How to Get Fossilized Bone Dust in Enshrouded

Learn where to find Fossilized Bone Dust in Enshrouded, a crucial advanced resource for crafting and farming.

How to Get Fossilized Bone Dust in Enshrouded

How to Get Fossilized Bone Dust in Enshrouded

To get Fossilized Bone Dust in Enshrouded you will need to have access to the Nomad Highlands area to collect Fossilized Bone. Additionally, you will need to have the Grinding Stones crafting stations in order to create Fossilized Bone dust.

Within the Nomad Highlands, the there are multiple locations you can find to mine Fossilized Bone. To access the Nomad Highlands region, you will first need to Strengthen your Flame Altar to Level 4. Afterward, you can get to a farming spot by going directly little west from the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire.

Fossilized Bone Location in Enshrouded

Moreover, by the time you reach the Nomad Highlands you should already have acquired Grinding Stones with the Alchemist. Back in the region of the Springlands, you should have already found and awakened the Alchemist from his vault. As soon as you summon him in a sheltered area of your base, you can speak with him and find Grinding Stones available to craft.

To create a Grinding Stone in Enshrouded you will need:

Finally, you can use the Grinding Stone to create Fossilized Bone Dust. It only takes one piece of Fossilized Bone to generate 3 bags of Fossilized Bone Dust.

What is Fossilized Bone Dust, and what is it used for?

Enshrouded Hunter Armor Set

In Enshrouded you will want to use Fossilized Bone Dust for a variety of crafting purposes including making armor, crafting Eternal Spell Charges, upgrading your Flame Alter. For example, some pieces of the Hunter armor set will require Fossilized Bone. However, to make the Hunter Hood you will need to have Fossilized Bone Dust instead.

Furthermore, in order to make the Eternal Ice Bolt you will need:

  • 30 Fossilized Bone Dust
  • 10 Water
  • 20 Ammonia Gland

Additionally, you can speak to the Farmer and use Fossilized Bone Dust to craft Fertilised Farm Soil. This type of soil is much better for your seedlings and will increase the growing speed of your plants. To craft Fertilised Farm Soil you will need:

  • 10 Sand
  • 2 Fossilized Bone Dust
  • 3 Nitrate
Enshrouded Fertilised Farm Soil crafting recipe

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