Ark Survival Ascended: Wyvern Tier List

Choose the best wyvern in Ark Survival Ascended, with our tier list ranking from worst to best.

Ark Survival Ascended - Wyvern Tier List

Every Wyvern has its advantage, but with the recent release of Scorched Earth for Ark Survival Ascended, there can be only one champion. Which one of those fantastic creatures is the best?

Wyverns are flying creatures in ARK usually found around their nesting grounds. Armored scales cover their bodies with pairs of broad wings and legs. Also, they are massive in size, territorial, and extremely aggressive, with alfas being the most dangerous among them. The only method to tame a wyvern and ride it is to steal an egg from the nest and raise it with wyvern milk, which you can obtain only from unconscious adult females.

Ark Survival Ascended - Wyvern Spawn Location Map on Scorched Earth
Wyvern Spawn Location on Scorched Earth in Ark: Survival Ascended

Ark: Survival Ascended, the game’s remastered version, will feature many Wyverns from Ark Survival Evolved, though the exact number remains unknown. We can name over 20 variants, including zombie, alfa, and crystal wyverns, across various DLCs and official updates. However, most of them share similarities and differences, largely cosmetic or minor. Consequently, our Ark Survival Ascended: Wyvern Tier List guide will focus on the most significant distinction that influences their utility and power in combat: their wyvern breath attack. Also, it is worth noting that each type of Wyvern is immune to the breath attack of its kind.

Ark Survival has four wyvern breath attack types: Lightning, Fire, Poison, and Ice. Moreover, each has pros and cons. As a result, you can use them to their full potential in different situations. The official DLC, Scorched Earth, added fire, lightning, and poison wyverns, while the Ice wyvern was introduced later in the Ragnarok, Valguero, and Lost Island maps, which are still unavailable in the Ark’s remastered version. However, we decided to include it as an honorable mention. Let’s determine which wyvern is the strongest in Ark: Survival Ascended.

Wyvern Tier List – Ark Survival Ascended

Lighting Wyvern is overall the best high damage wyvern that will perform well in most situations.

Their breath is single target focused, but the actual area of effects is wide. While other wyverns can outrun it in certain situations, if you need to pick only one lighting wyvern will be the best choice. For AoE damage, consider Fire as the best choice. While in PvP, poison wyvern will cause the most problems to your enemies. Ice wyverns are fantastic crowd-control tools.

Here is the tier list for the Wyvern types in Ark Survival Ascended ranked best to worst:

  • S Tier – Lighting Wyvern
  • A Tier – Poison Wyvern
  • B Tier – Fire Wyvern
  • C Tier – Ice Wyvern

Ice Wyvern (C Tier) – Honurable Mention

Ark Survival Ascended - Ice Wyvern
Image from Ark Survival Evolved

Tier list ranking and features for Ice Wyvern:

  • Tier Ranking: C Tier
  • Best in: Crowd Control
  • Breath Attack: Ice
  • Passive Immunity: Ice damage
  • Colors: Light Blue, Grey, White

Ice wyverns can slow down enemies, making them vulnerable to your other creatures or attacks. This type of wyvern is not yet available in Ark Survival Ascended, but we included it because it will be introduced in the future.

Bird-like looking ice wyvern’s significant and most noticeable feature is a brow with spikes that continue to the top of their heads, looking like straight hair made of ice. All horns on its body also resemble ice spikes, giving it its frosty, cold look. Ice wyvern scales are usually white, light grey, or light blue, and bright hues also cover membranes and the head.

The weakest damage is Ice Wyvern. Its frosty breath does decent damage but cannot match the lighting wyvern or the benefits of acid projectiles of poison wyverns. However, it excels at crowd control. Ice wyvern breath can freeze the enemies in place and slow them down by 50% for 10 seconds. During this short window, you will have a chance to deal significant damage to exposed enemies with weapons, other predators, or even the ice wyvern itself.

The downside is that bosses are unaffected by this effect and will only receive the damage from 6 projectiles fired during the attack. Unlike other wyverns, armor mitigates the frost breath, making it less effective against players. It still can be used to slow down players and deal damage with other sources.

Fire Wyvern (B Tier)

Tier list ranking and features for Fire Wyvern:

  • Tier Ranking: A Tier
  • Best in: AoE damage
  • Breath Attack: Fire
  • Passive Immunity: Fire damage (except Phoenix)
  • Colors: Orange, Red, Brown
Ark Survival Ascended Fire Wyvern (B Tier List)

Fire Wyvern is a good choice for killing alpha fire wyverns, wyvern milk farming, and taming phoenixes. The fire breath is also good for killing small, fast creatures.

