ESO Templar PvP Healer

Welcome to our Elder Scrolls Online Templar PvP Healer now called the Guardian.  The idea of this build is simple,keep people alive and be hard as hell to kill.  Ideally you’d play this in a four to eight man group, but generally it struggles in large groups of 12-16.

“Guardian: a defender, protector, or keeper.”

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[Last updated February 17th, 2017 for Update 13 Homestead]

This build centers incredibly tough to kill mentality.  “You can’t heal when you’re dead,” and you don’t want to find out the hard way.  You sacrifice solo and 1v1 damage for all out tankiness and group healing.  If you like playing the super hard to kill healer, this is for you.  Here’s my quick list of strengths and weaknesses here are some you should look at before playing the Warden:

+ Powerful healing group and solo

+ Group utility

+Good resource sustained

– Lacks damage at all

– Not effective solo meant for group

Only play this if you DON’T have a problem with getting focused.  As a Templar PvP healer, you have to embrace people trying to kill you, stun you and piss you off every second.  If you can accept this and enjoy it, you’re DPS will absolutely mow everything down while you survive.


Bar One – Sword and Shield – Used for Turtling while in the middle of a zerg fight.  After we’ve done our eight second buff rotation on the Restoration Bar, here we lock down, heal, cleanse, damage and survive.

  1. Channeled Focus (morph of Rune Focus | Restoring Light skill line) – Great resource management and major resistance buff.  Place down and walk in every six seconds to get the buff.
  2. Extended Ritual (morph of Cleansing Ritual | Restoring Light skill line) – Major mending, heal over time and a snare, this ability is insane.  I often use this more than Breath of Life (BoL) for survival which I will show in the video.  In the days of ESO posions, removing harmful effects is almost more important than outright healing and this is a much have.
  3. Elusive Mist (morph of Mist Form | Vampire skill line) – Our mobility survival tool that gives us time to think.  The benefits are removal of snares/immobilizes and speed, the downsides are the lack of casting while in Mist Form.  This skill takes a long time to perfect but once you learn how to Mist and Line of Sight (LoS) you’ll be very hard to kill.
  4. Luminous Shard (morph of Spear Shards | Aedric Spear skill line) – A stun, massive AoE damage and unlike Puncturing Sweeps, can be casted repeatedly WHILE blocking.  This is important because of the damage mitigation and reduction in CCs or stuns.  We get stunned, we die.  Cast for utility, stun and AoE damage.
  5. Breath of Life (morph of Rushed Ceremony | Restoring Light skill line) – Still a very powerful heal even though it’s only two people.  You just need to make sure to cast it when players are low health to get the max benefit.
  • [Ultimate] Remembrance (morph of Rite of Passage | Restoring Light skill line) – People have been bashing this skill for a long time and I’m here to tell you it rocks.  Why?  Well, by itself it’ procs Major Mending and for four seconds you get CC immunity, a 20 meter radius AoE heal, and a MASSIVE 23% damage reduction for every player within the radius and it only cost 120 ultimate. Oh and it procs extra critical resistance which you and your team can hit hard cap critical resistance with Impenetrable gear at 3300 with this build via our gear.  Now the Zergblade Proxy/Soul Tether builds will wonder why they are only hitting for 5k instead of 15k.  The trick to using this is knowing when and where you and your team will setup to fight.  Try to rush ahead the group with a movement speed potion or a dodge roll and pop this in the center of all the action.  After it’s done, BLOCK, recast Purifying Ritual for Major Mending and Repentance.  Someone surely will die in the ensuing head on collision.  If you’re pushing through, rebuff on bar two and start all over again.
    • FLEX – Spell Wall (morph of Shield Wall | One-Handed and Shield skill line) – Gives us the benefit of blocking (replenish stamina) and reflects projectiles at the same time.  This is a game changer for Templar survival and I knew it the first time I read the ability.  It’s single highhandedly the reason I can survive huge battles.

Bar Two – Restoration Staff – I’m going to explain bar two first because its our pre-combat buff rotation prior to engagement.  Not easy, but I’ll show and explain how to do it.  Buffing and movement is the most important aspect of getting this right for you and your group.  Let me show you a picture to explain:

