Will You Play As the Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf?

If you wish to play as the Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, you are not alone, so what are the odds of returning protagonists in DA 4?

Play Inquisitor in Dragon Age Inquisition vs Dreradwolf - DA 4

Bioware has a track record of revisiting characters and heroes from their flagship series like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. The studio excels at crafting strong leaders for players to embody. Allowing them to shape and decide the fate of their unique protagonists. With the incoming release of Dragon Age 4: Dreadwolf, the attention turns to one of these famous Thedas heroes — the Inquisitor from Dragon Age: Inquisition. What are the odds that players will once again play as iconic Inquisitor in Dragon Age 4: Dreadwolf?

Note: The article includes spoilers from previous Dragon Age games and DLCs. It’s unavoidable while speculating on the topic.

Inquisitor as Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Protagonist

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Players can be almost certain that the Inquisitor will not take on the role of the main protagonist in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The 2020 Game Awards trailer foreshadowed a new hero, distinctly lacking the iconic “green glowing hand” featured in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Inquisitor had a unique Anchor on their left hand, emitting a specific green-fade-colored glow, which is conspicuously absent in the revealed trailers, teasers, and game art for Dreadwolf.

The Reasons for the New Protagonist

Furthermore, those familiar with the Trespasser DLC, which concluded the Inquisition storyline, and resolved key plots, know that the “glowing hand” is no longer a part of the Inquisitor’s narrative. It’s challenging to imagine an armless Inquisitor jumping back into the heat of battle. After all, what’s a game without a formidable hero capable of defeating dragons and, quite possibly, ancient elven gods?

The Anchor inflicted harm upon the Inquisitor, jeopardizing their life. Solas, also known as Fen’Harel or Dread wolf, intervened by removing the Anchor from the Inquisitor, resulting in the protagonist losing their left arm.

Possibly an Inquisitor in Dragon Age Dreradwolf - DA 4

Furthermore, almost all potential “endings” for the Inquisitor, short stories during the epilogue explaining the character’s fate after the game, implying that the Inquisitor decided to step back from making impactful decisions.

Also, considering all three previous Dragon Age games each time introduced a new hero, it’s reasonable to believe that Dragon Age Dreadwolf will do the same. However, in Dragon Age 2, Hawke, the hero of the second game, encounters Grey Wardens or Alistair. They provide updates on the fate of the hero of Ferelden, the protagonist of the first game.

In the third game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bioware took it a step further. Players could not only meet Loghain or Alistair, depending on their choices, but also the mighty Hawke in person. They could even join the Inquisitor during epic battles in the Grey Warden’s fort. Does this suggest that we might see the Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, but perhaps as a side character, an ally, or even an enemy?

Will Inquisitor be part of Dreadwolf?

Even though the Inquisitor is unlikely to be the protagonist of Dragon Age 4, it doesn’t rule out their appearance in Dreadwolf. There are solid reasons for the Inquisitor to return in DA4. The series has a history of featuring characters from previous games, as demonstrated by the presence of Hawke from Dragon Age 2 in Dragon Age 3. Additionally, the Inquisitor received a letter from the Hero of Ferelden, the protagonist from Origins, further making it possible that either the Inquisitor or a Grey Warden could make a surprising entrance into Dreadwolf. Similar to Hawke’s unexpected appearance in the Inquisition.

Players, particularly those who romanced Solas, would be eager to witness their Inquisitor encountering this transformed version of their former lover. Solas’ romance, marked by passion and love ends tragically. Regardless, was designed to show how much Solas genuinely cares for the Inquisitor, confirmed Bioware’s lead writer. Regardless if the relationship was one of friendship or romance. However, players who chose a path of rivalry might relish the idea of their Inquisitor “delivering another punch to Solas’s face.”

Inquisitor has unresolved matters with Fen’Harel. Similarly, and there remains a lack of clarity on what Solas did to Flemeth, so Morrigan might also have questions. Trespasser indicates that most companions from the Inquisition moved on. Yet, certain individuals, such as Cassandra, known for her straightforward nature, would find many reasons to confront Solas. All of this certainly sets the stage for potentially intriguing encounters.

Excluding the opportunity for players to witness the Inquisitor confronting Solas, potentially for the final time in Dragon Age 4, could lead to significant dissatisfaction and a sense of missed potential among the player community.

Downsides of Bringing Back Inquisitor

Moreover, reintroducing the Inquisitor may pose a challenge due to the decision-making system in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Unlike the Renegade/Paragon system from Mass Effect or the Positive, Intimidating, and Funny choices in Dragon Age 2, Inquisition lacked a clear framework for character development. This makes it difficult to align the Inquisitor’s personality with the diverse choices players made throughout the game. Therefore leaving players in disappointment. Unlike Hawke, whose personality could be shaped through the clear system of choices, Inquisitor’s dialogue options were more “undefined.” They weren’t as impactful and extremely rare, making it harder to capture a personalized character.

Finally, Bioware intends to narrate the Dragon Age 4 from the perspective of “What happens when you don’t have power.” Considering the Inquisition had extreme power in Thedas, the likelihood of the Inquisitor or any companions reappearing becomes uncertain. The thematic shift suggests a focus on the protagonist and companions who will face challenges without the power seen in the Inquisition. That leaves the return of Inqusitor or their companions in doubt.

What About the Inquisition?

Thanks to the player’s efforts, the Inquisition, led by the beloved Inquisitor, holds significant power in Thedas’ politics. Beyond that, the Inquisition is a formidable military force. It’s highly likely that we’ll witness or hear about its influence in some way in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Also, we know that the game is set in Tevinter Imperium, and we may see a return of other Inquisition characters, such as Dorian or Varric.

When Will We Know More?

Bioware has consistently maintained a close relationship with its passionate fanbase. The prof might be the annual special celebration known as Dragon Age Day on December 4th. During this event, developers share teasers, news, or game art related to the upcoming game. Fans share their love for the series with fanart, fanfiction, and cosplay events.

As December 4th, 2023 approaches, there’s anticipation that Bioware might unveil something special, possibly shedding light on the next protagonist. Stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting Dragon Age Day this year!

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