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Best ESO Grind Spot Blackrose Prison Normal

Best ESO Grind Spot Blackrose Prison Normal is one of my favorite, easiest, base game, no DLC required grind spots. Check out the video below for a complete explanation and demonstration of how to complete the grind!

Last updated for Necrom Chapter on June 1, 2023.

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This efficient based grind spot is one of my favorite in the game. Even better, it is instanced based, so you don’t have to worry about other players in the overland coming around and screwing up your grind!

Black Rose Prison

ESO Murkmire Black Rose Prison Map

Black Rose Prison is a group arena in Murkmire which requires either the purchase of the DLC or ESO+. This grind is mathmatically the best possible in the game. There are multiple ways to do it, but I’m going to show you the less complex way. 

You’ll start by setting the difficulty to normal, please do normal! Next you port in, and you’ll clear stages of mobs until the boss. Once the boss spawns, you’ll leave the instance, reset by flipping difficult to vet, then back to normal, port back in and repeat over and over.

In order to make this go well, you’ll need a pull, like Silver Leash from the Fighters Guild. This will pull in the annoying ranged mobs while the melee come to you. There’s an addon called BRP Helper which also shows you the spawn locations of mobs. Specifically, the mage casters will stay stationary and you won’t be able to pull them. Thus, you’ll need to either stack mobs on top of the mage or run to the other end until the mage follows you until its centered – then run back and nuke.

ESO Blackrose Prison Interior

This method is great XP but is not for the faint at heart. You’ll need huge AoE DPS, some skill at the game, plus decent gear to make it work. Also, this won’t level up your Fighters Guild either, which is needed on nearly every character at end game. I use this method with another skilled player when needing to morph and level ultimates and skill lines, or if you want to simply grind champion points. Consider earlier grinds until you get here, but if you have a buddy with the all the skill and gear, you’ll level very quickly.

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