  1. Rapid Regeneration (morph of Regeneration | Restoration Staff skill line) – Combine this skill with the Troll King and Focused Healing (major mending 25% more healing) for a powerful combo to help allies who reach lower health.  The idea is to cast this two to three times during movement phase to maintain a strong heal over time (HoT) and resource regeneration for your group.  I prefer Rapid Regeneration because it’s more likely to proc Troll King health recovery more frequently.  Once applied, if Retreating Maneuver is cast, you will not exit the immunity.  Heals on the go is very important in this patch and a must have IMO.
  2. Efficient Purge (morph of Cleanse | Alliance War Support skill line) – An AoE cleanse meaning removing negative effects from you and other party members (DoTs, flame damage, healing debuffs, etc).  Having it on the bar also gives us 10% more magicka recovery due to Alliance War Support Passive Magicka Aid.  Is it useful to cast this frequently?  Yes, but don’t be the mindless zerg drone that ONLY cast this.  Use your rotations not a one button ability.  NOTE: I have tried Cleanse which gives a small heal.  Since the health pool is 18%, cut that in half because of Battle Spirit and increase it with Major Mending, you end up with a 2-3k heal.  I don’t find it worth it with all the other healing we have and the magic cost is extreme.
  3. Repentance (morph of Restoring Aura | Restoring Light skill line) – What else can we say about Repentance that I haven’t already said?  A massive heal with corpses that is FREE, 10% regeneration across the board for having it slotted (stacks with 10% Magicka Aid, which also stacks with potion regeneration for 20% more magicka regen on bar one 🙂 The key to using this is not waiting for a 15 minute fight to be over and use it when everyone is full on stamina anyways.  Use it every 1-3 corpses.  Why? Because other opponents can use this on the same corpses.  See someone die, pop it.
  4. Aurora Javelin (morph of Piercing Javelin | Aedric Spear skill line) – This is a decent ranged stun that can be used to show friendly players who I want them to attack.  The knockback is nice as well to kick people off high points and get a numerical advantage.
  5. Healing Spring (morph of Grand Healing | Restoration Staff skill line) – If you’re playing in a larger group (above 8) Springs because much more powerful as the heals per second and sustain skyrocket.
    • Flex Combat Pray (morph of Blessing of Protection | Restoration Staff skill line) – 8% damage bonus for 8 seconds….yep DPS dust.  This is going to be your LAST ability prior to bar swapping.  You want to hit every group member possible and usually us healers are in the back anyways so it works out well.  It’s even a strong heal combined with Major Mending so use it on yourself if you’re being attacked on Restoration Staff bar.  Just remember, this is in front of you not in a circular radius so aiming is important.
  • [Ultimate] Life’s Champion (morph of Pancea | Restoration Staff skill line) – A highly mobile and effecitve low cost ultimate for small group play as the buffs provide go to whoever is getting healed at the time.
    • FLEX – Solar Prison (morph of Nova |Dawn’s Wrath skill line) – This is pretty open slot as I use a lot of different things but Nova is still a great offense and defensive ultimate with an AoE stun and damage reduction.  Want more damage? Use Meteor.  Want to be more offensive as a healer?  Use Devouring Swarm as a Vampire.  In a group of 6? Try Barrier.  Ideally we won’t be using this much because Remembrance is our primary ultimate.



*disregard weight/trait just an example*

IDEAL STATS – 25k health > 30k magic > 17k stamina   (ATTRIBUTES depends on your race, there is no one 13/10/45 perfect scenario.  Hit the numbers that’s what is important)

  • Monster Helm Sets
    • Troll King – Most think this set sucks, but it is utterly incredible.  No cool down, applies to everyone in your group and health recovery isn’t effected by battle spirit.  By far the most useful two piece for pure healing.
    • Blood Spawn – The game is still based on ultimate and it can be useful, but I don’t rely to much on ultimate for healing anymore and have swapped this out.
    • Engine Guardian – Was nerfed and the droid can longer be Repentance thus not ideal.
    • Sentinel and Chokethorn – Both lack mobility thus have no place in my build.
  • Five Piece Sets
    • Kagrenac’s Hope – My favorite PvP five piece and really powerful on a Templar Healer.  Note that we only get the five piece bonus on Sword and Shield which is fine because that’s where most of the action is anyways.  You can get this crafted in the Fighters Guild final area.  You can use something different if you like, like Julinaos, Seducers or what not, but this was my favorite setup by far.
    • Sanctuary – A newly updated set allowing us to hit MONSTER healing.  I’ve literally Breath of Life someone for 19k health, in heavy armor…..Yeah it’s great, but they need to be near you. This buff also stacks with minor and major mending, so you can really crank up your healing if you want.
    • Transmutation – This is a great choice for a five piece set because the game considers almost everything we do a “Heal over Time”  (Rapid Regen, Healing Springs, Extended Ritual, and even Heavy Restoration attacks can proc this).  I still think the overall healing increase of Sanctuary is better this patch, but Trans is a close second.
    • Twilights Remedy –  A PvE set that can be very useful in well coordinated groups.
  • Traits – 2 sturdy (one extra on shield and the rest impenetrable).  Infused isn’t bad on the large body pieces but you need at least five impenetrable if possible.
  • Mundus Stone – Atronatch, we still need recovery and since we are wearing Impen and not divines, we won’t see a big increase if we went with Thief.
  • Armor Weight –  Heavy is just so much more advantageous now due to the constitution buff in the tree.  We block a lot, and continuing to block is vital to our survivablity thus I go with 5 heavy 2 light for reduced cost and sustained.

Champion Points


Race – 1) Argonian because of the benefit to potions / resources and self healing plus an extra health pool is nice.  If you enjoy tanking 5 people at once, it’s a great race for you.

Mundus Stone – Atronach

Vampire/WW – I’ve tried Vampire many times and it’s a tough choice.  On one side, you get more regen, a amazing low cost ultimate that does big damage but you could get blow up in one second with a Dawnbreaker or siege.  I prefer to go all natural and be tanky as possible.

Attributes – All magicka.

Thanks for viewing my ESO Templar PvP Healer build.