PTS Patch Notes 1.6.2

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PTS Patch Notes v1.6.2

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The Elder Scrolls Online v1.6.2 is an incremental patch that continues to address additional issues and feedback on the PTS. We’ve made a number of tweaks to abilities, Champion passives, the Justice System, and more which you can read about below.


  • Inferno and its morphs are currently displaying double the Spell Crit on the Character screen.
  • Leveling up with Expert Hunter slotted reduces the Crit Bonus displayed on the Character screen.
  • If you increase the number of materials while crafting, you will run into issues crafting the following items:
    • Restoration Staves
    • Shields
    • Heavy Armor
    • Medium Armor


Alliance War

  • Guards at keeps can no longer see you if you’re stealthed outside of their detection radius.
  • Going into stealth mode while carrying an Elder Scroll will no longer force you to drop the scroll immediately. Instead, those carrying a Scroll will remain visible.
  • Hovering over the Alliance Points option within the vendor screen will now display “Your Total Alliance Points” instead of “Carried Gold.”

Art & Animation

  • Fixed a number of issues that were causing missing or incorrect facial animations to play during conversations and bard songs.


  • Fixed a number of mismatches between text and the accompanying voice-over.
  • Polished the timing for a number of NPC-to-NPC conversations and big moments.
  • Fixed a number of cases where an NPC’s dialog was silent.
  • Polished a number of locations where the sound and/or music didn’t quite fit the space, or in some cases, was missing entirely.
  • Improved the audio used by a number of monsters, critters, and objects in the world.
  • Fixed an issue that was resulting in audio-related crashes.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where logging out while mounted would cause you to not be able to perform attacks once logged back in.
  • Fixed an issue that would make it appear as though other player characters were not holding their bow up while firing.
  • Fixed an issue where mounting while equipping a costume would cause you to stand on top of your mount.
  • Fixed an issue where other player characters would occasionally not display the proper animations and effects when casting abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where other player characters would appear laying horizontally on top of their mount if they were killed while mounted.
  • Ultimate can now be gained from blocking, dodging, or attacking targets with a damage shield.
  • Monsters and NPCs will no longer be able to land Critical Hits.
  • You can no longer block while feared.
  • Added a new animation to the following abilities to better communicate that you are feared:
    • Aspect of Terror
    • Werewolf Transformation
    • Roar and its Morphs
  • Many ground based AOEs are no longer blockable. Damage that comes from below, such as fire, cannot be blocked.
  • Fixed an issue where reviving would occasionally prevent a nearby dead ally from being able to resurrect.
  • Fixed a timing issue where the graphical effect from Chill would apply to targets before the attack connected.
  • Fixed several issues where abilities weren’t affecting the targets closest to you.


  • Draconic Power
    • Reflective Scale: This ability now consumes only one charge when reflecting Force Shock.
    • Ferocious Leap (Dragon Leap morph): Reduced the duration of this ability’s damage shield to 6 seconds from 12 seconds.
    • Inhale: The explosion from this ability and its morphs now does fire damage.
      • Note: The inhalation still does Magic damage.
  • Earthen Heart
    • Mountain’s Blessing: Clarified the tooltip for this passive to explain that you must be gaining Ultimate for the skill to have any effect.
  • Ardent Flame
    • Shifting Standard (Dragonknight Standard morph): Increased cost of this ability to 250 Ultimate from 200 Ultimate.


  • Shadow
    • Aspect of Terror: Fixed an issue where this ability was hitting more targets than intended.
    • Manifestation of Terror (Aspect of Terror morph): Fixed an issue where the Fear associated with this ability could be blocked.
  • Siphoning
    • Siphoning Attacks (Siphoning Strikes morph): Fixed an issue where this ability would not trigger off the initial tick of damage over time abilities. Damage over time abilities only have a chance to trigger Siphoning Attacks once per application.
    • Transfer: This passive now grants additional Ultimate (only while gaining Ultimate) after casting Siphoning abilities.
  • Assassination
    • Grim Focus: Stacks of this ability are now gained when attacking targets with a damage shield.


