Destiny 2: All Season of the Wish Origin Traits

In Season of the Wish, weapons and their all new origin traits mark the season’s essence, so prepare for the new hunt in the 23rd season in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 All Season of the Wish Origin Traits

As fundamental aspects of Guardian weapons, Origin Traits define your build’s unique characteristics and strengths. This guide lists origin traits introduced in the Season of the Wish. From unlocking potent abilities to fine-tuning your playstyle, Origin Traits play a pivotal role in shaping your Guardian.

All Origin Traits in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish

Origin Traits are special inherent advantages in weapons introduced with The Witch Queen expansion in Destiny 2. Exclusive to specific weapons tied to different activities and seasons, they offer distinctive bonuses. Although fewer in number compared to regular weapon perks. While not meant to replace perks, Origin Traits are designed to complement them, enhancing overall weapon performance. Additionally, certain mods may further amplify the capabilities of specific Origin Traits.

Here are all the new Season of the Wish Origin Traits:

  • Advanced Reflexes: Upon taking damage from a target, quickly guard or aim down sights with this weapon to gain bonus mobility, handling, and charge rate for a short time.
  • Dragon’s Vengeance: When an ally dies or you reach critical health, this weapon’s magazine refills, and it gains bonus range, charge rate, and handling.
  • Field-Tested: Defeating targets or dealing damage with this weapon gradually increases range, stability, handling, and reload speed. Swords gain increased charge rate and guard resistance.
  • Nano-Munitions: Being near allies slowly builds up a partial emergency ammo refill for the next time this weapon runs out of ammo. Emergency ammo amount increases with time spent near allies.
  • Nanotech Tracer Rockets: Landing multiple hits turns your next shot into a homing micro-rocket.

In essence, these new traits play a crucial role by furnishing unique benefits to weapons, enhancing their effectiveness in diverse scenarios while working harmoniously with other perks and mods.

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