Titan Nerfed – Destiny 2: Season of The Wish Update 7.3.0

The Destiny 2 Season of The Wish and Update 7.3.0 brought significant changes, especially ability changes that left Titan nerfed; here is a summary.

Titan Nerfed - Destiny 2 Season of The Wish Update 7.3.0

Destiny 2: Season of the Wish changes the game’s Crucible, Strikes, Lost Sectors, Raids, Exotic weapons, armor mods, and more. Let’s delve into the most significant alterations, focusing on ability changes, armor mod adjustments, and exotic tweaks. Notable changes guardians can see in ability adjustments and various nerfs for all classes, especially Titan. Secondly, armor mod changes will affect cooldowns and energy regeneration.

Season of The Wish Patch Notes 7.3.0

Here is a summary of Season of The Wish Patch Notes 7.3.0 and what you need to know:

Crucible Changes

The new season, “Season of the Wish,” significantly changes Destiny 2’s Crucible experience. The Crucible Director screen receives an update, introducing a double rewards booster for Crucible matches. The Citadel map returns to Crucible, with matches in the Dreaming City. Developers added a new Sparrow Control mode and made adjustments to spawn points on Endless Vale, Midtown, and Meltdown maps to address specific spawn issues. Competitive Division sees several changes, including removing the Promotion and Relegation Series from most divisions and revisions to the Competitive playlist, featuring only Survival and Countdown Rush as featured modes. Various tweaks to mode rules, respawn counts, and round times aim to enhance the competitive experience.

In Iron Banner, the One and Done Triumph now requires eight challenge completions, aligning with two separate challenges. Developers fixed the Iron Banner Eruption and introduced new medals for Strand Supers, including earning Crucible medals for Sparrow eliminations. Crucible Labs sees the addition of Checkmate Dominion, Checkmate Countdown Rush, and Checkmate Clash, along with a cooldown penalty modifier decrease.

Trials of Osiris introduces a weekly reward system based on the number of wins in a row before a card is flawed. Changes to the Relic game mode include randomized initial relic orders, reduced Relic Depots, increased score to win, and adjustments to relic charge mechanics.

Armor Mods

Destiny 2 Arc Warlock Mods

A significant overhaul comes to Exotic Armor, particularly Aeon Swift, Aeon Safe, and Aeon Soul. The Sect of Force, associated with these exotics, now provides quicker reload and weapon swap speeds for rapid precision hits, lasting for 10 seconds. Instead of granting bonus energy on stunning a Champion or defeating a boss, these exotics now mark Champions, elites, or minibosses for allies, who deal increased damage to marked targets. Various adjustments are made to other exotic armor pieces for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks, impacting abilities, damage bonuses, and functionality.

Additionally, the Bungie team makes numerous changes to general armor mods, affecting ability cooldowns and energy regeneration. Several mods now require players to secure a kill within a specific time frame to generate Orbs of Power, and Bungie adjusts the effectiveness of mods like Melee Kickstart, Grenade Kickstart, and Utility Kickstart. Impact Induction and Focusing Strike now require a powered melee attack to function, and various other mods see modifications to their ability energy returns.

Weapons Adjustments

Destiny 2 All Season of the Wish Weapons

Weapon archetypes undergo general updates, with increased damage against Minor (red bar) and Major (orange bar) combatants for Auto Rifles and Pulse Rifles. Glaive projectiles receive speed and damage adjustments, and a shield recharge mechanic is introduced when holding the Glaive. Changes to Swords include an updated reticle, fixes to perks, and adjustments to Exotic Swords like Vex Mythoclast, Revision Zero, Thorn, and more.

Exotic weapons undergo various changes, with updates to perks like Danger Zone and Heavy Grip. Foundry weapons become rewards from Lost Sectors, and the price for Common and Uncommon Hand Cannons in collections is aligned with other weapons. Adjustments are made to dismantle time for Deepsight weapons, and improvements are implemented to fix issues related to various Exotic weapons.

Class Abilities Changes

New Rewards for Destiny 2 Lost Sectors

Across all subclasses, there is a reduction in melee lunge suppression time for certain displacing melee abilities. The Bungie team implements changes: Sprint and slide-activated melees can no longer be activated after firing a weapon during a slide, affecting abilities like Seismic Strike, Shield Bash, and Hammer Strike. For Hunters, the Tempest Strike ability undergoes adjustments, increasing its base damage and reworking its tracking behavior. Thundercrash for Titans sees a reduction in damage resistance against players, and Chaos Reach for Warlocks undergoes fixes.

Solar subclasses experience adjustments to abilities like Throwing Hammer, Sol Invictus, and Well of Radiance. Void subclasses see changes to abilities such as Ward of Dawn, Sentinel Shield, and Feed the Void. Stasis subclasses receive alterations to abilities like Withering Blade, Shiver Strike, and Coldsnap Grenade. Lastly, Strand subclasses, including Bladefury and Weavewalk, change to abilities and their associated mechanics.

Collectively, these changes aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience in Destiny 2’s new season. Developers hope it’ll provide more balance in both PvE and PvP activities.

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