Shadowheart Returns in Larian Studio Hotfix

Shadowheart Returns in Larian Studio Hotfix #10, along with some other fun quick fixes after the last major patch

Baldur's Gate 3 Shadowheart

Shadowheart Returns in Larian Studio Hotfix #10

Since Patch 4 dropped with some major changes and fixes just last week, players have noticed that about the same time, Shadowheart became quite a reluctant companion. If she was in your active party and the player was not actively moving her through the world of Faerun, she would simply not follow the group at all. The work around to this was to actively take control of Shadowheart, and then the rest of the party would follow her. But her sudden insistence at always being the leader could be frustrating!

Thankfully, Larian Studios has been actively working on that and a handful of other bugs. Yesterday they dropped a surprise hotfix that will bring Shadowheart back into the party fold. Additionally, there other some other updates to glitches and bugs, both technical and silly. For example, male Dwarf Barbarian shoes (so specific!) had previously looked like blueberries due to a lack of texture. And in a pivotal scene in the Crèche, where characters suddenly appeared to be on fire, has been toned back down to it’s original story intensity.

Other Fixes in Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix #10 include:

  • Fixed an issue causing a desync between Astarion’s voiced lines and subtitles.
  • Player characters will no longer be on literal fire in a particular scene within the crèche.
  • Fixed male dwarf barbarians’ shoes, which were missing their texture and looked like big blueberries.
  • The waypoints menu now opens correctly when triggered from the Character Sheet on controller.
  • Fixed items always being picked up as wares after you picked up at least one as a ware.
  • Fixed enemies in Ramazith’s Tower getting stuck during combat if they are trying to fly from a lower floor to reach players on an upper floor.

Finally, so far it looks like this hotfix from Larian Studios is only available on PC. The developers have said they need some more time to test it on the Mac, but that hopefully it should arrive there soon.

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