ARK Survival Ascended: Best Metal Gatherers

Explore creatures’ efficiency in collecting Metal, best gatherers, and dinosaurs with weight reduction in ARK Survival Ascended.

ARK Survival Ascended Best Metal Gatherers ANd Metal Locations

Metal is a vital resource in ARK: Survival Ascended, used for various purposes, such as crafting high-level armor, advanced weapons, structures, saddles, and industrial devices. To efficiently collect metal, having a creature with excellent gathering capabilities can make a significant difference. In this guide, we’ll explore the best dino for metal in ARK: Survival Ascended. We ranked them to answer key questions and delve into creatures with metal’s weight reduction abilities.

Best Metal Gatherers in ARK Survival Ascended – Ranked

Undoubtedly, in ARK Survival Ascended, Ankylosaurus and Dunkleosteus are the best metal gatherers. The Ankylosaurus excels on land, while the Dunkleosteus proves to be an excellent aquatic dino for gathering metal in the oceans. With its substantial metal weight reduction, Ankylosaurus is a perfect choice to transport large amounts of metal. For early-game metal gathering, the Metal Pick is the most efficient tool.

What creatures are the most efficient at collecting berries in ARK Survival Ascended?

  1. Ankylosaurus
  2. Dunkleosteus
  3. Metal Pick
  4. Stone Pick

The optimal metal gatherer in ARK Survival Ascended can vary based on your preferences and geographical location within the game world. Whether you have convenient access to metal-rich ocean depths or reside near mountainous regions, the creature that suits you best may differ. Higher-level creatures are more efficient in metal gathering, as they possess increased weight capacity, allowing for transporting more resources to your base before requiring unloading. An honorable mention goes to the Argentavis, a flying creature that cannot collect metal but is an ideal tame for weight reduction and material transport.

Every player has their favorite dinos, but if you are new to the game, consider finding an Ankylosaurus on any level you can possibly find and upgrade to a better creature later. Compared to tools, Ankylo gathers a substantial amount of metal, a crucial resource in the end game.

4 Stone Pick

Stone Pick Ark Survival Ascended - Best Metal gatherers

Triceratops features:

  • Engram: Unlocked at Level 1
  • Requires: 10 Thatch, 1 Stone, 1 Wood
  • Crafted: In Player’s Inventory

It’s the weakest tool in gathering resources and is usually used only to gather enough to craft the metal Pike and smithy. You can craft metal picks only in Smithy. Smithy costs five metal ingots, and pickaxe one metal Inglot. As a result, you need 12 metal ore to get your first metal Metal Pickaxe. Put metal ore and wood into the Refining Forge to get metal ingots and craft the metal pike on the smithy.

3 Metal Pick

Metal Pick Ark Survival Ascended - Best Metal gatherers

Mammoth features:

  • Engram: Unlocked at Level 20
  • Requires: 1 Wood, 10 Hide, 1 Metal Inglot
  • Crafted: In Smithy

Metal Pick is better than stone and can get you a decent amount of metal. Still, it’s tiny amounts per node compared with any other DLC tool or dinosaur. Upgrade to Ankylosaurus as fast as possible.

2 Dunkleosteus

Dunkleosteus features:

  • Saddle: Unlocked at Level 4
  • Taming Method: Knockout or by Claiming Wild babies
  • Preferred Kibble: Superior Kibble
  • Preferred Food: Raw Mutton

Known as the Oceanic Metal Harvester Dunkleosteus can gather incredible amounts of this resource. This prehistoric fish excels in harvesting metal nodes beneath the ocean’s surface. Its sturdy build and impressive weight-carrying capacity allow it to efficiently collect large quantities of metal, making it a preferred choice for survivors dwelling near coastal areas.

Taming a Dunkleosteus involves venturing into the ocean, usually with a crossbow or tranquilizer darts, and using resources like raw fish or black pearls as bait. Once tamed, the Dunkleosteus becomes a reliable underwater companion, helping players quickly get metal resources.

