ARK Survival Ascended: Best PVP and PVE Character Stats

Are you starting in ARK Survival Ascended and don’t know what each statistic means or what are the best Character Stats distribution for PVP and PVE? Let’s take a look!

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For many players, best character statistics is a very subjective thing. One player will like to go with more health, the other more speed, but there are few character stats in ARK Survival Ascended that you never want to put points in and few that everyone will add at least a few. This guide will explain each statistic and the best stats for your character in PvP and PVE modes as a starting point so you can adjust it to your playstyle, map you play on, and needs.

ARK Survival Ascended: Best Character Stats

In ARK Survival Ascended, the best Character Stats for PvP and PvE are Movement Speed, Health, Weight, and Stamina because no matter what mode you play, those four statistics will always prove helpful on every map in every scenario. However, in ARK Survival Ascended, the ability to spend points on Movement Speed is now in-game settings, so some servers may not allow it. So adjust your stats, adding more into Health, Fortitude, Melee Damage, Stamina, or Weight if that’s the case.

Best PvP Character Stats in ARK Survival Ascended

The most crucial character stats in ARK Survival Ascended PvP are health and weight. A health of at least 300 will allow you to survive headshots, and a minimum of 250 weight to carry extra armor sets, weapons, and ammo. Having 150 movement speed is also nice to easily evade and escape if you can level it.

ARK Survival Ascended - Best PVP & PVE Character Stats

Here is the best Character stat distribution for PvP in ARK Survival Ascended:

  • Health 300
  • Stamina 150
  • Weight 250
  • Movement Speed 151
  • Melee Damage 200
  • Fortitude 20

The above list should give you a starting point and guidance on what values to aim at. Also, it will leave you some points to distribute to your liking, so add where you feel you need more. The longer you play, the more preferences you may have. Maybe you like to be more tanky, then add points to health. Perhaps you are always out of stamina or live in an unfriendly, snowy environment and need more fortitude to survive. Find out what you need and adjust those suggested PvP Character Stats in ARK Survival Ascended.

Remember, some PvP tactics will require you to distribute those points differently. There are various types of engagement, such as raid, skirmish, ambush, and underwater combat, so it’s up to the tribe and its preferences.

Best PvE Character Stats in ARK Survival Ascended

The best character stats in ARK Survival Ascended for PvE are Health, Weight, Stamina, and Movement Speed. A health of at least 200 will allow you to survive most creatures’ few bites and a minimum of 300 weight to carry structures, resources, and equipment. You will use stamina while exploring or gathering resources, so having a decent amount will make the playtime more enjoyable. However, anything above 300 Stamina is a waste of points. Lastly, with at least 130 Movement Speed, you can escape from most predators.

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Here is the best Character stat distribution for PvP in ARK Survival Ascended:

  • Health 200
  • Stamina 150
  • Weight 300
  • Movement Speed 130
  • Melee Damage 100
  • Fortitude 20

In ARK Survival Ascended PvE and single-player mode, character stats are much more up to the player’s preferences. Some required values will be much lower than in PvP because creatures and NPC enemies aren’t as challenging as players, so you don’t need to worry about weapon damage, organized ambushes, etc. That doesn’t mean you don’t need at least minimum stats into a few best and most essential character statistics to survive in an unfriendly ARK Survival Ascended environment.

What are the Best Statistics, and How Should I Spend Them?

When you start the game, try to put at least a few points in the following stats, prioritizing those at the top to the last.

  1. Weight
  2. Health
  3. Movement Speed
  4. Stamina
  5. Fortitude
  6. Melee Damage
  7. Crafting Skill
  8. Oxygen

As you can see, Water and Food are not even on the list because, in Ark Survival Ascended, there is no real benefit to spending points, especially in the end-game. Food and water become less of an issue as you progress, and those precious points can be spent better.

ARK Survival Ascended PVP Character Stats

1 Weight

The Weight stat determines how much you can carry. Carrying too much can slow you down and make you vulnerable to threats from predators or other players. You can initially allocate 2-5 points into Weight and then distribute the following 10 points across other stats. Afterward, you can invest more points into Weight to suit your playstyle and requirements. Around 250-300 Weight at the end will be a sweet spot for most players.