  • Daedric Summoning
    • Summon Storm Atronach: Fixed an issue where this ability was only scaling off your magicka stats, but not your stamina stats. It will now correctly pick the largest value.
  • Dark Magic
    • Exploitation: Removed the graphical effects from this passive due to it being too difficult to notice and causing performance issues.


  • Dawns Wrath
    • Nova: Decreased cost of this ability and its Morphs to 250 Ultimate from 300 Ultimate.
    • Prism: This passive now grants additional Ultimate (only while gaining Ultimate) after casting Dawn’s Wrath abilities.
    • Radiant Destruction: Fixed an issue where this ability could be cast on enemies behind walls, and also fixed an additional issue where there would be a half second delay to activate.
    • Total Dark (Eclipse morph): The upgrade text now properly describes this ability.
    • Unstable Core (Eclipse morph): This ability’s area-of-effect damage now correctly prioritizes targets and applies diminishing returns to the damage based on proximity to the caster.
  • Aedric Spear
    • Luminous Shards (Spear Shards morph): Fixed an issue with this ability’s synergy not granting the appropriate amount of Stamina and Magicka.
    • Puncturing Strikes: Reduced the damage of this ability’s single target damage to 140% from 170%. This ability also now applies CC immunity.
    • Spear Shards: Fixed an issue with this ability and its morphs not sorting targets, or applying area damage fall off correctly. We also fixed an additional issue where this ability and its morphs were disorienting more than one target.
  • Restoring Light
    • Healing Ritual: Increased the heal value from this ability by approximately 70%.


  • Two Handed
    • Brawler (Cleave morph): This ability will no longer stack repeated hits on a single target.
    • Forward Momentum (Momentum morph): This ability now prevents you from becoming snared or immobilized, and has added effects for its snare immunity. The duration is 2 seconds at Rank I, 2.5 seconds at Rank II, 3 seconds at Rank III, and 3.5 seconds at Rank IV.
  • Destruction Staff
    • Decreased the damage of Force Shock and Crushing Shock by 10%.
    • Elemental Ring (Impulse morph): Fixed an issue with the tooltip not displaying the appropriate duration for the damage over time.


  • Medium Armor
    • Dexterity: This passive now grants a higher Critical Strike rating to physical attacks, and was changed to be approximately on par with the Spell Critical Rating gained by the Light Armor passive Prodigy.
    • Shuffle (Evasion morph): This ability now has effects for its snare immunity and prevents you from being snared or immobilized in addition to granting the Major Evasion buff. The duration of the immunity is 0.5 seconds for each piece of Medium Armor equipped.


  • Vampire
    • Undeath: Fixed an issue with this passive where the amount of damage reduction was displayed incorrectly.
  • Werewolf
    • Roar: Fixed an issue with this ability hitting too many targets; it will now only hit 6 targets.


  • Mages Guild
    • Magelight: Fixed an issue where this ability’s tooltip had a very long duration.
  • Undaunted
    • Fixed an issue with the Bone Shield Synergies where they would fail to target other player characters using the Synergies.

Alliance War

  • Assault
    • Vigor: This ability will no longer erroneously report misses on allies that use Shadow Cloak.

