.

During Act 2, you can choose to consume the Astral-Touched Tadpole. If consumed, you will unlock the outer ring of elite powers. The final quest presents additional choices, but to avoid spoilers, we will refrain from delving into those details for now. Illithid Powers constitute an optional yet potent means of augmenting your character’s or companions’ combat capabilities.

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