New Rewards for Destiny 2 Lost Sectors

Starting in Season of the Wish, additional rewards will be awarded to solo players completing Destiny 2’s Lost Sectors.

New Rewards for Destiny 2 Lost Sectors

Destiny 2 Gives New Rewards in Solo Lost Sectors

In their latest This Week in Destiny blog post, Bungie announced that they are introducing additional rewards for completing Lost Sectors for players who do them without a fire team. It had already been announced that they are introducing Gunsmith Engrams to all difficulty clears of Lost Sectors. Players who complete Legend and Master-level Lost Sectors, while killing all of the Champions in them, will also receive select Foundry weapons. The Destiny 2 Community Team even went so far as to give out the drop rates for these weapons which is very rare.

Weapons will drop at these rates, assuming the Guardian is thorough enough to leave no Champions standing:

  • Legend – 70%
  • Master – 100%
This Week in Destiny 11/16/2023

Bungie says that should players complete the Master-level difficulty Lost Sector the weapons will also drop with an extra selectable perk. This increases the odds of getting the perfect god roll on those weapons significantly. Foundry and World drop weapons are typically some of the hardest to get god rolls on due to not having a specific course to grind those weapons. That is until now.

The Loot Table for the weapons will follow a four-day rotation and include 4 weapons each day. After the fourth day, the cycle repeats.

How Lost Sector Rewards Will Work

All of the weapons listed above will be available as of Season of the Wish. These weapons are also found in the world loot pool. Newer world pool weapons will not be available initially in Lost Sectors but will be cycled in the season after they are introduced. Weapons taken out of the world pool will eventually stop being available in Lost Sectors and only be available at Banshee-44’s Gunsmith focusing pool.

There are currently no changes to how Exotic rewards will work with Legend or Master Lost Sectors. Players will still be able to grind the specific Exotic armors based on the slot for that day as they always have. Bungie wants these new rewards to be an addition, not a replacement. This is part of Destiny’s new effort to make the game feel more rewarding. Many players are excited to finally be able to target-farm specific world loot pool weapons, something that hasn’t been able to be done before.

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