Champion System

  • General
    • The maximum system limit of 3,600 Champion Points will now be awarded to the Character Template to allow for more testing of the Champion System.
      • Note: This will cause PvE content to become easier than it was originally balanced for, and is not the intended balance of the system.
    • Fixed an issue where logging in with multiple characters would unintentionally increase the size of your account’s enlightenment pool.
  • Warrior Constellation
    • The Steed Constellation
      • Phase: Adjusted this passive so you will gain Armor and Spell Resistance for three seconds after roll dodging.
      • Reinforced: The value of the damage shield is no longer based on your maximum health, but its relative strength has been increased by 375%. The value is now based on your level/rank. The cooldown has also been reduced to 10 seconds.
    • The Lady Constellation
      • Critical Leech: The value of the heal is no longer based on your maximum health, but its relative strength has been increased by 270%. The value is now based on your level/rank. Critical Leech can now only occur once every 5 seconds.
      • Spell Absorption: This passive now grants increased Magicka when hit with an attack that deals 30% or more of your total health in damage. This effect can only happen once every 10 seconds.
    • The Lord Constellation
      • Determination: Moved this passive up to the 120 point unlock, and is now based off your level or rank instead of your maximum health.
      • Infusion: Moved this passive down to the 30 point unlock.
      • Revival: The absorb value is now based off your level or rank instead of your maximum health.
  • Thief Constellation
    • The Lover Constellation
      • Unlocks for this constellation now include Plentiful Harvest, Synergizer, Master Gatherer, and Windrunning.
      • Windrunning: This passive now increases all types of movement by 2% as well as granting Health and Magicka regeneration while sprinting.
    • The Shadow Constellation
      • Unlocks for this constellation now include Fortune Seeker, Merchant Favored, Treasure Hunter, and Shadowstrike.
      • Fortune Seeker: Updated this passive’s tooltip to include the bonus to safeboxes as well as treasure chests.
  • Mage Constellation
    • The Atronach Constellation
      • Butcher: Moved this passive down to the 75 point unlock.
      • Riposte: Increased the value of returned damage by 3900%. This has a 15% chance of occurring, and can only happen once every 5 seconds.
      • Tactician: Moved this passive up to the 120 point unlock.

Monster Abilities

  • Battlemage
    • Quick Strike no longer causes the Battlemage’s staff to briefly disappear.
  • Spriggan
    • Control Beast no longer allows a beast being controlled by the Spriggan to begin dealing damage high enough to kill same-level player characters with one hit.

Crafting & Economy

  • Fixed an issue with some multi-effect potions incorrectly canceling each other out.
  • Fixed an issue where some alchemical substances had stopped having any effect on you.
  • All foods previously known as tacos have been changed to pasty, and sake has been changed to mazte.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for some foods was listing stamina redundantly.
  • Fixed an issue where crafting an item would result in other crafting level selections being reset to the minimum.

Crown Store

  • Fixed an issue with costumes where the animation could play multiple times in a row if costumes were applied in quick succession.
  • Fixed a minor wording issue on the Grand Repair Kit’s text to indicate they work with items of any level.
  • The Draugr Polymorph will now apply the correct model to the female version.
  • Fixed an issue where you could crash while previewing pets.
  • Fixed an issue with costumes being removed upon zoning to a new area or logging out of the game.
  • Updated the description text on some items.
  • Fixed an issue with the Midnight Steed being unlocked in your collection when you didn’t actually own it.
  • Fixed an issue where your controls would be locked if you died while browsing the Crown Store.
  • Fixed an issue if you had a bow equipped while previewing pets, your arrow would still be visible (not in your knee).
  • Fixed an issue where the Skeleton and Draugr Polymorph costumes would occasionally lock you in place for a few moments.
  • The “Hide Helmet” option is now ignored while previewing costumes.
  • Added messaging when attempting to use a Crown Repair Kit when nothing is damaged.
  • Attempting to use a Crown Repair Kit with no damaged equipment will now notify you with an appropriate message.

Dungeons & Group Content

  • Arx Corinium
    • Matron Ixniaa and her minions have overcome their fear of crossing bridges.
  • Blessed Crucible
    • Flame Atronachs that appear during the fight with the Lava Queen will now reset in the event that the Lava Queen gets stuck.
  • Darkshade Caverns
    • Cutting Sphere now displays the proper number of pips on the health bar to indicate mini-boss difficulty. Cutting Sphere also has more health and power, and now awards the appropriate amount of experience when defeated.
  • Selene’s Web
    • Fixed an issue where Selene’s health bar was appearing after she was killed.
  • Tempest Island
    • Summoned pets will no longer try to attack the ground lightning during the fight with Valaran Stormcaller.
    • Stormfist’s magical lock has been placed on the door beyond him, and he will no longer allow you to open the door while he’s alive.
  • Vaults of Madness
    • Ulguna Soul-Reaver will now reset if she becomes stuck, or if the only player characters alive are beyond the fires on either side of her fighting space.

