Where to Find Chamomile in Enshrouded

Learn where to find Chamomile flowers in enshrouded, a crucial resource for crafting various items.

Enshrouded - Chamomile Flowers

Where to Find Chamomile in Enshrouded

You can find Chamomile Flowers in woods, plains, and almost every starting area in Enshrouded. Chamomile is a characteristic white flowers that resemble daisies. They grow on short bushes and will stand out in green environments of this fantasy word. Explore and search the wood and green areas of Enshrouded for white Chamomile flowers.

Enshrouded - Where to find Chamomile

We found many Chamomile flower bushes northwest of Ancient Spire Revelwood Fast Travel point. Other good locations of Chamomile:

  • Woods and plains in Revelwood
  • Woods in Kindlewastes
  • Starting locations of Enshrouded

What are Chamomile Flowers Used For?

Enshrouded - Greater Health Potion Recipe

Chamomile Flowers is one of many resources in Enshrouded. You can use Chamomile to create Greater Health Potion or Chamomile Flowers Tea.

A greater health potion is a cheap way to restore health, and you always should have some way of healing at your disposal. To craft it, you only need 1 Chamomile Flower, Honey, Water, and Purple Berries. All those resources players can find in the starting areas and woods of Enshrouded.

Chamomile Tea will also increase health regeneration alongside endurance for 35 minutes and only requires 1 Chamomile Flower and water to cook.

Farming – Growing Chamomile

Enshrouded - farming -Chamomile Seeds

After you unlock Farmer Survivor and complete their quest, you will be able to plant and grow your Chamomile flowers in your garden. It’s a way to get the resources required for common recipes like gear or potions.

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