2 Health

Adding points to the Health stat is beneficial initially but can save you later. Primarily, at the end game, the armor will be your primary source of protection, but having a few extra HP never hurts, so similarly, put 5-8 points there and adjust from there. At the end of the game, you want to aim at 200-300 health, depending on whether you play PvP or PvE.

3 Movement Speed

Movement Speed statistic is one of the best and most useful statistics, but in ARK Survival Ascended, it can be turned off in-game settings, so some servers may not have access to it. However, it’s always worth investing if you play single-player mode or on the server that allows leveling Movement Speed.

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Depending on your playstyle, you will want more or fewer points into it. But if it’s your first playthrough or you enjoy fast-range characters, this will be your primary focus as soon as you spend those first points on Health and Weight. To successfully escape from most of the creatures, you need at least 130 Movement Speed. As a result, every time something goes wrong, you can quickly run away. In PvP, you will aim at 151.

4 Stamina

Add 2-5 points into the Stamina statistic when you start, but then you don’t need to spend points there again. Overall, 200 is enough in most scenarios, even in the end game. But if you like using melee weapons or enjoy fast movement, you can add more points later.

5 Fortitude

Fortitude is insulation, a character statistic in PvP and PvE that depends on the map you play and the area you live and hunt most of your time in the ARK Survival Ascended. It determines how resistant your character is to extreme temperatures and environmental status effects.

Status efects Ark ascended - Fortitude Can mitigate them

However, different armor types will protect you from hypothermia and hyperthermia (check armor stats), which will help you survive those as well. As you level up, put one point from time to time into Fortitude and slowly increase this value until you reach 20. If you have good armor and your character never suffers from environmental effects, there is no need to put many points into fortitude beyond that. I like to aim at 20 Fortitude on the Island map, but this value will be 10 to 20 higher on the Scorched Earth map. Always adjust.

6 Melee Damage

Melee combat in ARK is challenging, but Melee Damage also influences your ability to use tools and how many resources you can gather, so it’s a good starting skill. In early game stages, you will have difficulty killing enemies and creatures if you have low melee damage.

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Additionally, later on, fighting with a sword while having high movement speed is an extremely fun playstyle, especially in PvP. You can close the gap between you and the enemy fast and escape before they notice what hit them. In PvE, you may find range weapons more effective, so you can avoid putting any points into melee damage.

7 Crafting Skill

The Crafting Skill character statistic determines how fast you craft items and which quality they have. It’s primarily useful when you craft weapons using better-quality engram pages. Usually, you won’t find many legendary or ascendant weapon engrams until you reach late mid-game or end-game, so spending points on this statistic is a waste.

However, after you collect an engram worth crafting and want to increase its quality even further, you can use Mindwipe Tonic to respec your stats, add all to Crafting Skill, and craft better-quality items. When you are done crafting, use Mindwipe Tonic again and redistribute your character points to the previous state.

Remember that some servers allow only a limited amount of Mindwipe Tonic, so check your server settings before deciding to respec your points.

8 Oxygen

Oxygen depends on personal taste. What do you like to do in the game, and what are your priorities? Oxygen will allow you to stay underwater longer before you need to take a breath and swim faster. In PvP, your tribe may have unique tactics, and in PvE, it is up to you and your character’s story.

How to Reset (Respec) Character Stats in ARK Survival Ascended

To reset(respec) character stats in ARK Survival Ascended, use the “Mindwipe Tonic.” When you consume it, your engrams and statistics will reset, and you can spend them again however you desire. Using a Mindwipe Tonic will set your character back to level 1 but won’t remove any experience points, allowing you to quickly level up to your previous level. The Mindwipe Tonics cannot be used on tamed Dinos, wild Dinos, or other players.

To craft Mindwipe Tonic, you will need Mortar & Pestle and Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker, and then the following ingredients:

  • 1 Container of Water
  • 20 Rare Flower
  • 200 Mejoberry
  • 72 Narcotic
  • 72 Stimulant
  • 20 Rare Mushroom
  • 24 Cooked Prime Meat, Cooked Prime Fish Meat, Cooked Lamb Chop, or Prime Meat Jerky Cooked Prime Meat, Cooked Prime Fish Meat, Cooked Lamb Chop, or Prime Meat Jerky

Place all items in the Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker and turn it on to start cooking. After one minute, you will receive the Mindwipe Tonic.

That’s all you need to know about Statistics and the best PVP & PVE Character Stats in ARK Survival Ascended!

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