Veteran Dungeons

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where chests in the following dungeons were not sharing with group members:
      • Veteran Blessed Crucible
      • Veteran Tempest Island
      • Veteran Arx Corinium
  • Veteran Banished Cells
    • Fixed an issue where you could die inside the rising bubble and get stuck in the air while fighting High Kinlord Rilis.
  • Veteran City of Ash
    • Fixed an issue with the door leading to Horvantud the Fire Maw occasionally not opening.
  • Veteran Fungal Grotto
    • Gamyne Bandu’s Chains of Misery will no longer affect targets after someone dies.

Exploration & Itemization

  • Items found in Undaunted enclaves, as well as Mages and Fighters Guild areas, are now all owned.
  • Increased the amount of bait you can stack to 200.


  • Updated the name for the frost troll you must defeat inside the Lion’s Den to the correct name in the Achievements UI.


  • Enchantments that provide resistance to a single element type are now twice as effective as general spell resistance enchantments.
    • For example, you now get +500 spell resistance for spell resistance enchantments, and +1000 fire resistance for fire resistance enchantments.
  • Potions of Weapon Power no longer include inappropriate text. LOLOL.
  • Doubled the overall drop rate for all Undaunted shoulder pieces, and removed Sturdy shoulders from the mix (though not from the game entirely).

Item Sets

  • Reduced all item set bonuses to your maximum health to (1.1 * base) from (1.5 * base) to match base stat changes.
  • Doubled the Critical Strike and Spell Critical values for all item set bonuses.
  • Wayrest Sewer Undaunted Mask: Fixed an issue where the Scourge Harvest ability from this item could not be purged. You may now cut the tether by purging.
  • Healing Mage: The effect from this item set no longer applies to effects which are not heals.
  • Necropotence: Reduced the maximum magicka bonus on this item set to 10 from 12.


  • Fixed an issue where the Defending item trait was granting more spell resistance than intended.

Justice System

  • Fixed a number of typos in item descriptions and tooltips.
  • Updated many item icons to better match the described item.
  • The following NPCs now grant quests, and can no longer be attacked:
    • Lorimil in Silitar in Greenshade
    • Ralduf Wolf-Kin in Eastmarch
  • Justice achievements involving murder will now consistently update.
  • When mousing over a Safebox, the prompt will now say “Steal From” instead of “Steam from”.
  • You will now receive infamy for stealing gold.
  • NPCs who turn hostile after being attacked will now display as red dots on the compass.
  • Fixed an issue if you died after recently fighting a guard, your stolen items were occasionally confiscated and gold was removed to cover your bounty.
  • When robbing people in Bleakrock, Bal Foyen, Khenarthi’s Roost, Stros M’Kai, or Betnikh, you would sometimes find absolutely nothing. This was because they were poor. There has been a recent influx of economic growth in these regions, leading to there being some more valuable items to be uncovered in these locations.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing you to not receive the option to flee or pay your bounty when accosted by a guard when your UI was toggled off.
  • Owned livestock will now display a yellow aura when moused over.
  • Fixed an issue that was resulting in being unable to sell any item to any vendor if you had reached your daily launder and fence allotments.


  • Fixed an issue where you would get stuck in Werewolf form after getting stunned by a guard.
  • Fixed an issue where you could crash if you were sprinting at the same time as a guard hitting you with Fiery Chain.
  • You will now receive bounty if you feed on guards as a vampire.
  • You will now receive bounty when you attack a guard.
  • Guards in pursuit of criminals will no longer be so easily fooled by activating Shadow Cloak.
  • Fixed an issue with Clouding Swarm preventing you from receiving a bounty when committing witnessed crimes.
  • Fixed an issue where you were able to dodge a guard’s Piercing Bolt ability.
  • You will no longer receive a prompt to feed on innocent civilians as a vampire when you have enabled the gameplay option “Prevent Attacking Innocents.”
  • Guards are now more likely to continue to attack you if you step into a shallow body of water.
  • Adjusted the stealth detection radius of all guards so it matches what’s currently on the Live megaservers.
  • Fixed a number of issues with NPC behavior related to their choice to attack or flee when faced with a rampaging axe-murderer (you know who you are).

