Should You Save Mizora in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Mizora is the source of Wyll’s power as a Warlock, but should you save her in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur's Gate 3 Mizora joins as camp follower

Mizora is a cambion who is Wyll’s infernal patron, which means that she is the source of his magical powers. While the sword work of the Blade of Frontiers is Wyll’s own strength and skill, he would not be able to cast Eldritch Blast if not for his pact with Mizora. Moreover, Mizora is in the service of the Archdevil Zariel, who rules Avernus. Consequently, this is why Wyll is tasked with hunting down Karlach in the first Act of Baldur’s Gate 3.

At a certain point in Act 2, you can turn the tables on this crafty cambion. Therefore, this guide will contain some spoilers for Act 2 and some for possible events in Act 3. It will also include information about how this choice can impact companion relationships and the epilogue.

Finding Mizora in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Emerald Grove map Wyll location and more

You won’t meet Mizora in Baldur’s Gate 3 unless you first recruit Wyll at the Emerald/Druid Grove. He is there as the hero called the Blade of Frontiers, helping to protect the Tiefling refugees from the attacking Goblins. Speak to him inside the Hollow after you first reach the Grove; your tadpoles will resonate, and you can ask him to join your group.

Next, speak to Wyll regularly to learn about him and begin his companion quest, The Blade of Frontiers. His primary task is to hunt down a ‘devil’ named Karlach. You can find her just south of the Abandoned Tollhouse, next to the river. Karlach is another potential companion, and you can help Wyll kill her or convince him to let her go. Either way, at your next Long Rest you will get to meet Mizora in person that night. Depending on your actions with Karlach, you will either be rewarded with the Infernal Robe or she will curse Wyll and turn him into a devil.

Baldur's Gate 3 Infernal Robe

Afterward, continue playing the game through the rest of Act 1 and into Act 2. In the Shadow-Cursed Lands Mizora will appear to you and Wyll, saying that the Cult of the Absolute has captured an important asset of Zariel. Wyll’s next (and most important task) is to rescue this person, and she won’t give any additional details.

Thus, the quest ‘Rescue Zariel’s Asset’ will be added to your journal. You can search while visiting Moonrise Tower. However, you won’t be able to make any progress on this quest until the very end of Act 2 when you jump down into the Mind Flayer Colony. Be sure to put Wyll in your party before going forward, as you will need him to play out the upcoming dialogue scenes properly!

Choosing to Save Mizora in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Mind Flayer Colony location Mizora Zevlor Summon Us Blade of Oppressed Souls

Once you’ve landed in the Mind Flayer Colony, you can take several branching pathways. Zariel’s Asset can be found by taking the first path on the left. You’ll first walk through a room full of pods and then into a larger space with additional pods.

Check out the pod toward the back on the left side of the wall. There, you will finally find ‘Zariel’s Asset,’ who is none other than Mizora herself! Now is the big decision time. You can leave Mizora to her fate, or you can choose to save her. However, by not saving Mizora you are essentially damning Wyll. It is considered a breach of their contract, and he will be damned to an eternity in Avernus as a Lemure.

On the other hand, saving her, especially if Wyll is in your party, opens up some opportunities for rewards and a possible change in the terms of Wyll’s contract.

How to save Mizora in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Recruit Wyll to your party at the Druid Grove in Act 1
    • Find Karlach and decide her fate, then meet Mizora in camp for the first time
  • Complete Act 1 and move on to Act 2
  • Mizora will appear suddenly in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, telling Wyll his next task is to find Zariel’s asset
  • Continue playing through Act 2. Although Mizora makes it seem urgent, there is no need to rush. You will reach the location of Zariel’s asset at the natural conclusion of Act 2.
  • Before jumping into the Mind Flayer Colony at the top of Moonrise Towers be sure to put Wyll in your party.
  • Within the Mind Flayer Colony, take the first path on your left.
  • Find the pod in the back room, on the left side of the wall.

Consequences of Saving Mizora in BG3

Consequences of Saving Mizora in BG3

Saving Mizora in Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to negotiate with her and potentially free Wyll from his contract. Additionally, it can reward you with a fantastic weapon, but only if you have Wyll at the party when you interact with the pod.

Furthermore, keeping Mizora alive will give you more story in Act 3. She’ll return to Wyll again, attempting to negotiate another contract, with a potentially heavy cost if Wyll refuses. Moreover, she will also later join you as a camp follower and, under certain circumstances, can be called an ally during the final battle of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Free Wyll From His Contract

In the dialogue scene you get after interacting with the pod Mizora is trapped in, Wyll ups the stakes by telling Mizora he won’t free her unless she first frees him. Citing ‘Clause F, Section Nine’ of their contract, Mizora agrees but says she won’t free him from the contract until he has released her first. While you may be reluctant to trust her, it is safe to let her out.

She will keep her promise – technically, in true cambion fashion. This time, quoting ‘Clause Z, Section Thirteen’, Mizora states that she will free Wyll, but he is still under obligation to her for another six months.

While this may not seem entirely like a win, it does allow Wyll to keep his powers during that time, which means he can continue to Eldritch Blast, his enemies!

Get the Infernal Rapier Weapon

BG3 Infernal Rapier

Immediately after breaking Wyll free (almost) from his contract, you should see a new Persuasion dialogue option. Choose ‘You’d think we’d get a reward for going through all this trouble,’ and you’ll have to pass a 14 DC roll. The request might seem a bit greedy, but if you pass the check, Mizora will agree to deserve another treat.

The Infernal Rapier is the best rapier weapon in the game and also gives you access to the powerful Level 6 spell Planar Ally: Cambion. A Cambion summons is an excellent addition to a party because you can use their Charm action against a humanoid creature on turn one, then follow up with the Draining Kiss ability for massive psychic damage. Additionally, the Cambion acts like all other summonses in the game and will stay with the party until killed or dismissed.

Additional Story Consequences in Act 3

Finding Duke Ravengard in Baldur’s Gate 3

Finally, by saving Mizora in Act 2, she will appear again in Act 3 and try to trap Wyll into another contract. Moreover, this will tie in strongly with Wyll’s personal history and his desire to save his father, Duke Ravengard, from the Absolute. As you approach Wyrm’s Rock Fortress, Mizora will appear outside of the Audience Hall and again after you leave. She’ll taunt Wyll about his father’s situation and promise to visit you at camp.

Next, during one of your Long Rests, she will appear again and will offer Wyll an incredibly difficult choice. Sign another contract to serve Mizora for eternity and she will help you save the Duke. Or refuse, and likely condemn Wyll’s father to death.

Furthermore, no matter what choice you make here, Mizora will decide to stick around. She’ll become a camp follower, and while she can’t join your active party you can speak with her whenever you visit. She’ll have some interesting things to say about certain events in Act 3!

Lastly, Mizora can also become one of the allies you can summon into the fight during the final battle of Baldur’s Gate 3. However, this can only happen if Wyll agreed to her second contract offer and has now bound himself to her service forever. Doing so will not immediately remove Wyll from your party, as Mizora is just as invested in bringing down the Elder Brain as you are. So Wyll will remain in the group until the conclusion of the story.

When you summon an ally in the final fight they will act just like any other summon. You will have full control over their movements and the actions they take. Mizora does have some helpful and powerful spells at her disposal, including Disintegrate, Hold Monster, Haste, and Eyebite.

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