Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiplayer Guide: How to Play Co-op With Friends?

Playing with co-op friends is a lot of fun, so our guide explains how to set up Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiplayer and enjoy an epic world together!

Baldur's Gate 3 Multiplayer Guide - How to play co-op with friends

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a local and online multiplayer co-op for up to four players. The split screen option is not implemented yet and will have some limitations. We expect it to be in-game after the full release alongside other fantastic features like cross-platform and cross-save. You can read more about it in our recent article. Therefore, if you want to play couch co-op, you’ll need to wait, but for now, let’s focus on Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiplayer and how to play with friends.

How to play co-op with friends in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Setting up Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiplayer and playing with friends is straightforward, and you start it by choosing the Multiplayer option in the main menu or starting screen. There are numerous options when setting up the game, but first, here is an overview of how to play Baldur’s Gate 3 multiplayer:

  • From the main menu, pick the Multiplayer option.
  • Decide If you want to play Online or Lan with friends on the same internet connection. Pick one of the options at the top of the screen to join someone’s Baldur’s Gate 3 single-player game.
  • You should now see the lobby and all the available games you can join. Use the filter on the right side to adjust your preferences.
  • Click one of the lobby games from the list and connect to join the game and take control over one of the available companions.
  • To host your game, choose the “Create” button at the bottom of the screen and choose your Lobby settings on the right.
  • We recommend that all players join the lobby now and start the game together.
  • All players must click the “Launch” button to start playing.
  • When you create your own save game, you and your friends will now need to make your protagonist, just like in single-player mode.
  • Start an epic adventure in Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiplayer.

Important: All players must update the game to the same version to play together.

Baldur’s Gate is currently in the early access stage. Therefore you may experience disconnections or some minor issues when playing multiplayer or even solo. It’s something to be expected until the full release on August 31st, 2023.

Joining Multiplayer – All Settings Explained

Baldur's Gate 3 How to play co-op with friends
Multiplayer Settings Screen in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you want to join Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiplayer and play co-op, some filters will help you find the right lobby. Pick the Online option at the top of the screen to play online and join someone’s single-player game. If a person that will play with you is connected to the same network, you can pick the Lan. The local connection is usually faster and won’t require a constant, active internet connection to work.

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Filters on the right side allow you to decide if you want to join the lobby from your friends list (Steam or PSN). The second option, “Not Full”, will hide the games that reached the maximum number of players (4). The last two options hide Different add-ons or versions. Those are helpful if you filter available games by game versions, DLC or mods.

However, if you decide to join the game in progress, the host must first allow it. And you’ll be forced to control one of the companions rather than creating your character. If no companions are available, the connection will not work.

Currently, only one adventure is available. It’s possible that there will be more options after the official release or when a new DLC comes out. The party level will help you decide how advanced other players are in the game you are about to join.

When you determine all filters and find the perfect lobby, click the middle “connect” button to enter the character creation screen and start playing.

Creating and Hosting a New Game – All Settings Explained

Hosing Baldur’s Gate 3 Multiplayer – Settings Screen

Creating and hosting a multiplayer new game allows you to make your character, so you’re not forced to control one of Baldur’s Gate 3 companions. Click the “Multiplayer” and “Create” buttons on the main menu screen. You’ll be able now to create your rules and lobby. On the right, you can choose who can join your game. And I recommend players connect here and play together from the beginning. After all, players are in the lobby and click the “lunch” buttons, and each player can create their character from scratch.

If you host your game, you can decide how many players will be able to join your game or choose between online and lan connections. Other players can join your game by searching for your game in the available lobby list or by direct connection code.

What Happens if the Player Disconnects or Leaves?

If it’s the hosting PC and player, the game will kick others from the game to the main menu screen. If joining players leaves, the control over their character will be given to someone still in the game, connected. Hosting players can adjust those settings.

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