1 Ankylosaurus

Ankylosaurus features:

  • Saddle: Unlocked at Level 36
  • Taming Method: Knockout or by Claiming Wild babies
  • Preferred Kibble: Regular Kibble
  • Preferred Food: Crops

The Ankylosaurus stands out as the ultimate land-based metal gatherer in the ARK Survival Ascended world. This armored dinosaur has a unique ability to harvest metal from rocks with its powerful tail, providing survivors with a substantial amount of this valuable resource. Ankylosauruses can be found in various regions of the island, usually high in the mountains.

To tame Ankylosaurus, knock it out with tranquilizer arrows or darts. Once tamed, their incredible weight reduction for metal makes them indispensable for transporting sizable quantities back to your base. The Ankylosaurus is a must-have creature on the island and the best gatherer available in ARK Ascended.

DLC Metal Gatherers – Not yet available in ARK Survival Ascended

There are, however, other fantastic creatures for gathering metal in Ark. These are not currently available in the Ascended version of the game. Among the upcoming DLCs for ARK, one of the best metal gatherers will be the Magmasaur. This creature not only excels in efficiency but also reduces its weight by 75%, refining collected metal into ingots while stored in its inventory. Players eagerly awaiting the introduction of this incredible creature will need to exercise patience until the release of the Genesis Part 1 expansion for ARK Survival Ascended.

Here are other fantastic gatherers not available in ARK Survival Ascended yet:

  1. Magmasaur (Genesis: Part 1 DLC)
  2. Mantis (Scorched Earth DLC)
  3. Tek Stryder (Genesis: Part 2 DLC)
  4. Phoenix (Scorched Earth DLC)
  5. Gacha (Genesis: Part 2 DLC)
  6. Mining Drill (Genesis: Part 1 DLC)

The Best Dino for Transporting Metal in Ark? (Weight Reduction)

In Ark: Survival Ascended, weight reduction refers to the ability of certain creatures to carry items more efficiently, allowing them to transport heavier loads without being encumbered.

The following creatures have weight reduction abilities:

  • Ankylosaurus: 85% weight reduction
  • Argentavis: 50% weight reduction
  • Dunkleosteus: 50% weight reduction
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Ankylosaurs have an impressive 85% weight reduction, making them excellent for gathering and transporting metal.

Argentavis is a crucial addition to the list. This flying mount not only functions as a mobile smithy but also has the capability to carry other creatures, including the Ankylosaurus. This enables players to mount the Argentavis, grab the Ankylosaurus, and fly to the mountain peaks for efficient metal gathering. Due to the metal weight reduction for both creatures, they can carry substantial amounts, and the Argentavis may still have the capacity to carry the Ankylosaurus back.

Another strategy involves creating a fleet of Argentavis, loading them to the maximum with metal, and utilizing them for efficient transportation. The Argentavis’ versatility in transporting resources and creatures makes it a valuable asset for players.

ARK Survival Ascended New Picture

Dunkleosteus also offers a 50% weight reduction, making it a reliable choice for transporting metal, especially in underwater environments.

In summary, metal is a crucial resource in ARK: Survival Ascended, and having a reliable gatherer can improve your gameplay. Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing the best creature for gathering metal. Remember that creatures with weight reduction abilities can further optimize your resource collection and transportation.

What Is the Best Area to Farm Metal?

Regarding farming metal in Ark: Survival Ascended, the best area is often the closest mountain to your base. Mountains in Ark are rich in metal nodes, providing a steady supply for your resource needs. Each map in Ark has multiple mountainous regions. As a result, the most convenient one for you depends on your base location.

However, the volcano, Redwood mountain, and northeast mountains tops stand out for players seeking the largest concentration of metal nodes. If you have a creature that can carry an Ankylosaurus, transporting it to the volcano, you can quickly get a massive amount of metal. The mountains are a high-risk, high-reward area, so be prepared to encounter dangerous creatures and environmental challenges while gathering resources. Always ensure you have the necessary tools, creatures, and defenses to navigate and survive in these metal-rich regions. The volcano located in the center of the map is known for having the most extensive collection of metal, crystal, and obsidian nodes on the entire Island, but it also is the most dangerous place on the island.

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