Ark Survival Ascended: Scorched Earth Caves Locations

There are three caves and three artifacts on the Scorched Earth map in Ark: Survival Ascended, here are the locations and more!

Ark Survival Ascended - Scorched Earth Caves and Artifacts Locations

Scorched Earth is one of the most significant maps with a strong theme. You must survive in the deserts, oases, and canyons. The map features difficult-to-survive extreme temperature conditions and slim water supplies. But the real challenge awaits you in three caves filled with dangerous creatures, sickness, and even more challenging environmental conditions to endure. So you must come prepared. Here are all four cave locations, how to find them, Artifacts inside, and what to prepare for exploration.

All Scorched Earth Caves and Artifact Locations in Ark: Survival Ascended

Three Scorched Earth Caves are progression caves. They contain cave drops, containers with rare loot to collect, and one of three artifacts. Each cave has dedicated artifacts you can collect, which will help you progress in the map’s main story. If you collect all three of them and pay the tribute, you can enter the boss arena, which is a challenging fight available on three difficulty levels: alfa beta and gamma. Once you defeat the boss, you will learn more about the game’s story and finish the map’s primary goal. That’s why those caves are called the progression caves.

Additionally, in Ark Survival Ascended, developers added one resource cave called Oasis Cave, an underground location rich in flora and water with electrophoresis, the only aquatic creature on the Scorched Earth map.

Here is a list of all caves in Ark: Survival Ascended Scorched Earth and artifacts:

  • Grave Of The Tyrants (Lat 28.2 Lon 29.0) – Artifact of the Crag
  • The Old Tunnels (Lat 58.8 Lon 47.7) – Artifact of the Gatekeeper
  • Ruins Of Nosti (Lat 78.4 Lon 76.1) – Artifact of the Destroyer
  • Oasis Cave (Lat 73.9 Lon 40.3)

All cave entrances are spread on the map and are well hidden. To make it easier, we provided the images and coordinates for each one. To see the coordinates and where you are on the map, press the default key “m” on the PC to open the map’s menu. However, in Ark: Survival Ascended, there is a game setting that can hide a player’s location on the map. You can turn it on in the menu if you play single-player mode. Remember, some dedicated servers might have this option turned off. In that case, you will not see the green arrow with your location on the map, but you can craft GPS in Fabricator to see the coordinates in the game.

Grave Of The Tyrants Cave and Artifact of the Crag Location

Grave Of The Tyrants Cave and Artifact of the Crag - Ark Survival Ascended Cave Location - Scorched Earth

Grave Of The Tyrants Cave and artifact location:

  • Cave name: Grave Of The Tyrants
  • Artifact: Artifact of the Crag
  • Entrance Location: Lat 28.2 Lon 29.0
  • Number of Cavedrops: 7
  • Creatures Inside: Achatina, Araneo, Direwolf, Mantis, Megalania, Onyc, Pulmonoscorpius, Rubble Golem, Sabertooth, Titanoboa

The first Scorched Earth cave is located in the north mountains, south of the blue obelisk and east of the Wyvern Tren, which begins in the north. It’s a dangerous area marked as Hard on the spawn map, with predators being dominant. Consequently, you won’t be able to take on a challenge until you level up at least 60 and gather some powerful equipment.

How to find Grave Of The Tyrants Cave and Artifact of the Crag - Map Location - ASA

Inside, you will find not only aggressive creatures such as Araneo, Direwolf, Mantis, Megalania, Sabertooth, or Titanoboa but also Megalanias and Onycs, which spread the Mega Rabies sickness. If you don’t have a Lesser Antidote or Wyvern Milk, you will only have a few seconds before your character dies from exhaustion, regardless of your gear. You may encounter Rubble Golems, also at the bottom of the water pools.

Secondly, Grave Of The Tyrants Cave in Ark Survival Ascended is hard to navigate. As a result, you may get lost easily, so taking extra supplies will help you through it. You may be drawn to water pools, but the more likely danger is meta heat inside the cave, so bring high-level heat protection armor and a lot of water, salt, and iced containers. You can also craft Cactus Broth to increase your heat resistance.

Artifact is at the end of a long path, but most passages are broad, so you can take creatures like direwolfs. Other good options are medium-sized tames such as Sabretooth, Carno, Megalania, Raptor, Mantis, Thylacoleo, Terror Bird, Kaprosuchus, Phoenix, and Pulmonoscorpius. Also, ensure you have Medical Brews, ammo, weapons, food, water, and additional armor.

The Old Tunnels and Artifact of the Gatekeeper Location

The Old Tunnels Cave and Artifact of the Gatekeeper - Ark Survival Ascended Cave Location - Scorched Earth

The Old Tunnels Cave and artifact location:

  • Cave name: The Old Tunnels
  • Artifact: Artifact of the Gatekeeper
  • Entrance Location: Lat 58.8 Lon 47.7
  • Number of Cavedrops: 7
  • Creatures Inside: Achatina, Araneo, Arthropluera, Direwolf, Mantis, Megalania, Onyc, Pulmonoscorpius, Raptor, Rubble Golem, Sabertooth, Titanoboa

In Ark: Survival Ascended, the Old Tunnels Cave is located in the central canyons of the Scorched Earth map. You will find it below the ground level in hidden tunnels underneath. Moreover, it’s easy to spot from above; look for cracks in the ground with the central island. The cave entrance is directly underneath the joining breaks, marked on the map with a red arrow.

