Should You Save Arabella in Baldur’s Gate 3?

This small side NPC has a story that can play out over all three Acts – find out if you should save Arabella in Baldur’s Gate 3!

Should You Save Arabella in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Tiefling child Arabella is encountered early on in the Druid Grove, where the current leader is angry at the theft of an idol. The choice you make here can seem inconsequential, with story threads that will end after this small set of events. However, depending on how to react to the Druid’s anger, you can potentially encounter Arabella again. Moreover, you can even gain some minor rewards and also have her as a Camp Follower and ally!

Therefore, this guide will contain spoilers for not only Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, but also Acts 2 and 3. Furthermore, it will also include information about how this NPC can grant a unique spell and become an ally in the final battle.

Finding Arabella in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Emerald Grove map Wyll location and more

While it is possible to completely miss meeting Arabella in Act 1 if you avoid the Druid Grove entirely and side with the Goblins, most players will likely encounter her plight. The Emerald/Druid Grove is closer to the crash site of the Nautiloid than the Goblin Camp, and you will likely end up there first. Defeat the Goblins attacking at the entrance gate, and you’ll be allowed inside.

From the gate, you’ll need to walk north through the Hollow with all the refugees and then around to the right/east towards the Sacred Pool in the Grove. As you near the guarded entrance, you’ll hear a pair of worried parents anxious about their daughter. Speak to them, and they will tell you Arabella has been arrested by the Druids and taken inside. Speak to the guards and then enter the Ritual Room where the acting Archdruid Kagha is interrogating Arabella.

Choosing to Save Arabella in Baldur’s Gate 3

Choosing to Save Arabella in BG3

Having caught Arabella in her attempt to steal their sacred idol, Kagha is furious with the girl. She insists they imprison her and threatens Arabella with a bite from her snake, Teela. When you join the conversation, you’ll potentially have a variety of dialogue options you can use to address the situation. However, if you want to save Arabella, you must pass a 15 DC Persuasion check.

After a successful dice roll, Kagha will unhappily agree and tell Arabella to leave immediately. When you go back out and leave the Sacred Pool, you can find Arabella with her parents and speak to them. Speak to Komira and Locke to end the Save Arabella quest, and you’ll have completed the first major step in Arabella’s saga.

Finally, to see her personal story play out in full you will not only have to intervene to save Arabella in Baldur’s Gate 3, but you will also have to choose to save the Druid Grove. If you save Arabella, but side with the Goblins, she and her parents will get caught in the goblin attack and die. Therefore, you will not be able to encounter her at all in the rest of the game.

Consequences of Saving Arabella in BG3

BG3 Arabella and her power in camp

If you save Arabella in Act 1, and you save the Emerald/Druid Grove so that all of the Tiefling refugees live, then you will get another chance to encounter her in Act 2. The Shadow-Cursed Lands are covered in darkness and tragedy, and sadly, Arabella will encounter her own hardship there. You will find her in Reithwin Town, just outside the gate into the graveyard.

Arabella in Act 2

Although she is alone, to your great surprise she exhibits some powerful magic that restrains out some aggressive shadows. Ask her about her parents and she’ll tell you that she’s looking for them. (Important: If you have already found her parents before speaking to her first do NOT yet tell her about them. Wait to speak to her until you’ve sent her to camp first.) Arabella will you for your help locating them, and you should agree. Furthermore, you should encourage her to go to your camp for shelter while you look.

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You can find Komira and Locke in the nearby House of Healing. Unfortunately, they are dead. You can use the Speak with Dead spell to talk to Arabella’s father for more information. However, you can do nothing more than give Arabella the bad news.

Back at camp, you can find Arabella next to Withers, who she calls “Bone Man.” Try to break the news gently to her if you can. She may tell you in the moment to go away, but come back later and speak to her again. Arabella will still be upset at her parent’s deaths, but Withers will talk her through it.

In the process, you will receive a new, unique spell: Arabella’s Shadow Entangle. This Concentration spell allows you to Entangle shadow and undead creatures and is particularly useful in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Arabella in Act 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Arabella as an Ally in Act 3

Following Arabella’s departure from camp in Act 2, you won’t see her again until you can enter the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate in Act 3. Several access points into the Lower City Sewers include a manhole cover down an alleyway back by the Basilisk Gate Barracks. You can find Arabella in a small alcove area to the southwest. She’ll appear to be staring at a rock. If you interact with her you’ll discover that it has magical properties. Arabella will happily update you on her progress and how she’s been doing.

However, at this point, nothing more will immediately happen. Arabella will remain where she is and not accompany you or return to camp. However, when you reach the end of the game and prepare for the final battle, she will appear at the High Hall.

Consequently, she will grant you her favor with a magical condition called Weavewalker. These benefits are similar to the Freedom of Movement spell, which prevents your movement speed from being reduced by difficult terrain or spells. Additionally, you cannot be Paralysed or Restrained.

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