The most classic-looking, the Fire Wyvern, has a dragon-like head with a cluster of small spikes by its jaw muscle. Sharp features of their body are covered by scales in all shades of red, orange, and brown. Sometimes, you can encounter fire wyverns with golden membranes and alfa fire wyverns with white bodies.

This wyvern breath deals significant damage on a short-range cone area in front of the creature. Set-on-fire targets will receive 8% of the target’s maximum health but no more than 450 and no less than 72 damage for 6 seconds. Like the poison wyvern attack, it ignores fire; however, if you mount the fire wyvern, her passive resistance to fire will block the incoming fire damage.

The fire wyvern’s advantage is its AoE damage and damage over time, making it perfect when dealing with many small creatures. Also, it’s easy to aim. As a result, it is perfect for killing all small or fast creatures. It can be used to tame a phoenix but is not resistant to its damage.

Poison Wyvern (A Tier)

Tier list ranking and features for Poison Wyvern:

  • Tier Ranking: B Tier
  • Best in: PvP and against other players
  • Breath Attack: Poison
  • Passive Immunity: Poison/Acid damage (doesn’t protect the rider)
  • Colors: Green, Grey, Yellow
Ark Survival Ascended Poison Wyvern

Poison Wyvern is the best choice in PvP and against players. You can also choose it if you need high-range.

You can recognize them by frills on the sides of their face, similar to dilo, which are usually bright green color-like membranes on their wings. The poison wyvern’s body is usually in all hues of green and yellow, sometimes with some grey-green scale colors.

While each type of Wyvern is immune to the breath attack of its kind, the poison wyvern is an exception. The creature itself is immune to poison breath. However, the rider will still be damaged by poison, and mounting the poison wyvern or wearing armor doesn’t provide protection from acid breath. Therefore, poison wyvern projectiles are a fantastic option in PvP, where you can target the rider directly with severe damage over time unless they wear the Hazard suit(Aberration DLC) or Gas Mask. Still, the gas mask only mitigates the damage and doesn’t provide complete protection like hazardous gear.

Another significant advantage of poison wyvern is that instead of “breathe poison,” it shoots a projectile of venom that can reach a much higher range than other wyverns. The acid projectile explodes upon impact and creates a cloud of poison that falls off after 5 seconds, dealing additional damage in the process. However, it comes with a disadvantage. It’s much harder to aim and requires some practice and skill, especially in combat scenarios, to land a successful hit. The damage per second is also much lower than that of fire or lightning wyverns because there is a long animation cooldown between attacks. It’s still a good choice in PvE if you like its looks and master aiming.

Lighting Wyvern (S Tier)

Tier list ranking and features for Lighting Wyvern:

  • Tier Ranking: S Tier
  • Breath Attack: Lighting
  • Best in: PvE and Single Target damage
  • Passive Immunity: Lighting damage
  • Colors: Purple, Blue
Ark Survival Ascended - Lighting Wyvern (S Tier list)

You want to pick Lighting Wyvern if you are looking for the best damage per second with mid-range breath. It’s fantastic, especially in PvE, with a single Target focus.

Lighting wyvern has a narrow, triangular face with a central fin rising from the top of its head, giving it an Aquatic look. The scales are all shades of blue, navy purple, and even pink or grey. Membranes have distinct pink veins that are much more visible than other wyvern types.

As mentioned, Lighting wyverns have the best damage per second. Their breath is a slim, concentrated lighting beam with 25 immediate damage per tick. Its melee damage can bypass most of the armor types. However, it doesn’t destroy the armor itself. The beam of lighting lasts for 3,3 seconds, dealing enormous damage that can be increased by leveling the creature’s Melee Damage like in the case of other wyverns.

Also, lighting breath is considered a mid-range and relatively easy to aim. If you are skilled in controlling flying creatures, you will also be the best fighter in the air on the back of this fantastic creature. Lighting wyvern is considered the best at killing giant dinos, with extensive health pools such as Giganotosaurus, Titans, Titanosaurus, or even bosses. Those purple wyverns can be your go-to in PvP and PvE. Lighting wyvern has a natural resistance to lightning damage, which applies to the rider.

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