How to find The Old Tunnels Cave and Artifact of the Gatekeeper - Map Location - ASA

From there, you should find the cave entrance on the natural terrace of the canyon wall. Also, you should use flying creatures to get the most accessible entry. This is probably the most straightforward cave to beat. You will only need to watch out for extreme heat. While there are still dangers like Onycs and Megalanias, who can spread the Mega Rabies sickness, the second creature is considerably rare in the Old Tunnels Cave.

As always, you must prepare weapons, armor, and other supplies to help you survive high temperatures and waves of dangerous creatures inside. The path to the artifact is straightforward. Follow the corridors, and at one point, you will need to go to the lower level while still following the path up to the main chamber with the two drops and an artifact.

Additionally, creatures you can take with you are much more limited; phoenix, raptor, sabretooth, direwolf, or terror bird are your best options. Yet, the inner portions of the cave are so tidy, and you will need to crawl to continue. Consequently, your creatures will not be able to follow you. If you play on your own dedicated server or single-player, a great option is the Phoenix because you need the AllowCaveFlyers setting turned on to mount it. It’s small, throws fireballs, and can help you navigate as a flying dino.

Ruins Of Nosti Cave and Artifact of the Destroyer Location

Ruins Of Nosti and Artifact of the Destroyer - Ark Survival Ascended Cave Location - Scorched Earth

Ruins Of Nosti Cave and artifact location:

  • Cave name: Ruins Of Nosti
  • Artifact: Artifact of the Destroyer
  • Artifact Location: Lat 79.8 Lon 81.3
  • Entrance Location: Lat 78.4 Lon 76.1
  • Number of Cavedrops: 7
  • Creatures Inside: Achatina, Araneo, Arthropluera, Mantis, Megalania, Onyc, Rubble Golem, Titanoboa

Often referred to as a church cave, the name which started in ARK: Survival Evolved, the Ruins Of Nosti are located southeast of Scorched Earth Map. If you follow the main river to the south, you will eventually encounter ruins of the old desert city, with the biggest building hiding at the cave entrance. There are several ways inside; if you enter from the front, as shown in the image below, you will quickly find the stairs that lead down to the cave system.

How to find Ruins Of Nosti Cave and Artifact of the Destroyer - Map Location - ASA

It is worth noting that the city ruins and the cave hide many explorer notes; don’t skip those; they will give you an extra experience boost.

Ruins Of Nosti Cave is extremely dangerous, and it’s recommended that you reach level 60 or even 80 before entering it. If you play with friends, it’s also valid support. Outside of swarms of dangerous creatures, you will deal with extreme heat, rights, and, of course, Mega Rabbies. Take at least Flak Armor in higher quality or ascended desert armor. You will also need grappling hooks and parachutes. Ensure you have a water supply and spend at least 40-50 points on the Fortitude attribute for your character.

Because of the rights, megalomania and Thylacaleo might help climb the horizontal walls of the Ruins Of Nosti Cave. However, most mid to even some large creatures can easily access the cave without restrictions. Those dinos can enter the church through the hole in the roof.

Also, identical to all caves, ensure you have Wyvern milk or Lesser Antidote for Mega Rabbies. Moreover, don’t be tricked by a small amount of easy-to-defeat creatures once you enter the cave. As you travel further, especially when you reach the final pocked with the Artifact of the Destroyer, the swarms of high-level dinos will spawn, and getting out of the cave will become a real challenge.

Oasis Cave

How to find Oasis Cave - Map Location - ASA

Oasis Cave location:

  • Cave name: Oasis Cave
  • Artifact: None
  • Artifact Location: N/A
  • Entrance Location: Lat 73.9 Lon 40.3
  • Number of Cavedrops: (we found 4)
  • Creatures Inside: Achatina, Araneo, Coelacanth, Electrophorus, Kaprosuchus, Mantis, Onyc, Piranha, Pulmonoscorpius, Rubble Golem, Sabretooth.

This cave was added to the ARK remastered version in addition to the Scorched Earth map. Oasis Cave is next to the red obelisk, and the entrance is a series of underwater corridors. Inside, you will find gigantic underground caves, waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes decorated with crystals. It’s also the only place on the map to find Electrophorus and Piranha. While like progression caves, it holds drops though no artifacts inside. We found four drop caches during our exploration.

The cave entrance is easy to find, and the inside is relatively safe. However, the most challenging part of your first visit will be swimming through long corridors to enter the oasis cave’s inside pocket. Having scuba gear will make it easier, but you can also use the Lazarus Chowder to slow your oxygen consumption rate while underwater.

Oasis Cave entrance location - ARK Survival Ascended - Map Location - ASA

Enter the water and dive in. Swim down when you notice the two spiky crystals and go to the second crystal base. Swim further and look around; you should see another shorter crystal resembling a nest; the exit and air are above it (Lat 74.3 Lon 39.4).

To move around the cave, you will need a Grappling Hook. It’s the easiest way to reach the oasis cave’s higher shelves. Like in previous cave examples, bring all safety matters, supplies, and antidotes.

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