Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Defeat Owlbear

Learn how to defeat the Owlbear in Baldur’s Gate 3 as we explain mechanics, strategy, loot, honour mode, and how to beat this boss.

BG3 - How to Defeat Owlbear

How to Defeat Owlbear in Baldur’s Gate 3

BG3 Owlbear Fight Positioning

The best way to defeat the Owlbear is by using ranged attacks from atop the ledge behind the creatures while stunning the beast with the prone status effect. The Owlbear is a difficult fight, especially at level 3 or lower. You should be at least level 4, if not level 5, on Honour Mode difficulty due to the health and multiple attacks of the Owlbear.

First, you encounter three True Soul Cultists outside the cave: Brynna, Andrick, and Edowin. You can use your Ilithid powers to convince them to aid you in the fight. They will help immensely.

BG3 Recruit Cultist

To recruit the cultist to aid in the Owlbear fight, do the following:

  • Move to Act 1 Wilderness X:141 Y:442
  • Speak with the injured man, Edowin
  • Select the option “Hold His Stare,” he should recognize you have Illithid powers
  • He will shortly die, and you can free the Mind Flayer Parsite within him
  • Afterward, select the option “You need to find the beast and average your brother
  • This will force Brynna and Andrick into the cave to aid you in the Owlbear fight

The fight won’t start until you enter the nest area within the cave. Once you do, you can interact with the Owlbear and avoid combat. To avoid combat, you must pass a DC 15 animal handling check, DC 15 survival check, or DC 10 intimidation check with Speak with Animals (potion or spell). If you pass one of these checks, you can look around the area while avoiding combat, assuming you don’t touch the nest. This method is preferred because it lets you sneak up top to kill the Owlbear.

Owlbear Stats & Resistances BG3

BG3 Owlbear Stats & Resistances
Owlbear Female and Male Honour Mode

Below are Owlbear Stats and features in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Level: 3
  • HP: 91 (118 on Tactician or Honour Mode)
  • AC: 13
  • STR: 20
  • DEX: 12
  • CON: 17
  • INT: 3
  • WIS: 12
  • CHA: 7
  • Race: Beast
  • Resistances: None

The Owlbear’s previous engagement makes it “Distressed.” This status effect prevents the Owlbear from making critical strikes and disadvantages on Perception Ability Checks.

Owlbear Attacks, Abilities, & Mechanics

BG3 Owlbear Mechanics, Spells, Abilities

The Owlbear is a vicious damage dealer who can unload on the initial target with Multiattack. This is typically used once per fight and can do 2d8 + 1d10 and knock prone! This is one of the reasons crowd control effects are so strong to avoid damage. The Owlbear is a melee damage dealer with a mighty leap ability that is area-based prone (skips turn). Thus, you want to be spread out or above the Owlbear on the ledge to initiate combat. Below are the Owlbears Attacks and abilities in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Claws: Lash dealing 2d6 + 5 slashing damage and push the target back, 1.5 meter range.
  • Multiattack: Deals multiple attacks 2d8 + 1d10 and knocks target prone.
  • Crushing Fight: Leap possibly knocking target prone and dealing 2d8 damage.
  • A Mother’s Desperation: Increase Strength by 3, while Armour Class is reduced by 1.

In summary, the Owlbear’s opening round is devastating. Typically, she will leap and knock a target prone and or use Multiattack, nearly killing one ally outright. You can avoid this by sending in Scratch or trying to crowd-control the Owlbear the entire time with a prone status effect. Before we get to tactics, there’s an additional feature for the Honour Mode version of this fight.

Owlbear Legendary Action – Honour Mode

BG3 Legendary Action Call Consort - Owlbear Honour Mode

Honour Mode difficulty introduces the Legendary Action Call Consort for the Owlbear, adding the Male father of the Owlbear Cub. This passive feature can be activated once per round, which summons her mate when attacked. Moreover, Call Consort produces a second 118 HP Owlbear that is difficult to endure. Lastly, the Owlbear cub will attack during this encounter as well. However, we recommend NOT attacking the Owlbear cub. You can recruit this companion after the engagement, so do not attack it or do area damage if possible.

Party Composition

BG3 Level 5 Honour Mode Composition

For the Owlbear Fight on Honour Mode, we used the following builds at level 5:

The Gloom Stalker will likely go first, which you should aim to position above the ledge. This will buy you one to two turns of free-ranged damage. Hopefully, you can repeatedly stun the Owlbear and Mate. Let us explain the best strategies for beating the Owlbear next!

Best Damage and Strategy for Beating Owlbear Fight

The best strategy for the Owlbear fight is to avoid a ground-level conflict, sneaking to the top ledge to the west of the beast. Have every character equip some range weapon, which can be used to immobilize and prevent the Owlbear from closing the distance. Moreover, you want to spread out because of the prone jump. Range is your friend!

Secondly, your goal is to “stun lock” or crowd control the Owlbear every turn. Here are some common methods for crowd control via the Prone status effect:

Preparing for the Owlbear Fight

Before you pull or start combat, use powerful Elixirs and craft potions. The best items for the Owlbear fight are Elixir of Heroism, Elixir of Hill Giant Strength, and Arrows of Ice. Heroism gives the user 10+ HP and Blessed, which provides a higher chance to land an attack. Elixir of Hill Giant Strength gives the user 21 Strength until a long rest. Auntie Ethel sells Hill Giant Elixirs in the Hollowed City, a significant advantage for strength-based melee damage dealers. Lastly, Arrows of Ice does damage but can also trigger the prone status effect. Moreover, when the Owlbear moves out of the radius, they can trigger prone for a second chance to stun!

In summary, the best way to beat Owlbear is by following these steps:

  1. Recruit the Culist atop the hill outside of the cave and have them join the fight
  2. Enter the Owlbear cave in stealth/sneak
  3. Sneak atop the ledge on the west side of the engagement before initiating combat
  4. Attempt to trigger prone with spells, arrows, and abilities
  5. Keep your distance, and spread out to avoid cleave damage
  6. Burst down the female main target on honour mode, and deal with the male after the female is destroyed

Spreading out four points throughout the room, with four different chances to trigger prone, is the best strategy for the Owlbear fight.

Where to Find Owlbear

BG3 Where to Find the Owlbear

The Owlbear is in a cave outside the Blighted Village in the forest. Once you enter the cave, the Owlbear will not immediately appear. This gives you time to sneak inside the cave to avoid an engagement. Within 30 meters, you can spot the Owlbear protecting a young cub. If you move into the nest area, this will trigger the fight, so be prepared!

Loot and Rewards for Defeating Owlbear

BG3 Loot and Rewards for Defeating Owlbear

After beating Owlbear, you can loot her body for the Head of Broken Spear. This can be combined with the Shaft of a Broken Spear, found on Edowin. Secondly, you can obtain the Oak Father’s Embrace medium armour and the owlbear egg near the nest. Lastly, ensure you engage with the Owlbear cub and keep it alive. You will encounter the cub in the Goblin Camp, and if you free it, the Owlbear will become a staple in your camp. In addition, this Owlbear cub may have an impact in Act 3, but we won’t spoil that!

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