Outlaws Refuges

  • Reduced the number of entrances to Outlaws Refuges based on your feedback. There is now one entrance outside the city, and one inside the city limits.
  • You can no longer mount while inside an Outlaws Refuge.
  • Books found in the Outlaws Refuges will now be added to your Eidetic Memory collections once you’ve read them.
  • Combat tips will no longer persist when entering Outlaw Refuges.

Pickpocketing & Trespassing

  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs were not providing a reward after successfully pickpocketing them.
  • Bili Hlan in Deshaan will now be a witness if you steal from her house.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some homeowners to instantly flip to face trespassers instead of just turning correctly.
  • Some non-carpenter citizens were accidentally carrying woodworking items, but those have been replaced with appropriate items for their own hobbies and professions.


  • Updated our hardware auto detection code to be more accurate. As a result, your graphics settings will be reset to new defaults.
  • Implemented a number of optimizations to reduce overall memory usage.
  • Fixed an issue where you could crash during the intro cinematic.
  • When we perform a character copy on the PTS, there will no longer be any items in the Guild Store when you interact with Guild Traders.

Quests & Zones

  • Fixed a number of pathing issues that would cause NPCs to pop up over short fixtures such as carts, tables, and crates.
  • Fixed a number of typos in books, conversations, and interaction prompts.
  • Corrected the state of ownership for many lootable objects throughout the world so that they properly reflect whether they are owned, unowned, or ransacked. Please continue to report additional issues you may find!

Bal Foyen

  • Dockyards: The NPC Hyfta will no longer respawn instantly after being killed.


  • Onsi’s Breath: Neither captives nor harassed miners are attackable now to prevent accidental murders in the course of freeing them.


  • Light from the Darkness: Adventurers assisting comrades in the Lightless Oubliette will now find that King Laloriaran Dynar provides portal service to all present.

Mages Guild

  • Simply Misplaced: Fixed an issue where you could become blocked if you abandoned this quest during the step to collect essences, then immediately tried to redo the quest. Also, fixed an issue where Ritual Orbs could become non-interactable if you left the area and returned.

Reaper’s March

  • The Arbordawn Cult: Fixed an issue where the compass icon leading you to Telenger during the “Protect Telenger” step of this quest was off center.

The Wailing Prison

  • You can use the /stuck command across this entire zone.
  • The Sentinel can now consistently be destroyed with different weapons.
  • You will now be able to rebind your keys if you become locked in combat with the tutorial dremora.


  • Fixed an issue where clicking “The Elder Scrolls Online” link on the login screen was giving the full URL link instead of opening it in a browser window.
  • When clicking on “Account Management” from the login screen, there will now be a confirmation to open in a web browser.
  • Fixed an issue where “End Preview” would not appear in place of “Preview” when previewing certain Collectibles.
  • Fixed an issue the player-to-player menu would not open when hovering over another player character and pressing F.
  • Added support for the characters ñ and Ñ.
  • Fixed a grammatical issue with gendered words in recipe tooltips.
  • Group member icons will now disappear when those player characters begin a teleport.
  • Fixed an issue if you opened your inventory while a container is open, you would be unable to reopen that container.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Travel to Player” or “Invite to Group” option did not appear while right clicking a player character of the same alliance’s name in the guild roster.
  • Changed the prompt “Search (Empty)” or “Steal (Empty)” to just “Empty” when looking at empty interactable objects.
  • Fixed an issue where the Eidetic Memory collection counter is sometimes off-screen.
  • Updated and improved various pop-up tutorials and help menu entries.


  • Moved the Imperial Race and Any Race, Any Alliance to the ‘Upgrades’ category.


  • Fixed an issue where Champion respec points were not committing.
  • Passives that are unlocked in the Champion System through progression will now give an audio and visual cue when lost or reacquired through redistributing Points.


  • You will no longer receive error messages when attempting to send mail after switching between C.O.D. and Send Money.

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